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Hey y'all! I applied to Duke's 2019 PNA program and just wanted to start this forum to meet any other applicants and anxiously wait through the decision process together!

Awesome! Congrats!! I got OB-GYN :)

Congrats, guys!! To which hospital did you guys get in?

Thank you! I got into Duke University Hospital!!

That is awesome @Jess13193847292!!! Congrats! OB was one of my top picks!! I know we get to also rotate a little, but those departments are our primary ones!!

@Mharris19that's so exciting, congratulations!!! This was a long-awaited moment and I hope you've gotten the chance to properly celebrate :') I've gotten assigned to the PCU and am trying to figure out housing--are you or anyone else on this page interested in rooming tgt?

Congratulations on getting the PCU!! My mom’s friend’s friend ? has offered for me to stay with them. I would suggest looking for some subleased summer apartments by Duke students that are going home for the summer.

I got surgical neuro at the university hospital today! But I'll be living with family during that time. But I agree, subleasing sounds like a good idea! Should I make a facebook page for us?

@steph2ac I think that's a great idea!! ?

Hey guys! I just got accepted today! I got PACU at Duke University Hospital. I am also looking for housing down there. Would someone mind sending the link to the facebook page?

@Mharris19 wow that's great, you're going to have so much fun! I've never been to Durham so I hope I'll be able to find my way around :') @steph2ac yes a FB page for housing would be awesome. @mbar7540 congrats!!!! Let's get housing figured out haha

Hi! I also just got accepted! I got Endo/Bronch ?? (didn't even know that was an option haha) but I am excited nonetheless! Do you guys know any specifics about the program? I will also be looking for housing since I live in Arizona!

@GabbyB3 congrats!!! I'm from Arizona too but go to school in Philly--so excited to meet a fellow Arizonan :') Let me know if you're looking for roomies in Durham! I got assigned to Duke University Hospital

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