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Anyone else applying to Duke MSN program for Spring 2019? Application deadline is Monday and it's all I can think about! I'm applying to the PNP program. Would love to connect with some other potential cohort members!

I have applied to the BSN-DNP program for the FNP track!

Great! I wonder if the MSN and BSN-DNP programs share coursework for the first part. Do you have to take the GRE? I'm still hoping to see the update on the portal saying requirement completed!

I didn't have to report GRE scores according to admissions. My application does say incomplete but I received an email last week saying mine is in line to be reviewed for completion. I believe we would be doing core courses together if you are doing the FNP route and I think orientation would be on the same date as well!

I didn't report GRE scores either, I shouldn't have to based on GPA but I'll feel better about that when I see it on the portal :). Nora (admissions counselor) told me they would make interview decisions starting in late June. It's a long time to wait! Did you apply anywhere else?

She told me the same about interviews decision. June is long time to wait!!!!! I haven't applied to another school yet but I'm thinking about a couple for Fall next year if I don't get into Duke. How about you?

I checked my SISS and today it shows application complete! Has yours changed over yet?

I also applied to the spring 2019 MSN cohort. My application was marked complete last week after being incomplete bc I was not required to submit my GRE score. Does anyone know how long the program is supposed to take? I was told 2.5 years.

Which program are you applying for? I logged into the webinar for the BDN-DNP program a few months ago and they said the degree plans have changed since Jan of this year but they have not been uploaded to the website yet.

My application still says incomplete and that I need to submit GRE scores. I was hoping that requirement was going to fall off. I need to email them and see what they say.

I think I read the program (MSN) takes three years to complete now that they moved it to part time only? It's hard to find information about that.

I haven't applied to any other programs at this point. My bachelor's degree is in a field other than nursing, and only three other programs will accept a BA instead of a BSN. I'm really hoping to not have to go back and do a lot of extra coursework.

The GRE requirement fell off my SISS page and it says application complete!! Woohoo! Hopefully we'll start hearing about interviews soon......

I applied as well--BSN to MSN. My GRE requirement disappeared within the last couple days. That is a relief. I just barely made the deadline and applied only after finding out I was waitlisted at UNC. Still checking my UNC status almost every day though. ;-)

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