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I have just completed my interview to attend the Post MSN-DNP program at Duke in Spring 2019. I'm looking for others that are going through the process at this time and want to share some moral and professional support. I'd love to meet those who are also waiting to hear from the admissions committee. Thank you!

Hi Gina,

I am also a post MSN, DNP applicant. Im thinking admission decisions should be coming out soon. I am soooo freaking nervous :p

Hey there!! It is SO good to hear from someone else in the same boat! In my interview, I was told that the admissions committee would meet on August 13th and decisions would be out after that! I AM SO NERVOUS!!! My interviewer also said they usually accept 25 for the program. I wonder how many were invited to interview??? I've checked my Duke account status alllll day everyyyy day, even though I know there won't be answer until after the 13th! Let's stay in touch and just tell each other: We've Got This!!!

I am freaking out as well! Im confident my interview went well based on the conversation I had with the Director. Hopefully my gut instinct is right, LOL. Would we get an email of acceptance first which will prompt us to check the Duke account? Or do we have to just check the Duke account to find out if we got in or not? Just curious...But anyway, I really hope we both get in!!!!

The Director was very gracious and, obviously, a highly educated and articulate professional. During the interview, I had a cockatiel incident. Yes, I said cockatiel. I have two OLD birds that haven't chirped in years. They are usually silent. Well, when the interview started....they went freaking nuts. I'm talking Jurassic Park nuts. As soon as the interview was over, they were silent again and haven't made a peep. I was so embarrassed that I missed important key points that I wanted to discuss. I looked at them after it was over and threatened the crockpot!!

It sounded like a dinosaur was loose in my house. But, I did apologize and explain that this was soooo unusual.

Did she happen to mention how many were being interviewed?

Where are you from? I'm so excited to meet someone else at this point!


And other than the jungle-like behavior of the birds, I felt good about the experience.

Hi Gina,

I am from Los Angeles, CA. I didnt really ask about how many interviewed or even get into details regarding the acceptance rate and process. I am a bit superstitious about asking these questions during an interview because for some reason I felt that it may affect my chances of getting it. All that the Director mentioned to me was that we should be hearing back early August. Sooo...with that being said, been checking my emails daily on my phone to see if I got anything.

I completely agree. That's the same reason I didn't make mention, either.

Stay in touch and good luck!!

Hi Gina! Hope all is well - Not sure if you received an email update re: Admission decisions yet. But the email read that they will make decisions on Mon August 13th.

Yes! Thank you! Good luck to you and, hopefully, we'll both be posting happy comments soon! Have a great weekend.

My Duke website changed this morning. There is now a link that says Decision Not Ready. I'll let you know if it changes. I'm refreshing my page every hour! STILL holding my breath! Let me know if you hear anything!!

I'm in!!! Please let me know when you hear!!!!

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