Student Injury


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We just had a horrible incident today, left me and some of the faculty in tears. One of our students decided to balance their stomach on the side of the stairs and fell from 15 feet to the first floor. EMT came on the scene and took her to the hospital, and one of our admin went with her. She said it was horrible, the child kept coming in and out of consciousness and was fighting off staff, not even remembering her mother, seems like she's not doing so well. We saw the security footage and you can see her falling, it was horrific.

We are praying for a safe recovery for her and her family.


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Oh my gosh, that must have been horrible to see!!! Prayers she recovers. How scary.

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oh, that is terrible. Please keep us updated as to how the student is doing.


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What a horrible accident. Prayers she is doing ok. Please keep us posted.

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Oh, that's awful. Prayers for the student and those who witnessed.


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I'm so sorry. Please keep us updated.

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Prayers for the student and all that witnessed that horrible accident.


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How awful! Hoping all turns out alright!

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Prayers for complete recovery. Hope those that witnessed learned a valuable lesson that you are given one life. Hate to hear when folly has consequences.


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Oh my goodness...prayers for you, your student, and your school. Keep us updated.

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Oh wow, that is awful! I hope she is OK! Prayers for her recovery.


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Oh, that is awful, I really hope that she is ok!