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Somebody Knock Some Sense Into Me


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It's senioritis.

Nah, that senior isn't inflamed. What you mean is "seniorosis," the condition of being a senior.* We hear it all the time. Pretty soon, as the real end of school is right there in front of them, we'll start hearing about the super anxiety of actually working as a nurse without the school to buffer you with classmates, instructors, and agreements with clinical placements. It'll all be you, baby.

But hey. Look around. See all the nurses who did it? You're not such a special snowflake. You can do it too.

* Remember the difference between diverticulosis (having diverticuli) and diverticulitis (inflamed diverticuli)? There ya go.


i think as a woman it's important to make time to date! choices get fewer and fewer as you get older because women are more attractive when they're young. it's very important to workout! before i got into nursing school and was taking prereqs I lost ALOT of weight because I was constantly stressed. I'll make sure to workout and find my future husband while in nursing school no matter what it takes.

windsurfer8, BSN

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Perspective is important. "Nursing School" will not make you gain weight. Nursing school will not "make" you be single. You make your own choices. What you eat..how much you exercise. It is you not "nursing school".

Eat less..exercise more. You burn more calories than you eat then you will lose weight.

Sure it is stressful...life is stressful. Ultimately it is up to you. I actually lost weight in nursing school. My reason was I would forget to eat...however I don't blame nursing school for this. Many people gain weight and all they are doing is sitting on the couch watching TV.

You are strong enough to make it through nursing school...you are strong enough to lose the weight. Hang in there and keep at it!

Just want to share that I am at the same point in my program...2nd to last semester and can't wait to graduate! In terms of stress, it will most likely always be there. Are you going to be motivated to exercise in the future when you're exhausted after a 12-hour shift? It's a matter of learning how to balance life so we can manage it and have the support we need in our lives. The most stressful time of my life was 2 years after my twins were born prematurely, and that was as a SAHM. With that perspective, I find nursing school to be manageable because the stress is finite, controllable and manageable through choices we make with our time. Maybe taking the time to get involved in an active hobby would meet your goal of losing weight and dating? Please take time for yourself...you are more important than your job:)

Venting is part of the process! We all need an outlet.

I also put on weight during nursing school. I never felt like I had a good night's sleep. I also got sick. I have horrible allergies and get weekly shots, but still I come down with sinus infections around spring and fall. I knew my stress levels were high when I came down with a sinus infection twice in one month. It was bad...my study group demanded to know where my inhaler and epi-pen was at all times :-)

Does it get better? Yes. But maybe not until after you take the boards, depending on how much time lapses between graduation and when you schedule your exam.

You're almost done, so just keep pushing. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!


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You will be fine. YOU WILL BE FINE. You will be on your feet, you will get into a routine. You will get healthier, you will lose weight. And if you don't, remember that scrubs are loose and nurses are HOT.

Nah, that senior isn't inflamed. What you mean is "seniorosis," the condition of being a senior.

Okay, this made me laugh pretty hard.

People have a finite amount of willpower. You've Got a Limited Supply of Willpower, so Use It Wisely

Don't spend your last months in school worrying about dieting and whatnot. Use it all up on getting through school. There will be time afterward to correct that weight issue, put yourself out there socially and so on.

I hear you on worrying about the time and finding a nice man, but you have some time still. I didn't date the entire time I was in school- tried and didn't have time for it, so decided not to until school was over. You'll be okay.