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  1. lilgop

    Should I Wear this to Work?

    According to the employee handbook, slogans are fine as long as they are "a positive message" and not "vulgar or crude".
  2. lilgop

    Should I Wear this to Work?

    Hey guys, I need a little bit of advice. A friend of mine gave me a necklace that I dearly love. I wear it all the time outside of work. My hospital's policy is fine with necklaces being worn to work, so I can wear it at work, however I have not due to it's message. It's a #lovewins necklace. Even though I love it, I would never want to make a patient uncomfortable. But on the other hand, this is a huge cause I believe in. The other nurses wear crosses and such, and I would like to wear what I believe in. Still, I'm not someone who wants to get into problems over a necklace. If you want to see it, it's very similar to this one, except mine also has a set of initials on it: https://www.etsy.com/listing/238443539/hand-stamped-love-wins-heart-necklace?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=love%20wins%20necklace&ref=sr_gallery_15 Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks!
  3. lilgop

    Taking NCLEX T-5 days!!

    Well, I took NCLEX today. I used saunders and kaplan. In my opinion, Kaplan format is the closest to test. I did about 50 -100 questions a day, and usually made in the 65-75% range. I'll let you know how it worked out.:)
  4. lilgop

    answer me please

    My professor told us that we should at least be getting a 65% on practice tests. I used Kaplan and Saunders practice tests. I took the NCLEX today, and am now awaiting results. Hopefully, it all paid off!
  5. The color of your hair is the least of your worries. Most nursing students and instructors don't judge based on hair. We care more about your attitude. My best advice if you want to respected: -Don't be a drama queen -Don't be a know it all -Don't kiss up the instructor (Instructor might be cool w/ it, but your classmates won't be) -Be on time -Carry your fair share on group projects
  6. lilgop

    Cannot stand director

    Omg, I'm laughing so hard right now. I just graduated nursing school and my professor said "behoove you" every 20 seconds. Either it's a nursing school instructor thing, or we're talking about the same person. PM me if you're from either GA or SC BTW, remember that you must respect her if you want that to be reciprocated. My nursing instructor was tough, and on bad days, she could be mean. But she knew what she was doing, even though us lowly nursing students didn't always understand it. Respect her, show an interest in learning from her, and show appreciation.
  7. lilgop

    nursing in usa

    The Board of Nursing may be more helpful than Universities. If you don't find answers to your question on the BONs website, try calling the help center. I've linked the BON's contact info below. Good luck! https://www.ncsbn.org/contact-bon.htm
  8. lilgop

    Dating during school

    As someone who actually did this, I would advise you to be careful. I began relationship with a guy in my cohort and it didn't last very long at all. I think all the stress combined with work, and life, and no sleep took its toll. On top of that, remember that you still gotta work with these people until you graduate. Trust me, things can get awkward fast. However, it can also be fun. While it lasted, it was loads of fun for me and my friend. It definitely made studying more interesting. My advice would be to just be careful, be respectful, act like a nice guy and let whatever happens happen. Good luck, my friend! :)
  9. lilgop

    Somebody Knock Some Sense Into Me

    Lol...yeah, a nine month old is little young for me. :) Thanks for all the encouragement, guys. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has been through this. :)
  10. Hi Guys, So, I'm gonna complain, and I'm gonna vent. Feel free to tell me to suck it up...because I know that's what I would say. Maybe, though, some of you can tell me that it get's better. I've got the semester I'm in, and one more 8 week semester of nursing school before I graduate. As far as grades, I'm fine. (and I'm grateful) However, I'm tired. I've gained 20lbs since I started the nursing program. I'm getting older, but for the last few years I've been so focused on school I haven't even dated. A couple days ago I was taking care of a nine month old at clinicals, and I found myself thinking about whether I would ever slow down enough to begin a family. It's like my life has come to complete standstill. With the weight I've gained, I don't even feel attractive anymore. Does this get better after graduation? Did anyone else go through this? One last disclaimer: I get that I'm incredibly blessed to be so close to graduating, and I get how some of you are like: *****, count your lucky stars. Feel free to knock some sense into me. :)
  11. Besides the program requirements: Multicolored pens Highlighters An assignment notebook (something small to keep due dates and important info in) Snacks, classes always run long, and sometimes you won't have time for lunch. Trail mix or breakfast bars are easy to stick in your bag. Extra three ring binder for all the loose handouts you'll get. Trust me, when finals come around you'll want to be able to find all your handouts. Hope this helps!
  12. lilgop

    Is This Normal?

    Hey guys! I just finished my third semester of nursing school. Next semester is ob/peds. About a week ago our instructor for ob/peds emailed us an assignment that is due on the first day of class. We have to write an essay covering these topics: Anticipatoryguidance r/t assumption of the parenting role including content to betaught relatedto the following areas: Infant feeding (include how often to feed; how much to feed; how long formula& breast milk are okay at room temperature, in refrigeration, &frozen; burping; breastfeeding positions; formula & nipplepreparation; warming; breast milk containers; discarding formula;etc.) Cord/circumcision/non-circumcision care/hygiene (include sponge bath until circumcision& umbilical cord heal, diapering, petroleum jelly, etc.) c. Usual infant behaviors - 1) Crying (why infants cry, soothing methods, etc.) 2) Sleep (number of hours newborns sleep) 3) Elimination (describe appearance of stools: meconium to seedy, etc.;differences betweenbreast-fed & bottle-fed stools; number of stools daily; &voiding pattern) 4) Mobility (include reflexes & milestones) d. Infant safety (include safe-to-sleep; no co-sleeping; abduction;crib safety; clothes; car seat; no bumpers, stuffed animals, toys, & blankets incrib; mattress; etc.) e. Bathing f. Infant assessment lab tests (include routine labs mandated bystate law) g. Immunization needs (include an up-to-date immunization chart) h. Infant behaviors to be reported to the health care provider Anticipatoryguidance r/t self-care postpartum including content to be taughtrelated to the followingareas: a. Uterine involution/prevention of bleeding b. Prevention of infection (include hand hygiene, pad disposal, whento change peri-pad, notampons, etc.) Breast care for nursing & non-nursing (include bra, mastitis, engorgement, cleansing, air drying,nipple care, etc.) d. Nutrition (additional calories for lactation, fiber, fluids,protein, vitamin C, iron, etc.) e. Change in role/family system (include parents & siblings) f. Resumption of sexual activity (include lubricant & time frame) g. Contraception (include becoming pregnant before menses returns &types of birthcontrol for lactating & non-lactating) h. Rest & activity (include exercises for postpartum &cesarean, Kegel exercises, etc.) i. Self-care (include incision care, episiotomy care, perineal care,sitz bath, hemorrhoids, constipation,splinting incision, pain management, etc.) j. What to report to the health care provider Is this a normal assignment? It seems like a lot of information to me, especially since it's due before we have a single class. Have any of you had to write a paper like this? If so, how did you approach it? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
  13. lilgop

    Nurse to Doctor? HELP!

    Hi! I might be able to help you a little. :) I'm currently in a nursing program, and I will graduate next year. I also want to eventually go to med school. After I get through with nursing, I'm going to finish my biology degree, and then apply to med school. The first thing you should do is look at pre-reqs for some med schools you would like to go to. While some nursing pre-reqs and med school pre-reqs do cross over ( like bio 1 and 2 ) others will not ( A & P is not usually required for med school). Med school also requires physics and calculus, and more chemistries than nursing. You might want to speak to an adviser to figure out a plan. Also, are you sure you want to go through nursing? Trust me, it's not easy, and if you really want to be a doctor it might be good to change to a major that is better suited for pre-med. The nursing really won't help you get into med school, and it could also put some unnecessary dings in your GPA. Hope this helps! :)
  14. Hi Everyone, I just started my first semester of nursing earlier this year. I'm doing fine. My grades are good, and I feel pretty good about NS so far. I came into NS with quite a few friends. All of us had been through a lot of pre-reqs together. We studied together, and we all made good grades in our pre-reqs. But now they are not doing so well, and I know some of them will not be able to make it unless they make high 90s on the rest of the tests. I'm really sad, and I don't know what to do with out my study group! Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks!
  15. lilgop

    I don't have a clue what to do with myself!!

    Thanks everybody for the advice! I odered all my books yesterday, so I when I get them I'll probably start getting familar with them. My first semester is going to be Pharmacolgy and fundamentals of nursing; Anybody know what would be best to study before hand?
  16. lilgop

    I don't have a clue what to do with myself!!

    @purple lover: Yes, darlin! Country girl to the bone! :)