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  1. Florida Hospital New Graduate Critical Care February 2015

    I recently withdrew my app for this program and accepted an offer with another hospital that's closer to home. I don't live in Orlando and would've had to move or commute. Sorry I couldn't be of more help with your apartment search. Best wishes to e...
  2. Florida Hospital New Graduate Critical Care February 2015

    Hi...I'm currently in the process for the March program so I'm curious about how it's been for you or if you've heard from anyone??? I'm also interested in critical care.
  3. HELP!!! Working full time and studying for Nclex

    I also work full time, so setting up some structured study time was crucial for me. I set aside 3-4 hours during the week after my kid went to sleep and on weekends, I went a little longer. I needed content as well so I used my HESI NCLEX Prep Book ...
  4. NCSBN Scores?

    I above the 65-70 in most qbanks...and I passed
  5. Waiting game..

    I understand your anxiety. I just took the NCLEX on Saturday. I'm in Florida and I got results was the worst 48 hours ever. My emotions were all over the place, so I can't imagine being in California. I would definitely take getting th...
  6. 100% sure I failed - stopped at 75

    I see that RN after your name! Congratulations!
  7. NCLEX Yesterday

    I'm in Florida. I believe it's technically a couple of days, but my classmates have been getting their results in a day...except for when the test is on a weekend
  8. NCLEX Yesterday

    Thanks! I'm trying to keep busy :-)
  9. Somebody Knock Some Sense Into Me

    Venting is part of the process! We all need an outlet. I also put on weight during nursing school. I never felt like I had a good night's sleep. I also got sick. I have horrible allergies and get weekly shots, but still I come down with sinus infect...
  10. NCLEX Yesterday

    Congratulations! I took mine yesterday and I'm still waiting for results... You're right, there is absolutely nothing to prepare you for how you feel when it's over. One of my friends said she had a headache and just wanted to sleep, my other friend ...
  11. 100% sure I failed - stopped at 75

    I took my NCLEX yesterday...mine also shut off at 75! I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I cried, then I was numb for several hours, I had stomach pains, took a nap, had wine and a huge slice of cheesecake, and went to bed early. I only reme...
  12. What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    Graduated with 1st bachelors in business at 22. Returned to school for a career change and received my ADN at 34. Will hopefully have my BSN at 36