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  1. windsurfer8

    Death of a Dream

    Why do you say you know people who "are not deserving" to be RNs who are. They earned their RN degree and they deserve even more than someone who doesn't have it. If you want to be a nurse go do it. You have a lot going on..have you ever been in a nursing classroom? Ask every student in there and Many if not all have challenges facing them and they are accomplishing their goal. Taking shots at others who have become nurses is as low as it gets. My story. I was kicked out of my parents house at 16. Went into the military. Got out and lived in an apartment with roaches and the roof falling in while in nursing school. Basically dead broke. I saw cohorts who were SINGLE mothers getting their BSN. I never once heard anyone complain about their life. They just got up and hit it. You dream of being a nurse, but are not willing to do the work. It isn't a bad thing. Many people are the same. The problem I have is when you bad mouth people who have got off their rears and made it happen.
  2. What is my attitude towards christians or any other religion? I could care less if you believe in God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or no one. I do not care. What I said was do not push your crap on me if I am a patient. That is all. And if you do I will report the nurse for inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. NO where do I say anything bad about christians. That is my point. What I love about this country is we can believe whatever we want. You can pray or not pray. Makes zero difference to me. If I am a patient I want to hear about evidence based care and what my labs are. I do not want to listen to someone telling me I am going to hell or not and if I do, I will report them. If another patient wants to hear that then that is their business. Get it? Got it? Understand it? Quit feeling sorry for yourselves because I don't want to listen to your religious whatever.
  3. I am a nurse and have been for 8 years. I know this..if I am ever a patient and nurse utters one word about god, allah, buddha, or Santee Claus when I am a patient, I will tell them to leave my room immediately and would write them up before they were out of the room.
  4. windsurfer8

    Advice for First Semester Nursing Students

    I have been a nurse 8 years. I am not "old school", but have a fair amount of experience. All I can say is get out of the habit of using excuses. If you don't do well on a test no one cares if you had a flat tire, or your mom is sick. I hate to say that, but when you work in a hospital docs and bosses don't really care. It is all about YOU. If you do poorly on exam don't freak out. Look at what you did and what to do different. When I was in my ABSN program I would say "ok..I studied 20 hours and I failed. So for the next one I study 40 hours" No ones cares if you are sad about it..they want you to get up and study HARDER. That said..I think the idea that "nurses eat their young" is not totally true. If you start working and work hard and LISTEN to the nurses..people will help you. If you ask the same question 30 times and never pay attention..are late to work....etc...well..good luck with that.
  5. windsurfer8

    Are student loans haunting you?

    One other thing to think about. Accelerated BSN programs for second degree students are great, but the downside is there is almost no way to work. So for a year or a year and a half you are living on either savings or loans. So..you are paying tuition, but you also have to eat and pay rent. I had about 25K in savings to live on while in school and made it through my ABSN program only owing 10K at graduation. Debt was gone in a year. The bottom line is student loans are nasty. Another way I have seen it done..get a ADN..start working and getting paid then do BSN online. ADN is much cheaper and you can actually be working and getting paid while getting the BSN. I don't know, there is no easy solution.
  6. windsurfer8

    No Nursing Shortage At The Present Time

    HM..are you saying I put my career above family? I am confused by what you are saying? Because I did not do my life the exact same as you then I am putting work above family? My point was if you make the choice to get married and have kids then that may limit job options in nursing due to the fact that you may have to work at only one specific hospital or clinic. I am not saying that one is "better" than another. I am saying when you are more flexible (married or not) then you may be more likely to have more job options. Nothing more nothing less. Just because people choose to live different than you does not mean they have no life.
  7. windsurfer8

    No Nursing Shortage At The Present Time

    I graduated with my BSN in '07 from a University in Virginia. You know what I did? I moved to Wyoming and took a job doing med/surg. Got two solid years under my belt then switched to psych and joined the Nurse Corps. Advice I would give new nurses...open your options. Look around the country..there are places with a lot of openings, but maybe not right where you are. Get your experience somewhere, then you make yourself so much more valuable. Places like Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska. If you want something you go get it. If you have kids and a family and can't move, well..that is a decision you made to have kids and a husband. We all make decisions.