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windsurfer8 has 13 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Psych/Military Nursing.

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  1. windsurfer8

    CHANGE MAJOR from Nursing

    Exactly. You would be better off with a BSN and nursing experience to get administration jobs. WAY better off. If you are looking at fast ways to make money the healthcare system really isn't the best. They require degrees, licensing, and experience. Have you looked at the oil fields in North Dakota?
  2. windsurfer8

    Does dating get easier as a male nurse in his 30s?

    Dude if you are getting into nursing to date you are in for a rough ride. Also you better be aware that many female nurses do not play around and if you are hitting on them at work and they notify the HN you will be fired so fast your head will spin. I would focus on a career you want not on a way to meet females.
  3. windsurfer8

    Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    Can you cite where you are getting this? Specifically cite where it says "propaganda used to extort taxpayer money to create and expand nursing programs with the deliberate goal of creating an over supply of nurses".
  4. windsurfer8

    Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    Nursing schools have nothing to do with how many RNs are needed. There are X amounts of seats. Once those fill up they fill up. In a given year there can only be a certain amount of graduates. If you have 50,000 seats then it doesn't matter if 50,000 apply or a million apply. You will have 50,000 new nurses.
  5. windsurfer8

    I'm Scared of Getting Fired

    If you screw up you can get fired. Just like any job. I don't know what else to tell you. If you are looking for "good vibes" then you will get sugar coated nonsense. I have seen people walked out of hospitals who screwed up. More than likely if you pay attention and work hard you will be ok.
  6. windsurfer8

    Question about nursing career schedule

    Expect nights and weekends. Plan accordingly.
  7. windsurfer8

    Help cbd oil user!!

    The OP failed a drug test. What do you want the school to "fix"? Heck if saying it was CBD oil was all it took no one would fail a drug test. Oh and good luck "making the school pay your legal fees". If she made a major error or sentinel event at work they will make you give a UA right then. And if you pop hot you are under the influence. Look at Alcohol. Alcohol is legal, but you can't be under the influence at work.
  8. windsurfer8

    Tattoo cover for clinicals

    She is in clinicals. The school may require it to be covered. Any private hospital can require whatever it wants. Many hospitals have dress codes. Not because patients "care" necessarily, but so they look professional or whatever the reason. Personally I could care less, but it is up to the facility.
  9. windsurfer8

    Associate's or Accelerated BSN?

    I think that is a good plan. You save a lot of money and you get to work sooner. One thing I would do is within a year after you get your ADN I would start knocking out your RN to BSN. Where having a BSN really helps is it simply opens more doors. Any management position in any legit hospital will require at least a BSN. At some point you will probably want to get away from the bedside and the BSN helps make that happen.
  10. windsurfer8

    Army Reserves FY20

    ARMY RESERVE. There is no S. If you have been picked up for the Army Reserve then at least get the name correct.
  11. windsurfer8

    Assualted by psych patient

    I am a psych RN and I would press charges. PERIOD.
  12. windsurfer8

    Air Force reserves vs active duty Air Force???

    It is Reserve. No S. Not plural.
  13. windsurfer8

    Army Reserves FY20

    It is Army Reserve, There is no S on the end.
  14. windsurfer8

    Failing score on clinical evaluation (long story)

    Are you going to ask the hospital to give you a different doctor to work for? Figure out how to successfully navigate the situation. Are you going to be asking for a change of doctors, RNs and patients every day? You assess and figure out what to do. Ask the ones who are passing for advice. Study harder. Push THROUGH and succeed. Your post has a lot of "she said" "she did" etc etc etc. Get your assignment and complete the task at hand. Move onto the next.
  15. windsurfer8

    40 yr old with GED. Is a MSN even possible?

    Focus on BSN for now. More important than "all nurses" is contacting schools about getting into programs. Have you completed pre reqs? Have you applied? It IS hard and it is time consuming. Sounds like solid advice from your counselor. If hard and time consuming are not for you then skip nursing school. I have a been a nurse 15 years.
  16. windsurfer8

    Will i get into nursing?

    D+ means one of two things. One you did not work hard enough. Or two you are unable to learn the material. If it is 1 then you control how hard you study. Instead of trying to manipulate numbers to get in...put the work in DURING the class and the problem is solved. If it is two then you may need to find a career where a lower GPA is acceptable.