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windsurfer8 has 14 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Prior military RN/current ICU RN..

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  1. windsurfer8

    Will i get into nursing?

    D+ means one of two things. One you did not work hard enough. Or two you are unable to learn the material. If it is 1 then you control how hard you study. Instead of trying to manipulate numbers to get in...put the work in DURING the class and t...
  2. Impossible to answer. If you meet the minimum requirements to apply....and then APPLY... you "have a shot" of getting in. One thing I would always tell people....volunteer work etc is good..but in college..GRADES are what matter. You have got to e...
  3. windsurfer8

    Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

    If she has stopped responding I would be moving up the chain. You NEED to bring that email where she states she made a mistake and will fix it. Or go to the school yourself and ask to see her. 4 weeks things start getting forgotten. Stay professio...
  4. windsurfer8

    Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

    Move up the chain of command. And I hope you saved that email from her. That is your ticket to get it fixed. Forward it to head of department.
  5. windsurfer8

    Stank Face during Clinical: How to prevent?

    Don't do it. Move on. Next question. Life aint that hard.
  6. windsurfer8

    What to do with a bf who just wants me for my degree

    Not sure about the "make tons of money" part. You will be working your rear off for decent money, but more than likely you won't be rolling in cash. Go with instincts. Use common sense and make a decision based on your evidence you have acquired. ...
  7. windsurfer8

    Low B.S. GPA hoping to enter a ABSN program or ELM

    One of the reasons for wanting a high GPA on your first degree is they want evidence you can handle an accelerated program. My first degree was business admin and I had a 3.7 GPA. Accelerated BSN was seriously 20 times harder for me. 21 hours a ...
  8. windsurfer8

    single mom about to start BSN

    I am single guy w/ no kids no I cannot speak for the kids, but when I was getting my BSN there were a few females with children in the program. They all graduated so it can be done. Nursing school is no joke, but you are doing it for the bettermen...
  9. windsurfer8

    Losing hope. Don't know what to do.

    You have got to figure out why you are getting the grades you are getting. You are either not studying enough or you simply can't do it. More than likely it is lack of studying. If you say you "did your best" then you will continue to not meet th...
  10. windsurfer8


    Nothing I read in response was rude. The question you ask is so vague as to it cannot be answered. You ask for a "few points on what to remember for depression"? The question is not clear. Are you saying symptoms? causes? treatments? Are yo...
  11. windsurfer8

    ABSN or traditional BSN?

    I believe take advantage of the hard work you did on your first degree. The point of an accelerated BSN is for proven operators who have shown they can manage college. Mine was 21 hours a semester so only you can decide if you can manage that and ...
  12. windsurfer8

    Accelerated Masters with no Nursing background

    No. To get the MSN you will have to first do everything for a BSN...which requires clinicals. If you are not fit for duty you need to consider a career where you are not a nurse. Maybe hospital administration? Even as a head nurse we have to cove...
  13. Define "easy". Why is the goal to find the easiest school possible?
  14. windsurfer8

    Schools with accelerated rn program?

    There are hundreds of schools. Use google and just search "accelerated BSN". If you cannot figure out specific classes at a school contact the school.
  15. windsurfer8

    Very confused at this point!

    Do not assume everyone with a BSN had "their parents pay for it". I was thrown out of my house at 16 and was on my own. I lived on couches to finish HS and joined the military and used the GI bill for school. I made choices...I didn't have childr...