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windsurfer8 has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Prior military RN/current ICU RN..

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  1. I am 100% in it for the money. The pandemic has reinforced this because the citizens won't do anything to mitigate the risk and do their part. I make 58/hour and I will demand 60+ soon. If they won't pay it I will quit. I have 15 years ICU expe...
  2. Financial aid for accelerated nursing programs

    It is a message board on All Nurses. Chances are there is "misinformation" all over. Just because you got "private messages" does not make that any more accurate than anything else or more "true".
  3. Career change at 46.......

    I got my BSN at a much younger age, but I have met many nurses (male and female) who have come into nursing later in life. Just be prepared for working nights and weekends. Truly...for me.....I don't care the age of coworkers. What I care about ...
  4. Failing out of nursing school at the end

    I would also look a the big picture. If you can't test due to anxiety then what will you do during a code? Or when a doctor is chewing you out? Or a family is extremely agitated? Passing tests is a requirement to become a nurse. I don't know what...
  5. Harassment in Nursing School

    Personally I would focus on school and getting your degree. Let the school know your concerns, but then keep moving forward. There are always rude people around especially in the nursing world. Do not let others behavior derail your plans. Good...
  6. How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    I make 58/hour and I will get it to 60/hour or I will quit and travel. I am single no wife or kids. I like my hospital, but I don't have any loyalty to it. And because citizens aren't willing to do even simple mitigating factors I consider myself ...
  7. Single Mom Nursing School

    I have been a RN for fourteen years. It has been a wild ride, but worth it. And yes you will make a decent living. At this point my base pay is 80K and with OT I make between 105 to 115. I don't really push the OT hard, but some make more than ...
  8. I'm Scared of Getting Fired

    I am not sure what you are asking as far as needing "good vibes"? Yes you screw up you can get fired. It is a deadly serious business. You need to pay attention and be professional.
  9. Single Mom Nursing School

    When I got my BSN there were single mothers in the class. Anytime I wanted to complain I would think what they were going through and I shut my mouth. You can do it, but the only advice is to take a 'search & destroy" approach. It will be ment...
  10. kicked out OF PROGRAM ONE month before graduation

    Impossible to answer without hearing the other side of the story.
  11. CHANGE MAJOR from Nursing

    Exactly. You would be better off with a BSN and nursing experience to get administration jobs. WAY better off. If you are looking at fast ways to make money the healthcare system really isn't the best. They require degrees, licensing, and expe...
  12. Does dating get easier as a male nurse in his 30s?

    Dude if you are getting into nursing to date you are in for a rough ride. Also you better be aware that many female nurses do not play around and if you are hitting on them at work and they notify the HN you will be fired so fast your head will sp...
  13. Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    Can you cite where you are getting this? Specifically cite where it says "propaganda used to extort taxpayer money to create and expand nursing programs with the deliberate goal of creating an over supply of nurses".
  14. Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    Nursing schools have nothing to do with how many RNs are needed. There are X amounts of seats. Once those fill up they fill up. In a given year there can only be a certain amount of graduates. If you have 50,000 seats then it doesn't matter if 5...
  15. I'm Scared of Getting Fired

    If you screw up you can get fired. Just like any job. I don't know what else to tell you. If you are looking for "good vibes" then you will get sugar coated nonsense. I have seen people walked out of hospitals who screwed up. More than likely i...