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  1. tsm007

    Renewing my license with the new MiPlus

    Extremely helpful! It looks like they added instructions at the top in orange to help to find where you're actually supposed to click to renew. I wonder what genius designed this. I did get mine renewed. I never did receive any email though about renewing.
  2. tsm007

    Renewing my license with the new MiPlus

    This is what I got back after emailing their help email about where the "RENEW LICENSE" option was. Guess I just hate to wait.
  3. Very frustrated. I cannot figure out how to renew my RN license. Anyone renewed their license with their new database.
  4. tsm007

    Now what??

    That would make me extremely uncomfortable! I do not perform well when someone is standing over me like that. I have absolutely no desire to work in a place with that kind of culture. Personally I'd be looking for another job ASAP. Also, they very well could be trying to establish a paper trail to fire you.
  5. tsm007

    Getting a "head start"

    Take anatomy and physiology if it's offered in high school and medical terminology. Those two classes will help you a lot to be ready for the college level material.
  6. Wow, serious troll food. I can't believe I'm going to bite. Plenty of RNs worked their butts off to get there. Please don't act like everyone who has an RN degree just had rich mommies and daddies to pay for it. I can tell you I put myself through school with kids in tow. It was HARD work and until you actually go through the RN portion of a program you don't know what you don't know. Not everything can be learned through hands on experience. Somethings do require opening a book or listening to a lecture. I don't honestly care if a nurse can "run circles" around another nurse. It's not all about tasks! It's also about knowing and thinking. I have one nurse I work with that is SLOWER than molasses, but I guarantee you if I had a PE or a impending complication she is the one I'd want to take care of me. She has excellent assessment skills and critical thinking.
  7. tsm007

    New nurse who feels like a failure

    Heck, all of those sound like typical new nurse mistakes. Heck, most of them we've all done! I don't do it a lot, but I have thrown out a med still before scanning it when I'm tired. It happens! For me mistakes are just a part of how you learn. I'll give you an example. Forgetting to open the clamp on your secondary IV tubing. Ugh! Done it more than once when I first started (and have seen experienced nurses do it too). It happens. Now I am almost OCD about checking those clamps are open. Nothing more annoying than realizing you accidentally ran your primary bag at 300 ml/hr for 20 minutes. Oops. Not too long ago I was floated to another floor and I swear to God I counted the narcotic drawer wrong 3 times! I wasn't expecting this med to be a controlled substance and it popped open like a regular drawer would so I had already had meds in my hand and then it asked me to count. Well guess what I still had the pills that I pulled in my hand and was not counting them with the pills in the drawer. Oops. I did figure out what I did wrong when finally on the 3rd time when a discrepancy was opened that I still had the med I pulled in my hand. The problem with being new is instead of doing this stuff occasionally you do it often. You'll get there. Next job you watch you'll be the nurse that's getting it when the other one isn't. Don't beat your up, but don't discount the advice you're being given. You probably are the slow nurse right now, better to be the slow nurse than the stupid nurse. You haven't said anything that makes me think you don't have clinical knowledge. Don't sweat it. And if you have to get another job, you won't be the first nurse that it's happened to. I went through 2 jobs in 3 months when I first started. It sucked. I felt like a moron. It gets better! Hang in there.
  8. tsm007

    Spouse vs. MPOA and feeding tubes

    Pet peeve of mine, nurses who quote things as laws or policies and don't actually know where said law or policy is in writing. It's a 50/50 shot whether it actually IS a policy/law or not. I almost always find the dang policy in writing then put on my clipboard so when I tell someone this and they look at me like I'm stupid or wrong I can make a copy or hand it to them. I'd venture to guess that this "law" you are citing varies from state to state and challenge you to find the actual law for your state as a reference. Some states do have very specific laws so I'm not challenging you that you are wrong. I suspect you are right, but I think it's worthwhile to know the actual laws on this in your state.
  9. I'd take the semester off. I had my baby the last semester of nursing school and didn't have to take a semester off because he was due end of November. Our clinicals ended the week before he was due and then we had a gap in clinicals again until January with Christmas break. With your baby being due smack dab in the middle of a semester I think it would be really difficult. Also, yes, you *could* do it, but this is time you will never get back. Taking one semester off in the big scheme of life won't affect your career, but you won't be able to get that time back with your baby. You will make new close friends with your next cohort and your old friends will be helpful to you so you can prepare ahead for the next semester. Just my thoughts anyway.
  10. tsm007

    General, Spinal, blocks, oh my 411 please

    This! I want to thank all of you who responded. I have a much, much better understanding now.
  11. tsm007

    Question about WGU

    Are you referring to the prelicensure program? If so usually around 10-12.
  12. I went to WGU's prelicensure ONLINE program. It's hybrid. Theory online/clinicals in person. Love, love, loved it. I got more hands on clinical time than most of the other students I seen at the hospital. I got to actually do stuff because I was paired with a nurse one to one. Where the other schools had to sit around and wait for their one instructor for what 6 to 8 students to be around to supervise them. Instead I was supervised by an RN. It was awesome. Secondly on the floor I can tell you I am the nurse my coworkers go to when they need help with technology. Who knows don't be surprised when your boss has a Master's degree from an online program.
  13. tsm007

    General, Spinal, blocks, oh my 411 please

    Okay, I *think* I may have found the problem. I think the nurses I work with may just not be using precise terminology and that's why I am confused. Maybe??? I found this article I think what they may be referring to is intrathecal OPIOIDS vs local anesthetic being used in the spinal. I think. I'm going to do some chart digging in the next few weeks but I think this is why I am seeing some people having "spinals" in report, but not on "intrathecal" precautions.
  14. tsm007

    General, Spinal, blocks, oh my 411 please

    Well maybe that's it. I see "intrathecal precautions" on our floor, but you know I think you may be right. I am going to start reading all the anesthesia notes and comparing it to what I hear in report and see if that this is just one in the same and I'm making it harder than what I need to be.
  15. tsm007

    General, Spinal, blocks, oh my 411 please

    Last question, I have been reading and searching, but lost here. What the heck is the difference between intrathecal and spinal? My searching is getting me nowhere on this.
  16. tsm007

    General, Spinal, blocks, oh my 411 please

    Boy, I feel like a dummy. Okay, I watched this youtube video. It was made for patients, but extremely helpful to me. I realize why I've been so confused. I'm mixing up the 'anesthesia' with the 'sedation'. Now this is all making so much more sense. I still have more reading/video watching to do, but this was an aha moment for me. Thank you for your help.