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  1. Very frustrated. I cannot figure out how to renew my RN license. Anyone renewed their license with their new database.
  2. tsm007

    There's a Mousetrap In My Med Cart

    Best read I've had all week.
  3. Okay, let me clarify my question some more. I bought a salem sump tube to practice with, but feel like I'm missing something. Took a pic for you of what was in the package. What is the clear/white cap piece in the picture? The directions on the package say make sure blue end of Anti-Reflux valve is firmly seated in blue air lumen vent. Is the anti-reflux valve just not included in the package or is something in this pic the anti-reflux valve. The package also says seat 5-in-1 adapter snugly to prevent suction loss. Is the clear/white cap thing in the picture the 5-in-1 adapter maybe? Also still not sure why you would want to use a small bore NG tube if a salem sump can do the same thing.