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RN tried to talk me out of Nursing school...


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Ayvah, RN

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Long story short, only you can decide if nursing is for you.

a 2 hour movie is very different than devoting years and possibly tens of thousands of dollars of debt to something. While one person's love or hatred of a job they do should not be a sole factor in dissuading or choosing something, to completely ignore the thoughts of someone experienced in the field you want to do is pure folly. I think this thread shows pretty well that, for example, her caution about a tight job market in NY is on point and the OP/others need to consider that they may have to move in order to get a job.

Listen, gather information from many sources, and consider all sides, is my 'unwanted' advice to you.

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Strauss Group is a head-hunter organization, not an employer. I truly doubt that with the current surplus of nursing applicants, many employers will be paying recruiters' fees for new grads.

I certainly would have made a different career choice, and if asked, I will explain why to anyone who wants to know. You opened the door for her to voice her opinion based on her experience, and that is what she did.

I want to know why. Is it really that bad? What are the positives about the job? If you really don't like nursing then why have you not found another career? People will think that you are trying to be hurtful because you are saying don't be a nurse, yet you are still nursing. If it was that bad then you would find something else to do. Right?

I once told an RN i wanted to go into Nursing and she gave me a crazy look as well she tried to convince me to go into pharmacy I have no idea why:/

When I went to get my required physical after getting accepted into an LPN program, my own doctor asked me, "why the heck do you want to be a nurse? Why not just go to medical school?"



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As for the "dire need" comment, I do realize that Nursing field was not immune to the tanked economy. But I still believe, and I think many can attest, that in relation to many other fields Nursing is still an easier field to find employment in. There is still a national shortage,

from: Douglas O. Staiger, Ph.D., David I. Auerbach, Ph.D., and Peter I. Buerhaus, Ph.D., R.N.N Engl J Med April 19, 2012

Because of this increase at the beginning of the recession, the decade-long national shortage of RNs appears to have ended.

also an FYI:

The growth in the RN workforce that occurred between 2005 and 2010 was the largest expansion over any 5-year period observed in our data extending back four decades.
They've been saying the thing about how nurses are going to start retiring again for the last five years. I was one of the first around allnurses who struggled to find a job after graduation (and quite a lot of people didn't believe it).

That's because, basically, they made it up. It sounds plausible so everybody repeats and repeats It's actually stated on several talking point lists generated by the nurse lobby so their troops will know what to say. The same world-renowned scholars who wrote the NEJM article said as much here:

Yet because there is no empirically based understanding of how recessions affect transitions into and out of the RN workforce, employers and workforce planners are unable to anticipate how many nurses might choose to leave the workforce once a robust jobs recovery begins.

Don't want to seem too negative so I'm sharing this link I found about a nurse apprentice program in the aforementioned state of New York.


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People need to understand that nursing, like ALL other jobs markets right now is suffering. That being said, if you love nursing and its what you want than DO IT! Screw what that nurse told you and don't let people talk you out of your career choice. This economy isn't good for any field. There are few jobs in nursing but they do exsist. The people who are the best in their field will always find jobs. If there's a will, there's a way!