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  1. Nurse Leigh

    Bullying in the workplace

    Yep. As I mentioned in a different thread on this subject, I think that those of us who experienced bullying as children/adolescents have a different threshold to consider a behavior as bullying. In school, I was pushed down the stairs, had my wrist grabbed and sprained, other students spat on my food, and made fun of me often. So as an adult, I tend to roll my eyes when someone says they were bullied because another nurse was brusque with them or didn't want to chit chat.
  2. Nurse Leigh

    What are my odds of getting into these nursing schools?

    Sure. Just let me grab my Magic 8 ball. Seriously, I'm not even sure which schools those acronyms refer to.
  3. Nurse Leigh

    I can't believe I have a "c'mon" already today!

    We she have preferred to have NOT awakened but *still* peed? Lol Y'all could publish a truly funny book of situations you've encountered!
  4. Nurse Leigh

    Is nursing school REALLY that hard?

    Yes. And the number of inaccuracies this poster has mentioned in various posts is pretty frightening. But when actual nurses attempt to offer correct information and advice, we are chided and told we have "egos". *sigh*
  5. Care to expand on this? Not quite sure where you're going with this.
  6. Was skimming this thread again and would appreciate a little clarification. OP, your profile indicates you are an LPN. Is this so? Knowing could change the tenor of some responses.
  7. Nurse Leigh


    This is the third time you've posted this. We are willing to assist, but you need to do the bulk of the work. Please share with us your thoughts on the matter first.
  8. Nurse Leigh

    Combative Patients/Body cams/Walkie talkies

    Good grief.
  9. *sigh* Clearly our well intentioned advice is falling on deaf (and stubborn) ears. You seem to be twisting what we say to make it mean and condescending. Your continued anger and defensiveness demonstrates how you deal with conflict, and it does not bode well for you in your future.
  10. OP, your angry rants throughout this thread are not garnering you any respect. Certainly, every nurse will make a mistake at some point in their career. Accountability, humility, and a desire to learn will help you navigate this situation. So far, I have seen none of these things from you. Even if you've only been a nurse for a few years here in the States, you should be more adept at managing some of these issues, and not forget your five (or six) rights of medication administration.
  11. Nurse Leigh

    Combative Patients/Body cams/Walkie talkies

    This in no way clears up what you posted before.
  12. Nurse Leigh

    Combative Patients/Body cams/Walkie talkies

    There's a lot I want to say in response to this but I'm focusing on what really annoyed me. LPNs ARE NURSES! Not sure why you keep writing "nurses, CNAs, and LPNs" but it is just all kinds of wrong. Just had to get that off my chest.
  13. Nurse Leigh

    Erudite nursing Atlanta,ga

    https://allnurses.com/online-nursing-schools/new-school-erudite-1029643.html This recent thread is about Erudite. The website is sketchy as heck. My advice is to stay away from it. As you can see, the thread I linked to got pretty heated, and ultimately locked.
  14. I'm confused. Is this a new job for you? Because you stated you have 20 years experience as an RN, and yet you don't know how to contact the physicians? Most of us who have worked on an acute floor like MS or tele have dealt with similar assignments. Heck, I routinely had 6 pts (tele) with no aides or monitor tech - AND I was charge! We've all made mistakes - it's how we respond to them and whether we learn from them that matters.
  15. Nurse Leigh

    Dating while in nursing school?

    OP seems to have fled. Hopefully to delete this poor girl's email and NOT to engage in more creepy stalkerish behavior. The dating world is tough, no doubt. But respecting someone's decision to cut all communication because they well and truly aren't interested in a relationship is pretty important.
  16. Nurse Leigh

    Dating while in nursing school?

    In this and other threads in which you've participated you come across as very...intense. If this is how you act in real life, then I imagine you might be a little off putting. I would suggest that you take a couple of days away then come back and reread your posts as if they are written by someone else. Honestly think about how they sound. We all need to self reflect and tweak ourselves a bit now and then. A minor adjustment in how we approach life now can make a great difference in the future.