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  1. Nurse Leigh

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Better than Beau (or Bow, I guess) and Arrow... SMH
  2. Nurse Leigh

    Is My Nursing License At Risk?

    I now live in the State of NC hopefully temperarely lol sorry NC. I know Ca has CNA 1'S But does Ca also have PCT's aka CNA 11? ***Here in NC. a NA 11 is registered on the BON and can do about 80% sometimes more but very close to the equivalent of an LPN.*** Please tell me they have it there ao I can transpher My licence lol? ----------- You said you are close to the equivalent to an LPN and that is not true, regardless of how many "tasks" you may be able to do. You aren't technically "licensed" so not sure what you can expect. And yes your OP really is difficult to decipher.
  3. Nurse Leigh

    Is My Nursing License At Risk?

    I honestly can't quite understand a lot of what you are trying to communicate. Perhaps calm down some and rewrite your concerns/questions? Also, you wrote this post in another thread (https://allnurses.com/patient-care-technician/pct-aka-na-1032435.html) something I want to clear up. As a Nurse Assistant )II, you are not, repeat NOT basically an LPN. LPNs are licensed nurses who completed a nursing program and passed NCLEX-PN.
  4. Nurse Leigh

    Have you discovered the therapeutic benefits of a good laugh?

    I love when you are so stressed and everything is ridiculous and following Murphy's Law. Then yet another thing happens that is so over the top, and you look at the other people with you and you all just start laughing. Ok, it may often be a case of "laugh or cry" but those moments of laughter can ease the tension and serve as a reminder that we are not alone. Whether you are laughing at the absurd, out of exhaustion, or because something tickles your funny bone, it can help put your shift back on track, or at least put things in a better perspective.
  5. Nurse Leigh

    A little ICD-10 humor, especially for outpatient nurses

    :) Well maybe she contracted an infection from her raw meat outfit? Lol. Bizarre and potentially dangerous.
  6. Nurse Leigh

    A little ICD-10 humor, especially for outpatient nurses

    And if the entrapment in the refrigerator is not accidental? This whole thing is bizarro.
  7. Nurse Leigh

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    I love my android phone and have always had PCs but I'm kinda wanting to go off track here because I have been considering coming to the dark side, lol, and getting a MacBook Pro but unsure what to do with rumors of new models coming out. I know people who LOVE their Apple products but the prices are a little scary, although it sounds like the computers at least can last several years. As far as the Apple watch goes, I'm afraid I'd be my (usual) klutzy self and break it.
  8. Nurse Leigh

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I went to high school with a brother and sister named Don and Dawn. The girl didn't understand why we thought that might be confusing.
  9. Nurse Leigh

    URGENT: Are CDC Ebola Guidelines 'Good Enough'?

    I keep hearing/reading comments about these people, vilifying them for traveling after being 'exposed'. Yet, in the case of the hospital staff, if they followed their hospital protocol while caring for the pt or handling his body fluids in the lab, why should they have considered themselves 'exposed'? Isn't the idea of proper usage of PPE to avoid exposure? I know protocols are changing but at that time, I don't see why either Nurse Vinson or the lab supervisor should have considered themselves exposed. So sorry for what these staff members are dealing with and wishing them the best.
  10. Nurse Leigh

    What pay are nurses making these days?

    *cough* *cough* This pains me to type but: Indiana Starting base about 16.50 regardless of AND/BSN I am an ADN floor nurse, 3 years exp, my base is now $17.90 Hmmm, if I give my opinion on here, I guess I can only AFFORD to give . Nurse Leigh :anmllvr:
  11. Nurse Leigh

    Do you do venipunctures as a nurse?

    my adn program did not teach either skill as a part of the required curriculum. there was an iv course offered, but it focused on types of fluids and in what circumstances they would be ultilized. we had one day where we learned to place an iv on another student then spent a few hours in a pre-op setting. (i only had one pt to "practice" on during my time). those nursing students not in the iv class could opt to come in just for the lesson on placing ivs if desired. in my facility, we have both iv teams and phlebotomists. in some areas, such as ed and icus, the floor nurses will perform these tasks (unless pt is a difficult stick; then it is iv team to the rescue). it is not even an option for the floor nurses to perform these tasks on med-surg/tele/ortho floors. (this seems to also be true for the other large hospital in my city). i do understand this rationale: when a pt comes to us from either ed or the or, they have already have iv access. if they are a direct admit, the iv team will come to place an iv. the iv nurses keep track of the types/guages/sites of our pts ivs and are responsible for rotating as appropriate. they are also excellent at trouble-shooting sites, and can often perform some "magic" to help pt avoid needing a new site. i guess my point is that we as floor nurses would not have enough opportunities to become proficient in placing ivs and i would much rather see my pts have a relatively pain free experience than have to suffer with me, a novice at best, attempt it. as for lab draws, there are times it would be nice to be able to draw from a pt with those "good veins" (which are pretty scarce on my floor, let me tell you) but again, better for the pt to have the "expert" perform this while i perform those tasks only a nurse may do. whew, i hope that all made sense. :) nurse leigh
  12. Nurse Leigh

    Weirdest nursing thing you've done in "real life"?

    Not terribly "weird" but I can't help but flinch each time someone utters the word QUIET, as in "it sure is quiet around here" Regardless of the situation, I begin to imagine all sorts of awful things happening becaused someone just jinxed us. I really want to dive under the nursing station desks when someone says it at work.... :sofahider
  13. Nurse Leigh

    Thank you gift?

    Yes! Sending her a note is great and appreciated--sending a copy to her boss is fantastic! Managers love to hear good things about their staff and it can help the nurse when it is time for her evaluation. Oh, and I should add an addendum to my other post---donuts may seem "boring" but there are days/nights when any food is so so appreciated!
  14. Nurse Leigh

    Hello! :)

    greetings! i actually registered way back in 2009 and have lurked in the threads occasionally, but i just sent my very first post. not sure why it took me so long to decide to get involved...my family and friends would tell you i am very opinionated. i've been a nurse for three years, all on telemetry. i work the night shift and love love love the teamwork required since we are pretty short staffed. i have a bs in recreational therapy, worked in case mgmt in community mental health for a few years and was so stressed out i knew i had to move on. after a couple of retail gigs, i finally made the decision to go to nursing school. overall, i am happy with my decision, though i still get pretty stressed out at times. still, my previous jobs can certainly put a lot of my nursing complaints in perspective (i have some pretty crazy stories from my non-nursing jobs!). i have really enjoyed reading a lot of the threads here. it is nice to know i am not alone when i have had a crummy day and confusing situation. hope to be spending some more time here! nurse leigh :anmllvr:
  15. Nurse Leigh

    Thank you gift?

    Hello! One of my favorite (and not expensive) gifts to give other nurses would have to be nice pens. Most nurses love a good pen (it is amazing how quickly a pen can disappear, and how annoyed you will be when it is your good pen that has vanished). I recently found a pen that came with stickers and "backgrounds" so that it can be personalized. Also, some nurses (like myself) love using highlighters on report sheets. If your preceptor likes using them, a good set might also be a good idea. You could also spring for pens for the other nurses as well. Good luck!!!