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  1. BonnieSc

    New Grad Leaving at 1 Year

    In my experience, two weeks may be the required notice, but it's really expected that nurses give four weeks or so. In particular, it's hard on everyone if you've been scheduled for the month and just won't be there. Giving more notice prevents the resentment. When I have left jobs, I've told my manager ahead of time and asked if we can keep it between us (or including any assistant managers who might do the scheduling) until three or four weeks before leaving.
  2. BonnieSc

    CES report received , but I have a question

    No, they will require you to take the class, I think--that's the purpose of the CES.
  3. BonnieSc

    CGFNS CES report

    They may not inform you until your time is up (because no one has looked at it). Or they may "forget" to inform you. Try calling again.
  4. BonnieSc

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    I wonder if it's to avoid touching receipts as well? Receipts have nasty chemicals in them that can lead to all sorts of problems. I wouldn't touch one while I was pregnant and try to avoid it in general. I can't, for the life of me, understand what is unprofessional about it. At least one cashier at the hospital cafeteria wears gloves and the only thought I ever gave it was sympathy that her hands probably get dry.
  5. BonnieSc

    CES report

    Is this for a facility where you work? I'm curious (though you may not want to say) whether most of your nurses come from the same place--the Philippines, for instance. People coming from countries and schools that send applicants to the US regularly will have a faster time. I'm not trying to deny your experience, but based on mine and many other accounts from people I've talked to or who have posted, 4 months isn't realistic for most--I don't want people to have hopes/expectations that it will be done that fast.
  6. BonnieSc

    CES report

    Silverdragon, I'm curious about where you got the average of "4 months approximately". Is that something CGFNS has published? Since they are currently taking about a month even to log in all paperwork (this is their statement), and "up to" 12 weeks to process the report, it seems like a stretch to me that 4 months is even possible, much less average.
  7. BonnieSc

    Gloves? Is this acceptable?

    We have several places in each patient room that are DESIGNATED "glove free zones". If you put on gloves on entry, you'd be breaking policy. Unless you take off those gloves, wash, get what you need, rewash, reglove... this includes the keyboards, by the way. Theoretically we can get cited for using a computer with gloves on (outside of isolation). We were recently informed, though, that our medication practices are going to be audited by some accrediting agency (I don't remember what) and they told us ("reminded" us) we're supposed to use gloves when handling any medications, including oral. I try not to touch pills with my hands, but it hasn't been my practice to wear gloves when giving orals. Every hospital is different. One I worked at designated IV ports/lines as "glove free" zones (unless obvious blood or chance of blood); my current one says we have to use gloves when giving IV meds.
  8. BonnieSc

    CGFNS-CES-clinical hours

    We are still in process. Yes, they add another 10-12 weeks on every time they receive the requested document (or anyway, they CAN do that). In our case, we paid for the ten day expedited review this time, and they restart the ten days each time they request something and we get it sent--though thank goodness, we don't have to pay the expedite fee each time. However, it's been fifteen business days since the last time they said all documents were received and the file was ready for review. I called on Friday and they seemed puzzled and said they would expedite the matter. Yes, I've also heard that CGFNS is the most difficult agency to deal with, though the others also have some negative reviews.
  9. BonnieSc

    English exam...please help

    Sorry, I don't have an opinion, though the study materials from Magoosh seem really good. My husband (who is a foreign educated nurse; I'm an American nurse) chose to do in-person IELTS prep.
  10. BonnieSc

    CGFNS Losing Transcripts

    I'm so sorry. I haven't faced this particular issue. I've never heard of CGFNS calling anyone so it must be a serious issue. I wish I knew of anything you could do. We're pretty much at their mercy.
  11. BonnieSc

    Cgfns! Help!

    CGFNS seems to say this to almost everyone, unless it's a school they work with frequently. Since it's very difficult to get information out of them, I'm not sure whether it's usually an actual problem with signature/seal or if that's also the generic message they send out when they need the signature revalidated--it may just mean they've never had a transcript signed by that person before. In which case the school needs to sign a transcript validation form. Other problems I've heard about include putting a seal in the wrong place (the marking is dim IMO) or having an "illegible" signature (which in many countries is the proper way to sign a paper). Call CGFNS and find out if there's any next step you need to take. They may or may not tell you.
  12. BonnieSc

    English exam...please help

    Where are you from? Unfortunately even some people who were educated in English have trouble getting passing scores for the state board on TOEFL and IELTS. It's not only knowing English; it's knowing how the test works and what they're looking for. I think paying for a review, whether online or in person, is probably worthwhile (remember, it's a drop in the bucket compared to your future RN salary). That said, there is a lot of free information available online, as well as test prep books.
  13. BonnieSc

    CGFNS-CES-clinical hours

    Yes, I've done two. I certainly haven't gotten the answers I wanted, but the person I spoke with had firsthand knowledge and understanding of the case and the process. Just to give you some perspective, my husband began his CGFNS application in July 2016. You won't have nearly the amount of trouble we have, because part of our problems are language/cultural/logistical getting documents from Africa. But to be sure CGFNS itself has put insane roadblocks in our way, and our case doesn't seem to be unusual (look up their reviews online).
  14. BonnieSc

    CGFNS-CES-clinical hours

    Do the "virtual consultation". The people who answer the phone don't know anything. The virtual consultation people are much more helpful (though not incredibly so). Frankly, your Washington state money is gone; you shouldn't have sent in your application and fee. It's very unlikely the CGFNS process will be done within 30 days. You're already moving much, much faster through CGFNS than many others have. I guess, if you haven't, you could explain the situation to the BRN and ask them if they will extend; I don't know what they'll say. But as I remember, it says on the website not to apply until you've been through CGFNS. Good luck!
  15. BonnieSc

    Wants to be an LPN at 69, but School Costs 27,000

    I'm guessing she doesn't want to be a nurse volunteer, but a general volunteer with some useful skills. Probably a missionary? I agree with Beth's advice. Perhaps you could find a nurse friend who would teach you some bandaging and wound care techniques--those are the skills I think would most likely be useful. I don't agree with sunny time; it's a good thought, but CPR and especially ACLS are almost useless in the majority of developing countries. First Aid certification would be useful if you don't have that knowledge already.
  16. BonnieSc


    I commented above, way back in January, that both of my husband's transcripts were refused. What it took several calls for someone to explain to me is that ALL transcripts are refused as having an invalid seal/signature until the second transcript verification is received. I don't know why they can't be upfront about their verification process; it's bizarre. But if you google, you'll find a journal article CGNFS wrote about how great their process is, and it explains what the rep told me. After CGFNS receives your transcripts, unless they were sent by a school that sends a lot of graduates and they already have the registrar's signature on file, they send this signature verification email. This email doesn't have the name of the applicant on it; it just says, they're CGFNS and can the registrar verify their signature? Naturally, no one at the school pays attention to that email unless someone draws it to their attention. If I got that I would think it was spam. Not to mention that in many countries, people use their personal email addresses for business--the school email on the form is something no one ever checks. I would really like to see a copy of this email, but after several requests, that's as much information as I've gotten from them. It's hard to know how to get the school to respond when you don't know exactly what CGFNS is asking for. After the school didn't respond to two emails, and I tried to find other ways for CGFNS to get the information they needed but all of my suggestions were rejected (and I was informed, falsely, that "they get responses from [this country] all the time"), they said they could send a hard copy via FedEx. I don't know why they expected that to do any good, and it didn't. Anyway, we've made contact with the university in Africa and they say they found the emails and letter and will respond but it will take several weeks--despite CGFNS stating that it could be handled via email or a phone call. So I don't know what request CGFNS is making, and I'm afraid like an above poster, the university is going to resend the transcripts and it will start the whole process over. At this point we have been working with CGFNS for over a year. CGFNS is the most opaque, manipulative agency I've ever had the displeasure of working with. If I had known, we never would have started with them but would have tried one of the other companies accepted in our state. I am an American, I speak native English, and I'm also a nurse; I can't imagine trying to go through this process if I wasn't all three. When we're done, I'm going to write a strongly worded letter to our state board of nursing asking them not to work with CGFNS anymore. I'm sure my letter won't do any good, but if enough people write, perhaps it will.