RN tried to talk me out of Nursing school...

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So I went to my GP's private clinic today to get blood work, a PPD round, and antibody titers done for nursing school which I'll be starting this coming Fall. Upon meeting with his nurse, I told her I needed all of this done for nursing school. She blankly stared at me for a good three seconds and then asked: "Why in the world are you going to nursing school?". I wasn't sure what she meant by that, so I asked her to clarify. She said "Well, you're a young guy with flawless English skills. What the heck are you getting yourself in to?" (This Nurse is a Russian immigrant, whose English skills are not perfect. I'm Russian too, but came here at a very young age unlike her. I guess a lot of Nurses in New York City are immigrants that lack great language skills so they choose nursing as a "last resort" profession apparently?). She went on to explain to me how nobody is hiring right now, and that hospitals are closing. She assumed I was going for an Associates degree, but the program I'm entering is for the BSN. I told her this, and then she questioned why I didn't go for PA or PT instead. I told her Nursing is what I truly wanted to do, and she smirked and said "Okay, you don't understand the situation yet. You'll see."


Not that I was discouraged by this, but I found it interesting how bitter some people can be against their own profession. Especially a nurse, who knows that there is a dire need for people to enter the profession, especially as many baby-boomer nurses are going to retire in the coming years.

Have you ever had people try to discourage you when you told them you were going into nursing? And do you regret not taking their advice?

I think I know what I'm getting myself into (hopefully), and I'm mentally prepared. I just hope that at some point in the future I won't end up hating my job like she does...

People need to understand that nursing, like ALL other jobs markets right now is suffering. That being said, if you love nursing and its what you want than DO IT! Screw what that nurse told you and don't let people talk you out of your career choice. This economy isn't good for any field. There are few jobs in nursing but they do exsist. The people who are the best in their field will always find jobs. If there's a will, there's a way!

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