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  1. SBJustBreathe

    Considering PACU job after postpartum maternal/newborn

    Wondering how things are going for you. Did you get the PACU job? I also am considering trying to apply for PACU. I have 2 years mother baby and 1 year home health. Nervous that I don't have critical care experience moving over.
  2. SBJustBreathe

    Floor RN to HomeCare RN, need tips, advise, etc.

    Following. I just took a home health position as well, I start April 24, very excited. Keep us updated on how you're liking it :)
  3. SBJustBreathe

    IV in an artery

    This did happen to me once. Nice big juicy vein, easy stick. But when I tried to run my meds the pump kept beeping occlusion. I unhooked it, flushed, but if I released the flush it pushed back. Bright red blood. It was an artery. Pulled it out and st...
  4. SBJustBreathe


    I'm starting a new job in home health here in a couple weeks and I'm curious what you guys use to keep organized. What items/bags/organizers are most important for you? If you keep spare supplies in your trunk what do you use to keep everything organ...
  5. SBJustBreathe

    Exhaustion..leg aches...and nausea

    I've been working for about a month now and I've had a couple instances where by about 1700 my legs start aching mildly. I get off at 1930 and by the time I get home my legs hurt so bad it is miserable to walk, my head pounds and I'm nauseas. Too nau...
  6. SBJustBreathe

    Bakersfield College Spring 2015

    There's a lot of changes going on with the RN program this semester and on top of the girl that usually does all that stuff in the office left after last semester so I'm sure things are hectic right now I'm not sure if they've replaced her yet. I kno...
  7. SBJustBreathe

    Graduating May 2014! :)

    Pinning is in 70 days!!! Wooo Hoo!!!! Just finished my resume!! Booyah!!
  8. SBJustBreathe

    Bakersfield College Spring 2013

    It's very complicated. The schedule is different every semester and is always subject to change. Clinical is usually Thursday Friday. I've had to be there as early as 6am and as late as 4pm. Class times anywhere starting from 8am to 12pm. You'll usua...
  9. SBJustBreathe

    Storage clipboard with built in calculator?

    Mechanical pencils, colored pens, lots of different color highlighters, post it notes and those post it tabby things to mark pages, small notebook that will fit in your scrub top. I did the clipboard thing for my first semester and about half of my s...
  10. SBJustBreathe

    Any CSUB Fall 2012 Hopefuls?

    It's been's it going?? :-)
  11. SBJustBreathe

    Bakersfield College Spring 2013

    Congrats to those accepted!! I'm just finishing my first semester at BC. It's a crazy crazy ride!!
  12. SBJustBreathe

    Any CSUB Fall 2012 Hopefuls?

    BC is awesome, starting week 3 this week :) 17 chapters to read this weekend and 3 exams to study for. The workload is insane but incredibly interesting. Nursing is a whole new beast, but you make friends fast!! Good luck to you guys!
  13. SBJustBreathe

    Any CSUB Fall 2012 Hopefuls?

    When do you guys start?
  14. SBJustBreathe

    Nursing Books

    I have a loooong list. Fundamentals of Nursing (Potter&Perry) ^^Clinical Handbook Med Surg Nursing (LeMone) ^^Study Guide Nursing Diagnosis (Carpentito) Strategies, Techniques, & Approaches to Critical Thinking (Castillo) Lea...
  15. SBJustBreathe

    How often are clinicals?

    We will be going twice a week