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  1. SBJustBreathe

    Considering PACU job after postpartum maternal/newborn

    Wondering how things are going for you. Did you get the PACU job? I also am considering trying to apply for PACU. I have 2 years mother baby and 1 year home health. Nervous that I don't have critical care experience moving over.
  2. SBJustBreathe

    Floor RN to HomeCare RN, need tips, advise, etc.

    Following. I just took a home health position as well, I start April 24, very excited. Keep us updated on how you're liking it :)
  3. SBJustBreathe

    IV in an artery

    This did happen to me once. Nice big juicy vein, easy stick. But when I tried to run my meds the pump kept beeping occlusion. I unhooked it, flushed, but if I released the flush it pushed back. Bright red blood. It was an artery. Pulled it out and started over. Lesson learned. Palpate to feel a pulse if you're not sure because sometimes those arteries look like big beautiful veins, but they're not. As as far as running meds through doing damage, I'm not sure. I suppose it would depend on what's running, how much, etc. But bottom line is, your medication is ordered IV and that's how it should be given.
  4. SBJustBreathe


    I'm starting a new job in home health here in a couple weeks and I'm curious what you guys use to keep organized. What items/bags/organizers are most important for you? If you keep spare supplies in your trunk what do you use to keep everything organized? TIA :)
  5. SBJustBreathe

    Exhaustion..leg aches...and nausea

    I've been working for about a month now and I've had a couple instances where by about 1700 my legs start aching mildly. I get off at 1930 and by the time I get home my legs hurt so bad it is miserable to walk, my head pounds and I'm nauseas. Too nauseas to eat dinner. I usually take some motrin and can get to sleep. But the next morning I'm still exhausted and nauseas. I usually take a nap and by about lunch time the next day I feel human again. All I can think is if I had to work again the next day there's no way I'd be able to. It's happened to me twice now, the first time being my very first 12 hour shift, the second time was about 2 weeks ago. Has this happened to anyone? Advice? I'm not sure why this is happening or what to do to make it stop. I've been trying to drink plenty of water and have a banana everyday I'm on the floor. Other than that, I don't know what I should do.
  6. SBJustBreathe

    Bakersfield College Spring 2015

    There's a lot of changes going on with the RN program this semester and on top of the girl that usually does all that stuff in the office left after last semester so I'm sure things are hectic right now I'm not sure if they've replaced her yet. I know it's frustrating but give them some time to get it together. It's worth the wait I promise.
  7. SBJustBreathe

    New Grad Endorsement

    It's hot here in Bakersfield. But there are plenty of hospitals and plenty of RN jobs many starting over 30/hr. Wouldn't be a bad place to start off in CA.
  8. SBJustBreathe

    Dickies Junior Scrubs

    I have some of the gen flex pants. The juniors I thought were slightly tighter in the booty compared to the regular style. But honestly not by enough to make me order one or the other.
  9. SBJustBreathe

    What brands of scrubs are the most comfortable?

    Greys Anatomy and Healing Hands are the softest ones I have. Peaches isn't bad either.
  10. SBJustBreathe

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    CNA @ 16 ADN @ 26 I am planning to have my BSN within the next 5 years or so.
  11. I had a similar experience. Where I live we have a university and a community college both with RN programs. I got into community college and every time I told someone I was in school to be a nurse it's "oh are you going to 'university name'" and it made me feel like shame on me for not getting into a BSN program. You know what, I finished school...I'm an RN... I took the NCLEX just the same as the BSN students. I should not be shamed that I got an ADN first and plan to bridge later. I am proud of my school. And apparently the community and local hospitals love us too because most of my class has found work. OP do not downplay your school. Be proud that you are being trained in a respected profession where, even with "just" an ADN you can make a very stable living. You can get your BSN later. But don't let others make you feel bad for not jumping straight in or waiting for the BSN program.
  12. SBJustBreathe

    Fall 2012 new nursing students roll call!!!

    Graduated in May, licensed in June, starting work in September!! Life is grand!!
  13. SBJustBreathe

    1st semester expectations

    I thought first semester wasn't too bad. The hardest thing about it is getting used to the volume of studying and learning how to write care plans. I remember writing my first care plan....it felt like it took all night. By the end of 4th semester it was going in to clinic cold not knowing what you're going to get and doing a care plan throughout the day. Just seeing how much growth occurs is amazing. Just gotta get through that initial shock and it'll get a little easier.
  14. SBJustBreathe

    Do the CNAs or RNs do personal care

    I wiped many bootys as a CNA. When I went to school to be an RN....I wiped many bootys. As a postpartum nurse probably won't need to wipe many unless mom needs help changing nappys. But it is my job as a nurse to be sure my patients are all clean, healthy, and happy. If that means wiping butts...I wipe butts.
  15. SBJustBreathe

    Keep or sell OB textbook?

    I finished school and have sold most of my text books. I'm going to be working on a Mother/baby unit and am having trouble deciding whether to sell my Maternal-Child Nursing text or if I should keep it for reference. It's not like I'm going to carry that huge book to work with me, but it might be nice to look at once in awhile. But part of me wants to sell it while it's current and actually worth something. For those who have BTDT, did you ever find yourself needing to use your old books during your working years? Looking for helpful suggestions. TIA ☺
  16. SBJustBreathe

    How does a Versant Residency work?

    I have another question. I know it might be different for other hospitals, but in your experience how far in advance did you get your schedule? I know on the floor you work with a preceptor and you generally work their schedule, but how often did your schedule change?