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I'm starting work on a mother/baby unit in September. I'll be caring for couplets as well as gyn surgical recoveries. Does anyone have a brain sheet for this type of department they wouldn't mind sharing? Or ideas of what is important to have on one so I can kinda create one of my own style. TIA ☺


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JustBreathe, congrats on your new job. You are going to love it! I just wanted to tell you that a lot of places use report sheets/cardex that have all the important info a nurse should know. And it is a nurse's responsibility at the change of every shift to update it and pass it along in the report. I am not sure, but I think a lot of the hospitals do it, because it is recommended by JHACO. One of those safety steps that you take to improve patient care and outcomes. I would wait and see if your place use those. And if not, you can ask your co-workers. A lot of the nurses create their own. I am sorry I do not have one to share with you.


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Different floors do different reports. When I started my job, I created my own brain sheet based on the kind of report was given and the patient care that was needed. Once you start your job, you'll figure out the perfect brain sheet for you. You might even find a coworker who has one that you can borrow!


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I modified my MedSurg brain sheet to meet the needs of couplets. I went from a unit that was 4:1 to a PP unit that was 4 couplet:1, so I just tweaked a few things to match the information I needed in my new environment. My unit has a special SBAR that is used, but it is one paper for each couplet, equating to 4 papers I must carry. Lol. This makes me so unorganized! My "brain" is one lovely paper!! Yahoo!!