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  1. j0yegan

    Quitting while on maternity leave

    Actually, so many people are already quitting. And we are short-staffed already. The management is just terrible. So me leaving wouldn't make a world of difference at all. lol
  2. j0yegan

    Quitting while on maternity leave

    Did you resign while you were on leave? Did you have to pay anything back for your health insurance costs?
  3. j0yegan

    Quitting while on maternity leave

    They never mentioned PTOs at all when I was filing a claim for short-term disability. I don't see why that would have anything to do with anything. They are separate payouts. It's not like I would use them at the same time. They said I would get short-term disability for 6 weeks after I deliver. And that's just half of my FMLA leave. After my FMLA leave, I would then apply my PTOs.
  4. j0yegan

    Quitting while on maternity leave

    Thanks for the input!!! Yeah I'm actually gonna try to file for short term disability. I didn't know I was eligible because I didn't sign up for it when I signed up for benefits.
  5. j0yegan

    Quitting while on maternity leave

    I mean generally speaking though. I don't wanna ask HR too far ahead of time and then have them realize what I may plan on doing and then screw me over because of it.
  6. j0yegan

    Quitting while on maternity leave

    I'm pregnant and work full-time. I plan on using (unpaid) FMLA and then afterwards use my accrued PTOs. There's a possibility that I will not come back. If I do decide to not come back to work, will quitting be okay while I'm on my PTO as far as not paying any health insurance costs back as opposed to quitting during FMLA? And if I decide to transfer to another hospital as PRN, would that cover me as far as not having to pay back health insurance costs?
  7. j0yegan

    Is nursing school really "that" bad?

    Yes, everyone is correct. You have no life if you want to be serious about nursing school.
  8. j0yegan

    School project

    What are the questions?
  9. j0yegan

    NCLEX Help!

    I never heard of uworld. But I remember using NEC. I am a very visual person, and their mnemonic illustrations really helped me pass the NCLEX. NCLEX® Review | NCLEX® Review Courses by Nursing Education Consultants, Inc.
  10. j0yegan

    Maternity Nursing

    Each hospital is different. Focused assessments, vital signs every 1-8 hours depending on type of delivery, dealing with medications, foleys, IVs, complications that may arise, possible blood sugars, list goes on. Don't forget constant admissions and discharges. It's pretty much like med surg. There IS a lot of education involved. Just read all the handouts you give the moms. And for advancement opportunities, you can become a manager, nurse practitioner, director, CNO.
  11. j0yegan

    Do you get really nervous before a shift?

    I agree. Once I know more about the patients and get a better idea about what my day will be like, I feel better. It's just before I get my assignment. I get so extremely anxious. I try to talk myself down, but apparently it doesn't work. I get all the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  12. j0yegan

    Do you get really nervous before a shift?

    Man, I CANNOT do ER. Wayyyy too stressful. And too much liability. I just like to plan everything and know what's gonna happen and what to expect. I know it's impossible, but that's just who I am. Am I gonna be floated? Are we gonna have enough staff? Are we gonna have 8 patients? Am I gonna have half my patients constantly on the call bell? Am I gonna be so busy that I will stay late just to chart? Am I gonna have help if I don't know how to do something? Am I gonna have a code blue? What if I stand there and look stupid if my patient asks me a question I'm unsure about? What if I forget to do something? The list goes on, my friend.
  13. I've worked for several years and STILL get extremely nervous right before I start a shift. My heart rate shoots up (like 110-120 bpm) and I have to go to the restroom. It's a total "fear of the unknown" thing - the unpredictability of the job. Every day is different. 😣
  14. How many babies do you get? At my hospital, we can get up to 8. And it doesn't help when the lactation consultant isn't there as much as we need them. And all the car seat challenges, circumcisions, vaccines, discharges, admissions, etc. My dream job is not a dream job anymore thanks to the workload. Having up to 4 patients would be so much more manageable. I wish hospitals weren't so driven by monetary profit. It's sickening.
  15. j0yegan

    Nurse Clueless

    Someone asked me just a few days ago if D5W has sugar in it.
  16. j0yegan

    Changing Nursing Specialities

    Get any job that will get you any experience. When you see a job opening in the specialty you like, tell them the experience you have gained in other areas and tell them your passion wanting to work in that specialty and how much you are willing to work to learn more in that specialty. Sell yourself. And apply even if they want experience in that particular area. You never know. It's worth a shot!

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