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Labor and Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum
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WeezerL25 specializes in Labor and Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum.

I am a labor and delivery nurse who loves to bring those babies in to the world!!! I am also an adjunct clinical instructor for a local nursing program. I am so blessed to do what I do!!!

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  1. WeezerL25

    I need confidence....

    Remember it takes 2 years to be competent in any field!!! OB is no different!! Utilize your resources... Ask TONS of questions (the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask!)... Pick the brains of the people you work with... Every day you will learn something new. Every day you'll get better!!! And if you have moderate variability or an accel, you can rule out fetal metabolic acidemia!! Lol. Embrace the nerves... They'll keep you on your toes if the uterine renters don't!! :)
  2. WeezerL25

    the bad old times in OB

    Where was your instructor when you were being bullied? Seems he/she left you out to dry... Consider this a lesson in life. There will be other times when you are bullied, whether it be by doctors, administrators, other nurses, whoever. Learn from this experience and use what you've learned to formulate a plan to combat the bully in a professional manner next time. Bullying is never ok. Sadly, this behavior still takes place. Don't fall into the pattern though. Be the example of change...
  3. WeezerL25

    Mother/Baby Brain Sheets

    I modified my MedSurg brain sheet to meet the needs of couplets. I went from a unit that was 4:1 to a PP unit that was 4 couplet:1, so I just tweaked a few things to match the information I needed in my new environment. My unit has a special SBAR that is used, but it is one paper for each couplet, equating to 4 papers I must carry. Lol. This makes me so unorganized! My "brain" is one lovely paper!! Yahoo!!
  4. WeezerL25

    med/surg RN who wants to be in OB so bad!!!

    The hospital I work for has a combined labor, delivery, postpartum set up. I got in by working in postpartum first, otherwise I would've been in your same boat. I would also get whatever certifications your facility requires of a labor nurse, if you can. Take fetal monitoring, NRP, STABLE, get your ACLS... These certs may come out of pocket, but then you'll be prepared and you'll have a leg up on other applicants. Take CEs with a maternal child focus. Load your resume with content that screams "I want labor!!!" And NETWORK!! Just like the others said... Make friends, get it know the boss... Keep trying!! You'll get there!! :)
  5. WeezerL25

    Pondering a move to Idaho...

    My husband and I are thinking about moving to the Boise, ID area and I was hoping to get some information with regard to nursing salaries, RN to patient ratios (if they even exist), and what the overall opinion is about working as a bedside RN in the state. I am currently an L&D RN in Northern California and love what I do! I would definitely be seeking a job in OB if we decide to take the plunge!! Any advice and/or info would be so greatly appreciated!! 