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Keep or sell OB textbook?


I finished school and have sold most of my text books. I'm going to be working on a Mother/baby unit and am having trouble deciding whether to sell my Maternal-Child Nursing text or if I should keep it for reference. It's not like I'm going to carry that huge book to work with me, but it might be nice to look at once in awhile. But part of me wants to sell it while it's current and actually worth something.

For those who have BTDT, did you ever find yourself needing to use your old books during your working years? Looking for helpful suggestions. TIA ☺

iPink, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care, Postpartum. Has 8 years experience.

When I graduated I sold everything except Med-surg because I wanted them for reference as I was starting in critical care. I am now in PP and found myself buying used maternal/newborn health books online because I did my OB clinical over 2 years ago and had forgotten a lot of things. It's about personal preference, because you can easily look up things online if need be.


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I sold all of my books except my OB one because I knew that's the area of nursing I wanted to end up in. Sure enough, I still use the book as a reference. There are a lot of good pictures and visuals. I say you should keep it.