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  1. OCNRN63

    Are you discerning with your "likes"?

    I "Like" a post if I agree with the content of it or if it's a post from a member I really respect. I don't like people who stalk online...it creeps me out. That's just me.
  2. OCNRN63

    Trouble for taking Doctors candy

    Find another job; they may not get you for this, but they will find something else.
  3. OCNRN63

    New Supervisor Violating HIPPA?

    Why not just ask her directly? ("Hey, Ms. Supervisor, we were wondering if we're still in compliance with HIPAA when we share pt information using the pt's first initial, last name, and PHI. Would you please clarify?)
  4. OCNRN63

    How do you handle rude comments?

    I have ovarian cancer which has recurred again (3rd time). When you or someone in your family has cancer, you find out pretty fast who your real friends are. I'm sorry some of your friends are turning out to be something of jerks. The good thing i...
  5. Indeed.
  6. OCNRN63

    This person outranks me?!

    I would have taken it as a compliment that he thought enough of your knowledge and experience to ask you. But hey, if you'd rather see it as a sign of his ineptitude, then have at it.
  7. OCNRN63

    This person outranks me?!

    OMG! You put a patient's brief on backwards? Back! Back! Back to nursing school where you belong!
  8. OCNRN63

    Black Sheep...time to leave?

    Ugh...I worked with some people like this. When it finally dawned on me what they were doing, it was like I was able to take con troll of the situation. It wasn't 't fun anymore for them; I wasn't the bug they could torture with the magnifying glas...
  9. OCNRN63

    Black Sheep...time to leave?

    Well, you were still invited... I'm an introvert too, but I would have still been happy to be invited, even if it was late in the day. Sometimes you have to take opportunities as they come, not as you wish they would come.
  10. OCNRN63

    question re suit

    Yeah, the person who may be hiring you is totally going to say, "We can't hire her, she's worn the same suit to this interview as she did the first!" Same suit, different top and accessories. No one will notice; if they do notice, they won't care. ...
  11. OCNRN63

    Bullying in the work place

    That reminds me of a situation I had with a doctor who was nasty with nurses, verbally abusive, etc. I finally got sick of it and wrote him up, used direct quotes. Someone in admin. must have talked to him about it, because he came up to me a few w...
  12. OCNRN63

    Got to Change my Sig/Title :)

  13. OCNRN63

    Living Will Tattoo

    I think the selling point was that the "Do Not Resuscitate" was accompanied by the patient's signature.
  14. OCNRN63

    Black Sheep...time to leave?

    Absolutely true. ^
  15. OCNRN63

    Black Sheep...time to leave?

    Reach out to the ones who you think are planning on staying for a while. Even if you wind up befriending someone who leaves in a year or two, you never know how that may wind up benefiting you down the road. Nursing is a small world. As far as the ...

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