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    Be prepared to answer questions like "Why do you want to work in oncology/What interests you about working in oncology?"
  2. OCNRN63

    Bullying in the work place

    That reminds me of a situation I had with a doctor who was nasty with nurses, verbally abusive, etc. I finally got sick of it and wrote him up, used direct quotes. Someone in admin. must have talked to him about it, because he came up to me a few weeks later and said "You didn't need to write me up...If you had a problem you should have come and talked to me, wah, wah, wah." Yeah, right. Like I was going to go seek him out for a heart to heart after he'd just ripped me apart.
  3. OCNRN63

    Got to Change my Sig/Title :)

  4. OCNRN63

    Living Will Tattoo

    I think the selling point was that the "Do Not Resuscitate" was accompanied by the patient's signature.
  5. OCNRN63

    Black Sheep...time to leave?

    Absolutely true. ^
  6. OCNRN63

    Black Sheep...time to leave?

    Reach out to the ones who you think are planning on staying for a while. Even if you wind up befriending someone who leaves in a year or two, you never know how that may wind up benefiting you down the road. Nursing is a small world. As far as the other group, perhaps what you need to do is become interested in them. I had a similar situation years ago. I felt frustrated and frequently left out because of a group I worked with who were all "Mommies." I found that things turned around when I started asking questions about their kids. Sometimes for people to find you interesting you have to take an interest in them.
  7. OCNRN63

    Repealing ACA

    Try paying for certain chemo out of pocket. I'm on a PARP-inhibitor that costs thousands of dollars a month. That's just for one med. If you can't work, how are you supposed to set money aside for health care, let alone pay for the health care you need?
  8. OCNRN63

    Made a fool of myself to board of nursing rep

    Thank goodness. I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought the same way. OP, don't get too hung up on nothing experience with programming an IV pump/using other equipment. Many of those sorts of things are facility specific, so it's something you'll learn when you have your orientation as a new employee. Some of what you are saying does make sense. While a nurse needs to know above and beyond that of a doctor's handmaiden, it seems like education is getting away from some of the basics. For e.g, I was recently in the hospital and I had a student nurse one day. She said she needed to do patient teaching with me and I said "OK." Her patient teaching wound up being no more than leaving a printout of something at my bedside. She never went over it with me; just left it. I wonder if nursing programs feel that it's up to the hospitals/employers to teach new grads the staff nurse role.
  9. OCNRN63

    Coworker wanted to trade shifts

    I can't fathom that kind of selfishness. It shocks me that she ever got to a management position with that kind of attitude.
  10. This person is escalating threatening behaviors. What is to stop him from showing up at your new job, even your home? I would make a friendly call to the local police dept. and let them know that this guy is calling you and threatening you.
  11. OCNRN63

    Medication Error

    If you think that's the only difference between you and an RN... Never mind.
  12. OCNRN63


    This post deserves to go in an AN "Hall of Fame."
  13. OCNRN63

    Accidental Pill Pusher

    Unfortunately, what I'm afraid will happen is knee-jerk responses to treating pain, and soon we'll be back to the bad to the "bad old days" where patients with cancer pain will be left to suffer. It happened before, so there's no reason to doubt it could happen again. I got interested in treatment of chronic non-malignment pain when I had the opportunity to meet Margo McCaffrey years ago; she was generous with her time in mentoring me. When I started working with cancer patients, that was a whole other world. And then when cancer came knocking on my door..., well, you know the rest of the story.
  14. OCNRN63

    Accidental Pill Pusher

    Articles like this scare me. I'm afraid the day may come when I'll just be given bullets to bite for my chronic pain from cancer.
  15. OCNRN63

    Bad experience as a patient

    My thoughts exactly.
  16. OCNRN63

    Should I quit? Idk what to do!

    I don't know how old you are, but a job that offers state retirement benefits? That's almost unheard of.