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This is a silly question, but one concern I have about nursing school is not having time for God. Recently I just re-discovered my faith in God and I'm happy I did. Going to church helps so much in getting me through the week, So my question is, will I be able to have that kind of time with all the work that nursing school demands?


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If you really think of it there is never enough time in a day for nursing school and studies. You will have to do your best to make the time for God. For Instance, when you wake up in the morning prior to getting ready for class or clinicals. ...pray. .. when you are about to enter the classroom, say a simple prayer ..before you go to bed have at least 10 - 15 minutes of prayers and meditation. Little things like this foster your relationship with Him...always try to make time because without God, this journey you are going on can be tough. Another example Is Sunday worship, you can go to service in the morning and if service takes longer than 2 hours. You can leave a little early to study for classes all depends how you manage your time well.

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Yes. Because God is always there, in church, in school, in your back pocket. He and I talk a lot, throughout the day. When the ones who demand "you must set aside so much time for prayer, reading, meditation!!" with wisps of brimstone around their ears, try to make me feel guilty, I just smile and say "All of my time is God's, whether I am studying nursing, St Paul, or reading fantasy scifi. Which I do a lot of. Scifi that is.

Keep that joy, just forget legalism, and talk to him a lot. Hum a hymn or praise song on the way to the car, and while sitting in traffic. Discuss your case studies with Him. Tell Him all about your latest anatomy lesson, yeah He already knows, but since He created it all Who better to help you understand it?

Yes, there is time for church. If you never set aside time for yourself, you will burn out. Nikiru is right, set some time for the two of you, but no guilt! You may miss an evening prayer meeting because you have to study, but just keep that Sunday morning for the two of you. Absolutely do not feel guilty about not being in on home studies, or evening Bible studies. God set you free! so stay free! and full of joy.


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Yes! :) You prioritize what is important. Generally you're not going to have clinicals on the weekends, except possibly at the end if/when you do a preceptorship--then you work when your preceptor does. If going to church is important to you, you make sure to plan ahead to finish your homework and take a couple hours' break Sunday morning. Reading even a chapter a day from your Bible is helpful for our walk, and can be done in minutes. I also like to play worship music in my car, wherever I'm going.

Basically if you had no time for your relationship with God, it means that you are doing nothing but study, sleep, and work. That is good for nobody. Like JBudd said, you will burn out. Self care is extremely important, both now and in your future as a practicing nurse, and taking time for God is taking care of yourself spiritually.

Good providence with your studies! :)


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natmanzo, what is the faith tradition you're practicing, and does it have formal requirements for worship at certain times/places?

As a practicing member of a faith tradition that does have such requirements, I won't disrespectfully deride that as "legalism" but may be able to offer advice as to how to fit it all in.

If yours does not have any such requirements, then you've already gotten much good advice. And that advice applies, even if your tradition does have formal worship times or places, because we can always pray, meditate, and communicate/commune with God in unscheduled ways.


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As I read your post, I was reminded of the Christmas carol "Little Drummer Boy" whose playing the drum WAS his communication with God. Doing the best you can in your studies/practice is also communication/drum play with your God.

Good luck.

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There are a some student organizations I believe, nurses Christian fellowship was popular with some of my classmates back in the day.

If your faith is of another path, google is your friend.


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I worked for a while at a Christian hospital… we would have to have a little devotional and prayer before report. Looking back, that was very nice. We prayed for our patients and the shift. It was led by the nurses, but pretty much required.

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I have made it a habit to say the Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm to myself when I'm washing my hands. 'They' say you should sing 'Happy Birthday To You' two times in a row to know if you've washed your hands long enough and thoroughly enough. Heck, I even say my prayers when I'm brushing my teeth and/or commuting to work! I reckon whatever way you can work it into your day, God understands. I mean where d'ya think the idea came from in the first place? He gave me this sense of humor, so I'm sure he's happy I'm using it! :yes:

Your time with God does not have to spent in a church. You can do it anywhere.

The creator has guided you to nursing... the creator is pleased that you are following the plan.


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There is time for everything, and no time for anything :)

It can and does work. You just have to want to make it happen!

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Nursing school is about prioritizing and and important part of both the schooling and working in nursing is remembering self-care. If caring for your spiritual needs is important to your over all self-care and well being then make it a priority. Put down a couple hours (or however long your services are) for sometime on Sundays (or whichever day they are held) and commit to attending as part of your regular plan for the week if it is important that you attend. It will remind you to get your work down for school and other parts of life outside of that time.

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