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Hello there, my name is Natalie. I am a nursing student at Madonna University. Nursing was something that I have always wanted to do. I am excited to embark on this long, difficult, but worthwhile journey.

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  1. I am interested in moving down south in the near future. I am interested in Charlotte, NC as well as Aa few cities in Texas. I am still in school and will me graduating in may of 2018. I currently work as the nurse tech at a hospital in Michigan. I p...
  2. What Do You Love About Nursing?

    I am a nursing student as well. I am graduating in December if all goes well. I work as a NA on a cardiac progressive unit so I will be using both experiences. What I love about nursing is that the options are endless. You will find your nitch! When ...
  3. Hi all! I didnt see a thread on this topic so I figured I'd post something. I am in my 4th semester of nursing school and Community health is one of the classes. I heard awful things about this class and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to...
  4. At a loss

    I am in my third semester of nursing school. I have about 4 weeks left. This has BY FAR been my hardest semester, I have med surg, OB, and psych. I need an 80 to pass and this is where I am Psych: I am passing. The class is no problem but it is on th...
  5. Nclex book edition

    Hi all, I'm about to start my third semester of NS. Yay (sort of) I am getting to the point where I really need an nclex book. I was looking online and I was wondering if there is much of a difference between the Saunders 5th and 6th edition? I'm try...
  6. Nclex books

    I'm about to start my 3rd semester in a couple of months and I'm still yet to get an nclex book. I saw the 6th edition for $40 on Amazon which isn't bad at all (7th is available for preorder) there's the 5th edition also for $18. I was wondering if t...
  7. Preparing for an interview

    Hi everyone! I have an interview coming up for a nurse assistant job an a major hospital. I just finished term 2 where I learned many new skills (I basically finished my first year and it feels amazing!$ anyway I wanted to know if anyone has any tips...
  8. Injection validations

    I have just about had it with validations right now. Last semester I had no problem passing validations but this semester is a whole different story. I have no failed injections 3 times! I know what to do, I know the steps but my lab instructor would...
  9. Concept Mapping Pharm

    Hello! So I am starting to do concept maps for pharm as I heard these work the best. I was wondering if anyone has done one and how you did it. Our exam is on Antimicrobials and Analgestics. How did you organize it? For example lets say I am working ...
  10. Stumped on a question pls help!

    thank you so much! A lot of people in my class were confused by this as well. So let's say that there was no surgery. That he was just there for a routine check up. Would you just check the apical?
  11. Stumped on a question pls help!

    Oh!! I guess it makes sense now. So because there is a risk for a blood clot you're going to want to check all sites?
  12. I was going through the questions in my potter and perry book and I got stumped on a question. So here it is: a pt returns to your post op unit following surgery on his right rotator cuff. The LPN reports she had difficulty finding his rt radial puls...
  13. Reading/studying for pharm

    So my 2nd week of my 2nd semester has begun and I feel so behind in pharm alread. I try to read the chapters ahead of time but the content is so difficult to understand. The material is so heavy. I would describe it as reading about the French langua...
  14. Pharm flashcards?

    Hi everyone, I will be starting pharm next week (yay for making it to term 2) Anyway I was wondering if anyone has used the pharmacology flashcards and which brand you recommend. Also how should I study for this class? I hear horror stories
  15. I thought I would know how to deal with stress but I dont and it scares me. I shut down before every exam and I become someone I'm not. I know this isnt normal for me and I'm scared