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Hello there, my name is Natalie. I am a nursing student at Madonna University. Nursing was something that I have always wanted to do. I am excited to embark on this long, difficult, but worthwhile journey.

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  1. I am interested in moving down south in the near future. I am interested in Charlotte, NC as well as Aa few cities in Texas. I am still in school and will me graduating in may of 2018. I currently work as the nurse tech at a hospital in Michigan. I plan on working for a year at the same hospital just to get some cash rolling in. If there are any nurses in North Carolina or those who've had experience applying out of state please let me know. Ive done research on Charlotte and it seems like a wonderful place to live. Please help me out if you have any information. side note: I am planning on visiting Charlotte some time next year. Possibly after graduation or during spring break.
  2. natmanzo

    What Do You Love About Nursing?

    I am a nursing student as well. I am graduating in December if all goes well. I work as a NA on a cardiac progressive unit so I will be using both experiences. What I love about nursing is that the options are endless. You will find your nitch! When I am at work, I love the interaction with my patients and their families. Being in a hospital is not easy so I love to make people smile. Sometimes it is as simple as sitting with them for a while so they have someone to talk to. Nursing school (although awful most of the time) is great because you are surrounding by the support of your peers. I got to witness two vaginal births while in my OB rotation and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. I hope to be an L&D nurse some day, although I have peds now but we shall see.
  3. Hi all! I didnt see a thread on this topic so I figured I'd post something. I am in my 4th semester of nursing school and Community health is one of the classes. I heard awful things about this class and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to pass. The book we are using is Public Health Science and Nursing Practice by Christine L Savage. There is a Davis Plus access code as well.Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. natmanzo

    At a loss

    I am in my third semester of nursing school. I have about 4 weeks left. This has BY FAR been my hardest semester, I have med surg, OB, and psych. I need an 80 to pass and this is where I am Psych: I am passing. The class is no problem but it is on the back burner due to OB and med surg Med surg: Currently at a 77% with an exam monday. I got a 74 on the last exam we had and an 80 on the first one OB: Now at an 80. I was surprised (in a bad way) that I got a 79 on our last exam. I have no time to grieve because of my med surg exam. What can I do? I study all the time. I do work but I still manage to study regardless. I need prayers and encouragement right now. How did you get through almost failing a class? What helped you?
  5. natmanzo

    Nclex book edition

    Hi all, I'm about to start my third semester of NS. Yay (sort of) I am getting to the point where I really need an nclex book. I was looking online and I was wondering if there is much of a difference between the Saunders 5th and 6th edition? I'm trying to save money for right now and when I am ready to think about graduation I'll buy the latest edition. Any input would be great. ps if this doesn't make sense it's because I wrote it at 2 am.
  6. natmanzo

    Nclex books

    I'm about to start my 3rd semester in a couple of months and I'm still yet to get an nclex book. I saw the 6th edition for $40 on Amazon which isn't bad at all (7th is available for preorder) there's the 5th edition also for $18. I was wondering if there is much of a difference in content between them? If anyone is able to answer that would be great!
  7. natmanzo

    Preparing for an interview

    Hi everyone! I have an interview coming up for a nurse assistant job an a major hospital. I just finished term 2 where I learned many new skills (I basically finished my first year and it feels amazing!$ anyway I wanted to know if anyone has any tips on how to approach the interview. I really want to work at this hospital as an NA and hopefully an RN. My jobs so far have all been in the customer service industry so I'm used to those types of interviews
  8. natmanzo

    Injection validations

    I have just about had it with validations right now. Last semester I had no problem passing validations but this semester is a whole different story. I have no failed injections 3 times! I know what to do, I know the steps but my lab instructor would always ask questions in the middle of it and it throws me off. I've done it in my clinical with my nurse with no problem. I don't know what to do. After we fail we have to go to open lab for an hour and practice. It sucks because I want to practice my other skills but I can't since I have to do injections. I'm an emotional wreck about this. It's so hard
  9. natmanzo

    Concept Mapping Pharm

    Hello! So I am starting to do concept maps for pharm as I heard these work the best. I was wondering if anyone has done one and how you did it. Our exam is on Antimicrobials and Analgestics. How did you organize it? For example lets say I am working on the Antimicrobial meds, would I make one map for the whole thing or will I make one for Penicillin and another for Cephalosporins? And for pain basically the same question. One concept map for the whole thing or one for the strong and one for the moderate opioids? I hope this made sense to everyone. Thank you for any tips you can give me. This class is interesting but it is also hell
  10. natmanzo

    Stumped on a question pls help!

    thank you so much! A lot of people in my class were confused by this as well. So let's say that there was no surgery. That he was just there for a routine check up. Would you just check the apical?
  11. natmanzo

    Stumped on a question pls help!

    Oh!! I guess it makes sense now. So because there is a risk for a blood clot you're going to want to check all sites?
  12. natmanzo

    Stumped on a question pls help!

    I was going through the questions in my potter and perry book and I got stumped on a question. So here it is: a pt returns to your post op unit following surgery on his right rotator cuff. The LPN reports she had difficulty finding his rt radial pulse. What is your best response? 1) assess pts apical pulse to optain HR 2) obtain HR from right and left radial sites 3) obtain HR using oximeter probe 4) perform a complete assessment of all pulses. i chose 1 because it seemed like the most logical but the book says 4. When you can't find radial you check the apical by listening with your stethoscope. 4 is if they have problems with the peripheral vascular right?
  13. natmanzo

    Reading/studying for pharm

    So my 2nd week of my 2nd semester has begun and I feel so behind in pharm alread. I try to read the chapters ahead of time but the content is so difficult to understand. The material is so heavy. I would describe it as reading about the French language in French. My professor posts the notes the night before which serves as a pretty good guide but I am still confused. The book is Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care 9th edition. (I named it just incase someone on here has used it before. I also have the study guide book that goes along with it as well as those Quick Study Pamphlet things. Also at the moment we are learning about drug safety and antimicrobials/ antibiotics. If anyone can give me pointers that would be great.
  14. natmanzo

    Pharm flashcards?

    Hi everyone, I will be starting pharm next week (yay for making it to term 2) Anyway I was wondering if anyone has used the pharmacology flashcards and which brand you recommend. Also how should I study for this class? I hear horror stories
  15. I thought I would know how to deal with stress but I dont and it scares me. I shut down before every exam and I become someone I'm not. I know this isnt normal for me and I'm scared
  16. natmanzo

    Term representative?

    So my school has this thing where students in each nursing term serves as a term rep. Basically you are the voice for that particular term. If I were to decide to be a term rep, I would be one for term 1. We basically meet with faculty to discuss things that are not working and things that need improvement. I was wondering if anyone did this at their school. I am interested in taking it up. Plus faculty can work around my schedule. It also sounds great to put on a resume