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Hey everyone so I was wondering if I should purchase an NCLEX book before I start my first semester or should I wait until the second semester? Thanks

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Good day:

I purchased Saunders and Lippincott's NCLEX books, and found them helpful from the start (mainly as part of studying for exams -- the more NCLEX questions the better). Go to a bookstore, review both before picking just one if you are going to get just one of them. Saunder's includes content with some NCLEX questions, and Lippincott's NCLEX questions (reasonable amount).

Thank you.


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I didn't buy an NCLEX book until after I graduated. :nailbiting:


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Some programs include an NCLEX prep/Textbooks as part of your required materials. Make sure you aren't paying for something twice.


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Duplicate Post. Sorry.

I used it lightly during 1st semester, in addition to my assigned textbooks. Our program requires us to have the Saunders Comprehensive Review, even though none of our classes has used it so far.