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  1. NurseEmmy

    Scary Nurses

    I can tell you I am not exaggerating. While I was in "orientation" for this role I am far from a newbie nurse. I have worked night shift for some time and can understand the need to take a quick nap, run stairs, etc. This behavior is clearly beyond that. It's downright neglectful, and it makes the rest of the nurses on the unit cover his patients. It's absurd. I told those who complain to me to speak up if they are unhappy with the situation. I am not going to make a big deal out of the situation because clearly it isn't going to change, but it still upsets me. Patients deserve better and so do the rest of the nurses on the unit. I am busy enough with my own patients, I don't need to be covering another nurses while they get paid to sleep.
  2. NurseEmmy

    Scary Nurses

    I am at a loss. Why do we continue to allow scary nurses to continue to practice? Why do employers continue to keep these nurses around? The nurse "training" me right now sleeps for several hours during the shift. He also leaves the floor to go "food shopping" on other units. The charge nurses have reported it to admin, he admits he has been written up several times for sleeping and having a bad attitude, and yet he still remains. I have also found out that due to his neglect a sentinel event occurred and he was banned from working on a unit for a long time because of it. The same behaviors continue so obviously he hasn't learned a darn thing. In fact they are now training him for tele patients.. I just don't get it. He's toxic. He's dangerous. Other good nurses are quitting because of him (myself included once I find another job). We all make mistakes. The fact that the issues remain despite the event baffles me. So why do bad nurses keep their jobs?
  3. NurseEmmy

    I Graduated!

    Well SURPRISE Ivy Tech sent our paperwork a week later than they said they would. Doesn't sound like it would make a difference right, except it made a huge difference with the timing of when other schools also sent in the paperwork. It took a lot longer than we had expected. It took nearly a month before I received my ATT. I took my NCLEX on a Friday and had my results the following Monday by 11am. Good luck! If you need any help let me know.
  4. NurseEmmy

    I Graduated!

    I graduated this week from Ivy Tech's LPN-RN program. It was hell at times, but I am so happy I did it. Good luck to those who are starting up this summer/fall.
  5. NurseEmmy

    Indiana Board of Nursing Question

    I wouldn't panic yet. Call Monday and see what they can do to help. I am sure there is proof somewhere, it just has to be found. Ivy Tech typically requires proof. Maybe contact them to see if they still have your documentation on file?
  6. NurseEmmy

    LDP RN Warsaw IN

    Look at the local hospitals. A simple google search will tell you what is close by. There are a few medical facilities in that area. I've never worked for any of them so I can't tell you how good they are.
  7. NurseEmmy

    Current Ivy tech LPN to RN transition students

    It isn't typically offered in the summer at SB, but due to so many failing there is a rumor it might be offered for certain students. Don't let that worry you though. They are changing instructors around (or at least that's the rumor too). Good luck!
  8. NurseEmmy

    When to apply?

    Thank you. I was just so surprised to hear that so many were applying so early.
  9. NurseEmmy

    Yacker Tracker in the NICU ???

    So did they account for alarms, crying families, or crying babies? NICU's tend to be quiet on the staff front. It's thing out of your control that makes them "noisy". Hopefully this passes soon.
  10. NurseEmmy

    First Hospital Job

    Congrats to you! Good luck with your new position and school!
  11. I'd stay in the job you love. Nursing is not for everyone and takes A LOT of sacrifice.
  12. NurseEmmy

    Current Ivy tech LPN to RN transition students

    3 semesters. Summer, Fall, and Spring. At least at the SB location.
  13. NurseEmmy

    When to apply?

    I have been an LPN for 11 years. I am graduating from an ASN program this May. It's a mix of traditional and transition students like myself. My question is when do you guys think I should apply? If I apply now I feel like HR might get irritated for me wasting their time, but I don't want to miss out on opportunities as most of the traditional students are applying already. To be honest I'm MISERABLE at my current LPN job so working as a nurse tech wouldn't be an issue to me, but since I'm an LPN most consider me to be overqualified. Any advice would be helpful.
  14. NurseEmmy

    I GOT IN!

    Congrats! You are about to embark on the most exhausting/frustrating/expensive/and time consuming adventure. Hopefully you are one of those who graduate and pass NCLEX. Get as many of your affairs in order now as you can because life will be busy once you start.
  15. NurseEmmy

    Smoking Nurses

    I think nurses are no different than the rest of the population. Everyone knows how awful smoking is for you. Everyone knows it can lead to lung cancer. Sure nurses may have a more in depth knowledge, but so do other healthcare providers like MD's and plenty of them smoke. My biggest issue is when the number/length of the smoke breaks leaves me making up for other's time away.
  16. NurseEmmy

    TB test looks positive, i begin ob rotation in 2 days

    We can't offer medical advice per TOS, but I will say make sure that it is a true positive. There are a lot of people who have no idea what a true positive test looks like. Just because it is red/raised that does not always mean a positive result. Certain risk factors in addition can mean a positive. I would contact the school if the person who reads your TB test says it is indeed positive. If so often you have to get a chest xray to confirm active/latent/non existent TB. There is also a blood test called quanteferon gold (that might be spelled wrong) that also tests for TB. Hopefully you do not have to delay enrollment. Regardless this is an example of why we should not wait until the last minute for things like this.

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