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  1. Thimbalina

    My patient dropped her baby!

    Good grief. You'll get in more trouble not leaving babies with mom. How can anyone supervise 7 mom's at once. Impossible.
  2. Thimbalina

    "I hit my ear"

    Rub a little dirt on it and you're good to go.
  3. Thimbalina

    Nursing in the Revolutionary War

    Yeah, they went from making NOTHING to next to nothing. They were sooooo lucky. lol. I bet they didn't work 40 hour weeks either… more like 24/7. Poor women! My heart really goes out to them. They were some STRONG WOMEN! We are spoiled rotten by comparison!
  4. I'm certain she heard every word and was in the room even tho not in her body. God bless you. Peace.
  5. Thimbalina

    "I need to eat, I'm a diabetic!"

    I got in trouble once for giving away too many sandwiches. As they said 'There are only so many and they have to last all night'. I cooled it a bit after that and explained to the family members that it was only for patients as well don't have enough to go around but that they were welcome to go the the cafeteria. Problem is when family member is there with a critical baby... I still think giving the parents a sandwich is NOT the end of the world and totally appropriate in certain situations. I needed the parent to stay with the baby... they don't always come in 2's with a mom and dad. It might just be only mom or only dad and with 3 other patients I don't have all day to hang out with the sick baby while they go get a meal... just saying...
  6. Thimbalina

    Nursing in the Revolutionary War

    I found this interesting: "A Congressional resolution of July 27, 1775 allowed one nurse for every ten patients in Continental hospitals. The Congress allowed two dollars per month as a salary for these nurses, though matrons (women who supervised nurses and acted as liaisons to surgeons) were allotted four dollars per month. In 1776, Congress raised nurses’ pay to four dollars per month, and in 1777, to eight dollars per month, possibly in an attempt to entice more women into nursing or to retain nurses dissatisfied with their jobs. Despite Congressional efforts to increase the number of female nurses for the army, there remained a shortage throughout the war. Regiments constantly sought women to nurse their sick and wounded."
  7. Thimbalina

    "I need to eat, I'm a diabetic!"

    I'll never forget giving a guy a sandwich who had just been cleared after a car accident (trauma). He was so happy with the sandwich he got teary… it was a young guy. He was so hungry. I love giving out sandwiches. LOL!
  8. Thimbalina

    Nurses Attacked by Patient

    haha!! 'until she was placed in a headlock'! That's AWESOME that she got to experience the results of her poor judgement. I hope she made better choices after that. Managements needs to be at the bedside. IMO.
  9. Thimbalina

    A Veteran's Day Tribute from a VA Nurse

    That is truly amazing. When my father in law passed. We had a service at Rosecrans which is a military cemetery. I was unprepared for the honor given him in the military service. I had never experienced it before. Our Veterans do know the meaning of respect. It's quite amazing to witness first hand.
  10. Thimbalina

    Crowd funding: Yay or Nay?

    These are interesting thoughts… I have someone close to me who is in the arts (modern dancer). She does the 'go fund me' things to raise money for her shows which are small and she doesn't have the money to pay her dancers otherwise with the costs of renting a rehearsal space, the stage, lighting, et… it's very expensive. She has about 6 jobs teaching at various studios everything from Pilates to every kind of dance… It's super hard to make it in the Arts with all the cuts to the Arts… I don't have a problem with her doing that and will donate to it because her work is beautiful and meaningful as well as inspiring. A lot of her dance friends do the same with specific needs that they have when trying to produce a show. She lives very close to the edge of poverty yet she is a very happy, upbeat person. Her work is amazing… No one is forcing you to donate. Just keep scrolling… it's out there and if the spirit moves you, go for it. If not, do whatever makes you happy. I agree with the idea that it is better to give money when asked to the homeless person and be conned than to not give and let someone go hungry. There was a guy on a park bench once when I was bike riding. He seemed very despondent, not begging just not there at all… very depressed. I wanted to buy him lunch. He didn't look like the type of person anyone would want to help. I didn't because it felt super awkward. Well, a few weeks later I read that he was found dead… just dead. I think he died of dehydration and starvation… it made me feel very sad because I ignored the spirit that was speaking to me that said to help him and I didn't so I felt responsibly for ignoring his need. We never know why people find themselves destitute and it IS our responsibility to help the poor…
  11. Thimbalina

    Camp nursing with your child

    When my kids were young, and ready for camp (they are adults now so it's been a while) I volunteered for a week at a time… they went different weeks. So, I was basically the back up nurse and was there to cover the regular nurse who went home for 48 hours then returned… I think it was Tuesday to Thursday… She prepared all the meds, organized everything so I just administered the meds and took care of any walk in problems… there was a doctor on call to get advice from for broken bones et… Anyways, I was invited to stay the whole week and could bring my other child with me to participate if they wanted to or hang with me… I got half off the cost of the camp. It was super fun but not that lucrative. I enjoyed it immensely. It was worth it to me and my family and I appreciated the decrease cost. It was a very nice camp.
  12. Thimbalina

    Can I renegotiate after accepting offer?

    That's good. I see a lot of positions for NP positions and I think there will be more and more positions available in the future. You have a great attitude and you will gain good experience which will make you more valuable.
  13. Thimbalina

    Is this normal?

    Run. Sounds like a very unprofessional place.
  14. Thimbalina

    A Tribute to Military Nurses

    They have certainly effected civilian nursing. They are the pioneers of trauma care and what they do out in the field hospitals at war as they get better and better at treating massive trauma, comes back to civilian health care in the form of new and improved trauma care. RAH! You all just ROCK!
  15. Thimbalina

    Can I renegotiate after accepting offer?

    I have had several nurse friends get their NP only to go back to bedside nursing because the pay was so much worse. They had a completely different deal with the hospital and were contracted under the doctors contract… Anyways, it completely cooled my jets about getting an NP since they had a lot more responsibility and less pay… So wrong to punish nurses for getting a higher education. I think insurance coverage overall has gotten worse and employers are offering less and less… sorry you got burned.
  16. Thimbalina

    Nurses Attacked by Patient

    So, since he's such a 'nice guy'… do you think he has a HIPAA claim seeing as the hospital released this video of this 'nice man' and caused him so much emotional harm?