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  1. duskyjewel

    Ebola here in Dallas USA

    What? Are you saying their lab screwed up and she never had Ebola? Do you have a source for that? Or are you joking?
  2. duskyjewel

    Will my CNA license get revoked?

    You need to stop calling this a mistake. A mistake is turning left when you meant to go right, or writing in red pen when you should've used black. You didn't accidentally walk out of a store with merchandise you didn't pay for. You consciously chose to take something that did not belong to you and try to get away with it. If you're going to avoid making this same poor choice in the future, you need to start being brutally honest with yourself about what happened. You need to figure out why you made that choice so that you can avoid the same circumstances/pressure/emotional state in the future, or at least be prepared to deal with it differently. As to reporting to your BON, those rules are different from state to state, so it looks like you've got some research to do on your BON's website to figure out what you need to do. Not reporting it if you are required to do so could really come back to bite you in the butt later, so I urge you to just rip the band-aid off now, so to speak, and deal with it up front. Good luck.
  3. duskyjewel

    Depression is terminal??

    She didn't identify you. I doubt most people would have gone to the other thread to find the comment. You outed yourself by being defensive.
  4. duskyjewel

    Another question for students and CNA grads

    My employer uses them. I don't know that they help me learn. They seem to be a cool toy. Their best use seems to be to gauge the knowledge of a group without anyone having to be obviously wrong in front of all their peers.
  5. duskyjewel

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    She knew she had a fever and flew anyway?! She's as bad as that doctor from New Jersey then. How disgusting that she would risk whole planefuls of people, and now she may have carried it to Cleveland.
  6. duskyjewel


    Ruas61, I am so sorry. That was very, very wrong of whomever did it. That violates the principles of hospice, and you should complain to the agency you used. If they have a need for retraining, or to fire someone because they cannot do their job with the proper respect for their patients' spiritual wishes and directives, then they need to know that. The only time I've brought my "religious agenda" into healthcare is in discussions here, and in asserting that I would not be able to participate in certain acts. Certainly, just as patients have a right to opt out, so should health care workers. I can't stop someone else from doing anything, but I have lines I cannot cross. My hospice gives us great training on respecting religious boundaries and giving the patient the support they need and request, and not making assumptions based on what they nominally call themselves. I'm sorry it seems all hospices don't do the same.
  7. duskyjewel

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    I agree. That is not how I was taught, but it sure seems to make a lot more sense, and not just for Ebola. I'll be changing how I do it from now on.
  8. duskyjewel

    Hospice as 1st RN job after graduation?

    My hospice hires new grads often. I'm counting on that for myself when my time comes.
  9. duskyjewel

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    She has received a transfusion from Dr. Kent Brantly! Dallas nurse in good spirits, gets transfusion from Ebola survivor | Dallas Morning News
  10. duskyjewel


    Is being male negative?
  11. duskyjewel

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    Are. You. *******. Kidding. With his symptoms and his known travel history?! Who is making these decisions?!
  12. duskyjewel

    Does anyone like their job?

    I like my job. Some days I love it.
  13. duskyjewel


    I don't disagree.
  14. duskyjewel

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    Well, how many conversations have we seen about how oversaturated the nursing labor market is?
  15. duskyjewel

    Ebola here in Dallas USA

    Oh dear God. :banghead: It's like the scene from Kenneth Branaugh's Frankenstein movie where the doctor gets murdered because he's trying to vaccinate against smallpox.....
  16. duskyjewel


    Yes, He does. He also yearns for them to accept that love.