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  1. My apologies if this question has been asked and answered in the past. I did a search and couldn't find anything. For perspective I am at a Home Health agency in California What do other Home Health agencies do related to compliance with the CHH...
  2. rninformatics

    DNP Project site needed ASAP

    Greetings I am a Doctoral Student (DNP - concentration Informatics Leadership) at American Sentinel University. I am in dire need of a site to conduct my DNP Project. I need a multi-office home health or hospice organization that has at least two o...
  3. rninformatics

    DNP Project site needed ASAP

    Thank you. I don't need a specific geographical location. It all can be done remotely. I need either two ambulatory clinic offices or two hospice offices or two home health offices. Are you in a Doctoral program?
  4. rninformatics

    DNP Project site needed ASAP

    I am a Doctoral Student (DNP - concentration Informatics Leadership) at American Sentinel University. I am in dire need of a site to conduct my DNP Project. I need a multi-office ambulatory clinic, home health or hospice organization that has at leas...
  5. rninformatics

    A day in the life of ..............

    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF a Healthcare Informatics Professional I've frequently been asked by visitors to this board what exactly is it that I do. Although far from a complete task list ,see below for some of what I do in a given day. Please also note tha...
  6. rninformatics

    New Telemetry system

    I need to speak with a Nurse manager who has recently (last 1-2 years) been involved in the RFP, selection and installation of a telemetry system at a hospital. I am a nurse and a information systems project manager who was just assigned to manage th...
  7. How Do I Get Started in Nursing Informatics? The journey starts with questions and personal reflection. Once considered an "emerging" specialty, nursing informatics is today one of the most dynamic domains within the discipline of nursing. "At the cr...
  8. rninformatics

    Applying for Online College

    Have you thought about taking on project management, instructional design, ICD 10 or any assignments/project(s) that will add to your leadership skill set? All of the above would work towards "acquiring and building a skill-set that crosses multiple ...
  9. A "lite" version of this session was presented at HIMSS 2011. The only session rated "Excellent" by HISTALK, this interactive Web session will detail technical considerations for the best possible performance in your EMAR/BCMA environment. http://us2...
  10. http://community.advanceweb.com/blogs/nurses_18/archive/2013/04/01/a-plan-for-change-successful-implementation-of-healthcare-it-projects.aspx Enjoy
  11. Announcement Duke University School of Nursing Informatics Scholarships Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) now offers Informatics Scholarships that cover up to 100% of tuition! DUSON offers both a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) - Nursing I...
  12. rninformatics

    Your Input is Needed

    Greetings All, I am considering writing a monthly article/blog post on topics related to Clinical, Nursing, Healthcare and Medical Informatics for allnurses.com I have written such content for other sources over the last 10+ years and several people ...
  13. rninformatics

    Limited EHR program experience

    My questions would be: Other than as an end user do you have any other experience and with which type of clinical applications/software/programs? Specific software/vendor names please. Think you would increase your chances of securing an entry level ...
  14. rninformatics

    I passed my certification exam!!

    Thank you Mijourney, It is my honor to have you as a colleague and valued contributor to the NI forum for all these years and Allnurses.com's honor to have you as a respected and esteemed member.
  15. rninformatics

    I passed my certification exam!!

    I passed my certification exam!!!! YEA ME!!! I've been boad certified in Nursing Informatics for 8 years and set as another career goal to obtain my CPHIMS in 2008 and I did it Friday!!!! Per the HIMSS website: CPHIMS status provides both internal a...
  16. rninformatics

    Can someone give me info on EMR jobs?

    Have you applied to the vendors - Meditech, Epic, Cerner and or McKesson? Consulting companies may also be an option. Good Luck
  17. rninformatics

    I passed my certification exam!!

    It all depends on what geographic location you are looking in, what or if you have any previous informatics experience, whether or not you are willing to take an entry level position, what and how much past clinical experience you have. There is not ...
  18. rninformatics

    Does it matter where you get your Masters?

    I know several well established informaticists with degrees from U of Phoenix, Walden, Excelsior, U of Chicago, Northwestern, etc What matters is that the school is accredited and the course content is in line with what you want to do in the special...
  19. rninformatics

    Advice On New Job Offer

    Agrees with Traveler4life, This is a wonderful opportunity if your career goals lean towards informatics. You have some clinical experience and you have nursing knowledge so look for a way to work 1 shift per month or something....but take the role ...
  20. rninformatics

    Nursing Informatics or Health Informatics?

    Greetings Paulschwinn, Welcome to the NI Forum. Perhaps the other informaticians that frequent this forum are otherwise occupied with family and leisure activities, this being the weekend and for some the start of PTO/vacation in anticipation of the ...
  21. HIMSS in collaboration with the American Nurses Association and the 29 members of the Alliance for Nursing Informatics http://www.allianceni.org/members.asp are seeking your story! About: We are collecting personal stories that demonstrate the impac...
  22. rninformatics

    What do CI nurses do?

    Good question Akeos, It all depends on the informatics nurse's specific role. Please utilize this Forum for the wonderful resource it is and read a few of the many posts from practicing informatics professionals. Also if you scroll down to the bottom...
  23. rninformatics

    What do CI nurses do?

    Ewwww what a wonderful question! Clinical Informatics nurses are responsible for insuring clinical input is sought and reflected in decision-making processes related to planning, selection, design, use, evaluation of clinical information systems tech...
  24. rninformatics

    Free Nursing Informtics CEUs

    Free webinars on nursing informatics start Monday March 14 Gannett Education is offering 8 FREE webinars in March and April on nursing informatics. Thanks to sponsorship from Chamberlain College of Nursing they are offering contact hours. Go to the...
  25. rninformatics

    Free Nursing Informtics CEUs

    angelollaguna, This is the exact same question posted by muzzy on March 16th. Please see above for my reply then. Not sure why you posted the same question under a different user name. If this is not the case and this occurance is as a result of a s...