Tools, games, resources you use to teach in the classroom

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What games, teaching techniques, team assignments, teaching tools do you use in theory classes. I currently teach LVN students.  I have used Kahoots, Quizlet, made Jeopardy and Bingo games. I have had students break up into groups and create a drug or teaching pamphlet, in groups pick an infection and act out the chain of infection using skills lab items as props. In groups have had them teach the class a concept, or some topic. Have had students write on the blackboard one thing they learned that day, or one thing that is still not clear.  I am trying to avoid me being the "Sage on the Stage" where I do all the talking and where they are not necessarily active learners or engaged.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions related to other in-class activities you use or can think of. Thank you in advance. 

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