How much do you make? - page 6

I hope I'm allowed to ask this question. How much do you make per hour for private duty? Do you get benefits? I'm ashamed to say that I make 22.50 an hour and I have no benefits. I could sign up for... Read More

  1. by   KTMDRN
    $31 for one pt $41 for two. There are two patients in thr home, on average it comes out to about $37. Im in Maryland.
  2. by   darkbeauty
    $26/hr with Agency A
    $28/hr with Agency B

    Philadelphia, PA
  3. by   Crystal-Wings
    A whopping $20/hr. 😐
  4. by   Blackcat99
    In Florida, some agencies only offer $15 an hour for LPN's. You are lucky if you can find agencies that pay LPN's $18-20 an hour.