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1.5 years CNA, 1 year hospital PCT, 0.5 years LPN

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  1. 3 States Won't License Excelsior's ADN Grads

  2. I'm doing private on a 18 month old. She was a premie. In addition to other medical issues Baby Doe (BD) is late with reaching some physical developmental milestones. BD goes to physical therapy once a week, I attend also. Although I'm officially the...
  3. Proud Part-Time Baby Sitter

    I'm an LPN with 2 years LTC experience working 3rd shift. I've now been working a month part-time 2nd shift as a pediatric PDN for an intellectually and developmentally disabled child. I'm breaking with the vast majority of comments, and don't mind b...
  4. Frustrated trying to get a hospital job!

    The definition of sacrifice I give to my sons - giving up a little now for something greater later. You are being offered a valuable learning experience that will pay off in a huge way in only one year. Your pay should increase to be on the same leve...
  5. 3 States Won't License Excelsior's ADN Grads

    Achieve Test Prep and The College Network are TEST PREP PROVIDERS (NOT A COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY) and PUBLISHING COMPANIES, selling test preparation guides and materials for CLEP, DSST, and UExcel exams. You STILL have to be accepted and enrolled in a ...
  6. Peds home health: dealing with trach and vent

    I have a much different take on this matter. First, OP said was new to vent and trach, not a new nurse. Isn't everybody new to vent and trach initially, with no experience? How is OP to get experience unless OP is assigned a patient. How did anybody ...
  7. I'm a nurse, not a babysitter!!!

    I'm starting shift care (private duty, extended care home health - functionally all the same, one on one skilled nursing care for up to 12 hours per shift) for the first time, soon. I'm reading AN discussions to get a feel for the issues pertaining t...
  8. Families Saying "No" To Male Nurses?

    I do currently work full-time at LTC as LPN. I will be adding part-time employment as LPN doing extended-care-home-health/shift-care/private-duty, whatever you want to call it, doing skilled nursing care - vents, trachs, G-tubes, wounds, etc. The sam...
  9. Families Saying "No" To Male Nurses?

    I completely understand that a patient can refuse care from any caregiver for any reason, I'm not arguing against it. I've been a CNA and Patient Care Tech, and came across several no-male-aid patients, no offense taken. As an LPN of 2 years at 2 LTC...
  10. In addition to being an LPN, I am nationally certified as an EMT-B. I took the EMT-B class in the time between graduating from LPN school and taking the NCLEX-PN (it was a 3 month class - yes, I waited 3 months to take the NCLEX). My thinking was tha...
  11. Families Saying "No" To Male Nurses?

    I appreciate the response, but you did not address what I was asking. I asked if a potential client would not even ACCEPT CARE FROM A MALE NURSE. You do not fit in that category, you DID accept from a male nurse.
  12. Is it difficult for a male LPN to be given a regularly scheduled assignment. How many families in your agency have said "no" to male nurses?
  13. How much do you make?

    I'm in CT. $24/hr
  14. How many nursing jobs do you have? Half the nurses (RN and LPN) I work with in a LTC have 1 or 2 other part-time/per-diem jobs. My wife works at a medical office, the LPN there also works hospice and another per-diem job. I also work per-diem on a re...
  15. Working LTC Nightshift— tips?

    My comment/question may be a little off topic. How does working night shift put stress on a marriage, particularly to the point where it ruins a marriage? I work night shift at a LTC, and have no clue what marital problems that could cause. Just curi...