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Proud Part-Time Baby Sitter

I'm an LPN with 2 years LTC experience working 3rd shift. I've now been working a month part-time 2nd shift as a pediatric PDN for an intellectually and developmentally disabled child.

I'm breaking with the vast majority of comments, and don't mind being the "baby sitter" during the huge amount of down time. I don't mind entertaining young siblings. I even sometimes bottle feed the 2-month old. I don't do things as laundry, cook, or clean. The caretaker does that because of the freed up time she has from me "baby sitting".

I perform clinical skills - nebulizers, chest oscillation vest, oral suctioning, feeding tube stoma care, medication administration. But I also assist the caregiver in bathing.

Though I must say, I would not do this full time because I would feel like my nursing skills would be wasted - of the time spent with the child each shift, I'd say only about 10% is spent on actual clinical skills. My full-time job at the LTC facility makes sure my skills are kept sharpened.

Anyone else feel this way?

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I have a 9 year old daughter who receives nursing care, I’m an RN as well mind you. Our daughter has a trach, LTV vent, straight cath twice a day, gtube, nebulizer, CPT vest, mist collar when sprinting, o2 with pulse oximetry monitors, AFOs, hip splint at times, stoma and wound care as needed. Tons of deep suctioning, frequent trach changes. She is nonverbal and requires an augmented communication device, as well as a wheelchair. Total care with all ADLs. Plus of course all her meds.

She’s had a PICC with IV antibiotics a few times as well s/p some surgeries.

Our nurses do her laundry and put away her supplies. We do not have 24 hour care though.

Lots of skills. Some cases are baby sitting, some are more complex than a PICU.

It’s definitely about how you fit with the family too since you start to become a member.

Love my nurses and have loved the other kiddos and family I worked with myself.

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Another peds home care nurse that doesn’t mind the babysitting aspects. I have a job that pays decent and lets me go home every day feeling appreciated and not stressed. My family life and my mental health matter most

I haven't seen much complaining on here about being a "babysitter." What I have seen are complaints about only being allowed to do the babysitting while the parent insists on doing the skilled care. And parents relying solely on the nurses for all entertainment aspects. Like the moment you take a break from singing to, playing with the child, the parent comes in the room upset that every minute of your 12 hours isn't spent entertaining the child.

“Baby sitting” for the pay of a nurse? Things could be worse. But the constant condescending personal insults should be done away with. What makes you think you are so much better than I am that I have to kiss your rear while you insult me?


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