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  1. spiderslap

    Long Term Care Nursing is Lame

    What is the point of this post? To deal with your self esteem issues?
  2. spiderslap

    Is this a normal patient load for LTC?

    I had 25-30 patients but only ever 1 or 2 ivs. I also didn't really have a huge amount of "acute" patients but dementia patients were just mixed in with everyone so it got pretty nuts at times. It seems like you have the right idea on prioritizing and just need to get comfortable with the inability to have any one on one time. I know it is incredibly difficult and some days are way better than others. I also made a master to do list with times of meds etc at the start of shift. I had to learn how to put a certain face on and not let patients trap me with tedious unnecessary things. When you learn your patients, it gets easier to know which are the most likely to jam up your flow. Good luck with your new job! :)
  3. spiderslap

    How much do you make?

    RN in NJ $27/hr
  4. Just do your best. Prioritize! Unless theyre cutting serious corners, everyone else pass meds late too.
  5. spiderslap

    One hour before and one hour after

    Everyone passes meds late. It's a matter of basic physics, you cannot be in multipe places at once. Ive always wanted to ask the DON to work one shift with me shadowing to see how exactly they could pull off such magic. I tend to help cnas a lot. Falls must be prevented, and I do not have the heart to ignore people with legitimate concerns and requests. I called out one day, and the cnas told me how hilarious it was to watch the DON, ADON, and unit supervisor running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get all the meds done. I prioritize insulin, bp meds, Coumadin, narcs, and other meds that are very time/schedule dependent. Meds that were obviously unnecessary (a huge problem in ltc especially) and vitamins, eye drops, and other less dynamic meds were saved for last and were often late. You just do your best to keep everyone alive and safe. Unless theyre stupid and naive, that is all they can expect from you.
  6. spiderslap

    LTC's are a joke

    Half of the meds are unnecessary and are likely making the prescribing doc some money from the pharma company. The laws regarding ltc patient ratios clearly show that the government doesnt give a flying chuck about safety.
  7. spiderslap

    Is med surg easier than ltc

    I went to home care from ltc. The difference is night and day! From 28 patients to 1 patient.
  8. spiderslap

    Surveillance cameras in pedi patient's home?

    I think it would only bother me if i was suspicious of the parents intentions. If it was always there it wouldnt matter. But if they installed it and said some flip comment, different story. Yet again, if they come out and tell you and don't just hide it secretly, id probably appreciate the fair warning.
  9. spiderslap


    He needs to understand, you could be walking into an unsafe environment with possibly dangerous people around and no protection, you could hurt your back and ruin your career if the pt is too big, both things that are more likely if youre a small person. You could end up in a legal situation if youre caught off guard with problems you cannot handle. He is not being a good friend or lover. Its obviously a tricky situation, but it cannot be helped and he should handle it like an adult and help you figure out how the two of you will get through this tough time. Sorry you have to deal with this.
  10. spiderslap

    How to stay awake during NOCs in PDN?

    I have started taking melatonin to get my circadian rhythm to adjust. I also consume caffeine and theanine. I listen to podcasts and bring a book. I also bring a journal to write in if im in the mood. If you can be on your phone or computer, the skys the limit.
  11. spiderslap

    How to stay awake during NOCs in PDN?

    Wow! You are just like me! Monster coffee, stretching, and podcasts in one ear. Yep! At one job i had my whole laptop set up. Youtube rabbit holes...
  12. spiderslap

    I'm not a babysitter!!!!

    Nope, bigtime liability issue. This is a legal issue and your employer should not hesitate remove you from the case. No one is being paid for you to keep the other kid safe, yet if you dont, who is ultimately responsible for her? Tell them you need them to fix the situation or find you another case. They dont have a leg to stand on with this.
  13. spiderslap

    Bored during home care!

    Youtube, books from the library, reddit, cleaning, start writing that novel
  14. spiderslap

    You know you're a Private Duty Nurse when....

    Wow! Thats uncanny! I have exactly all those things.
  15. spiderslap

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    I read more of your comments and understand your situation better. Please know, the end of nursing school and the months that followed were HELL for me. I could not find a job that wasnt somewhere in east bumblechuck pennsylavia. I was stressed about money, paying loans, and my career. I ended up moving out of my parents house to my boyfriends, i had no job, and no car. My boyfriend was supportive at least, but i had to really think about where i could get a job. I only have an associates rn! I applied everywhere. Whether they were hiring or not i sent a resume that also listed any skills i learned during clinicals. I would see small nursing homes or really any healthcare related place while out and about, and immediately look them up online and shoot them an email. I eventually got one to bite! I went through bad times, but its 2 years later and it all worked out. It will work out for you. Be optimistic and be shamelessly persistent. Youll get a job.
  16. spiderslap

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    Not everyone has the same area-dependent requirements as you, so telling everyone to not become a nurse doesnt really make sense. Idk what the conditions are but maybe you can get out of your obligation through a lawsuit if you are truly unable to find work. Im sure you can get through this challenge if you persevere and think outside the box. Good luck! Sorry you're going through tough times.