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  1. Lots of Bullying in Management at my job too. They all have "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" I use to argue with them but once I studied this disorder by watching Youtube videos I realized that they were getting a lot of joy by upsetting me on pur...
  2. I work at a facility that had 6 people who tested positive for COVID-19. They had those people leave and then we became COVID-19 FREE once again. NOW, they are planning to send back one of our residents who is still testing positive for COVID-19. So ...
  3. Do you recommend agency nursing for nurses going back into the field?

    Agency nurses often complain about their shifts being cancelled "at the last minute".
  4. Vitas hospice-What do the LPN's do?

    Vitas hospice is hiring LPN's in my area for continuous care. Does that mean the LPN will have one patient for 12 hours or does it mean they will be going different places for 12 hours? Thanks
  5. Understaffed and overwhelmed

    Are they calling agency staff to come in and help you out? It sounds like corporate is aware of the problems but are not calling in nursing agencies for help. Perhaps it is time to call and make an anonymous report to your state's board of nursing? I...
  6. The new bully nurse is a "total liar"

    I work in assisted living and they hired a "bully LPN" to be a supervisor. She is a total control freak and calls the doctors and tells them what to do! She told one of the doctors that her resident had shingles and told the doctor what he needed to ...
  7. Memory care-Can you pass meds in the dining room?

    Thanks Kitiger. It's very stressful right now. I am just curious. If the State walked in today and saw that she signed the charts with RN and she is not an RN do you think she would get into any trouble with the state board?
  8. We got a new supervisor that says we can no longer give meds in the dining room and that we have to tell each resident what med they are each taking. And she is a GN not an RN but is signing her name with RN.
  9. I keep getting cancelled.. help :(

    Go get a full time job at a nursing home. You will not get cancelled. They will even call you on your days off to see if your want any overtime.
  10. Yesterday, we were told that all staff had to wear face masks at all times. None of our residents at assisted living are coughing. I looked at CDC guidelines and all I could find was recommendations for a face mask for a resident who is coughing. Are...
  11. CEU website

    Just wanted to warn everyone here about Their website says that they notify CE broker immediately when you complete your CEU classes. Not true. They refused to notify CE broker when I took my CEU's from them in December. When I called t...
  12. CNA's always on their cell phones

    Wow!!! That sounds like a great idea!!! I will ask the management if we could do that too. Fired on the spot!!! Yes. I think that will be the only thing that would work at my facility. Thanks!!!
  13. CNA's always on their cell phones

    How are things at your LTC/Assisted living facilities. Are your residents being ignored because the CNA's are always playing on their cell phones? If you were ever successful in getting the CNA's off of their cell phones how did you do it? Sadly, whe...
  14. what do most nursing homes and assisted living centers do when there is someone who is in the early stage of alzheimer's and who is always trying to touch and engage other residents in a sexual manner? this person seems to go after the alzheimer's ...
  15. The ridiculousness of LTC/SNF

    LTC was a horrible nightmare for me. I had my final mental "meltdown" and gave my 2 week notice years ago. Those last 2 weeks were the longest 2 weeks of my life. I remember the time they said that our new patient was on his way from the hospital to...

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