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  1. Blackcat99

    The ridiculousness of LTC/SNF

    LTC was a horrible nightmare for me. I had my final mental "meltdown" and gave my 2 week notice years ago. Those last 2 weeks were the longest 2 weeks of my life. I remember the time they said that our new patient was on his way from the hospital to be admitted to our LTC facility. He never showed up. I finally found out what happened to him. He coded and died when being transported in the ambulance from the hospital to our LTC facility.
  2. Blackcat99

    New to assisted living is this normal

    The assisted living memory care when I work is a nightmare. They hire untrained workers who don't have a clue on how to deal with confused dementia residents. The staff frustrate the residents so much that the residents start acting out. We have residents who cannot transfer at all and some who have foley catheters etc etc etc. It is totally obvious that some of these residents need to be in a LTC facility. They accept everyone here even if they are violent and do not meet the requirements.
  3. Sadly, some nurses don't give out certain meds. Some nurses seem to think for example, that it is OK to skip the Metamucil. It's wrong but it does indeed happen in nursing homes. I have seen other nurses copy other nurses vital signs too.
  4. I am thinking about working part time with an agency that sends nurses to prisons to work. I was curious as to what it was like as I haven't worked in corrections for 15 years. Do they give you any kind of orientation or are you suppose to know what to do since you are an agency nurse? Thanks
  5. I use to work 8 hour shifts as an LPN in prisons many many years ago. Everyone worked 8 hour shifts. The nurses worked either as medication nurses or infirmary nurses. Night shift nurses did the blood work. There is a contract part-time job for nurses working in Florida. I am thinking of applying and am curious as to what the changes are now in 2019. Is everything computer charting now? Thanks.
  6. Blackcat99

    Will it get better??

    Will it get better? NO. But it usually doesn't help to find a new nursing home either. Most of the nursing homes are all the same.
  7. Blackcat99


    I wonder if the stress and anxiety about taking the test is what is causing you to fail. I would see about getting some personal psychological counseling to find out why you always get too stressed out about the test. I knew a man at a job who kept failing his test. He kept saying over and over again "I always fail the test. I know I will never pass the test". With that kind of constant negative self talk I can see why he kept failing. It was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy for him. He believed he would always fail and thus he did always fail.
  8. Blackcat99

    First SNF Job and seeing awful DM care

    In the Florida nursing homes, this is done all of the time. The full time permanent unit staff won't call the doctors to make changes on insulin orders. Instead, the have their own "secret insulin doses" that they give instead. I worked as a "float nurse" and they would always get mad at me for giving the actual dose of insulin that the doctors ordered.
  9. Blackcat99

    Need opinions

    Make an anonymous phone call to his family and tell them what is going on. Unacceptable.
  10. Blackcat99

    Want to Change Locked Unit. What Do I Say?

    My experience has been that nursing management doesn't care about our concerns. They will continue to do as they damn well please They don't care about the opinions of the nurses working the floors. The only thing that happens to nurses that try to improve things is that they get labeled as "trouble-makers" by nursing management.
  11. Blackcat99


    Too many sick patients-never enough staff. Confused residents always trying to crawl out of their beds. Too many falls. Angry family members. Yes, I always felt like a chicken with my head cut off. And yes, I have always found the meanest nurses working at LTC facilities. I recently left LTC for good. I had a choice. I could quit my LTC job or have a "nervous breakdown". I quit my LTC job and am now doing part time private duty nursing. I made the right decision. I have also applied to start receiving early retirement social security benefits.
  12. Blackcat99

    Reporting nurses

    I would not report it. Unprofessional behavior happens all the time in nursing. My guess is that if you reported it, the nurses would deny it and would say that you simply misunderstood the situation. Then the nurses might tell the other nurses about it. They might then label you as a "trouble maker" and may even try to get you fired for reporting it.
  13. Blackcat99

    The dreaded wait. WWYD?

  14. Blackcat99

    LPN in charge at Assisted is awful to work for

    Sadly, disrespect and contempt from management seems to be the "norm" in today's nursing world. In the old days, it wasn't so bad. I remember having "supportive" nursing managers who were kind to me. I don't know if leaving the job would help. I have left jobs only to discover that the "new job" has the same to offer as the old one did-disrespect and contempt.
  15. Blackcat99

    Desperate for advice

    Welcome to the wonderful world of LTC nursing!!!! I'm sorry but my experience has been that No, it doesn't get better. My LTC has gotten worse and so many nurses are quitting right now at my LTC. Every week, they keep adding extra things we have to do in addition to already being "overworked" That being said, you are a "new graduate" so my advice is for you to stay and tough it out. You have to get that "one year of experience" under your belt and unfortunately, you may need to force yourself to stay no matter how horrible it is. Yes, it is normal to be crying all of the time and to be totally stressed out all of the time. That has always been my experience working in LTC.
  16. Blackcat99

    Is This Becoming Standard?