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  1. Lots of Bullying in Management at my job too. They all have "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" I use to argue with them but once I studied this disorder by watching Youtube videos I realized that they were getting a lot of joy by upsetting me on purpose. I am now using the "gray rock" method of dealing with them and it has been very helpful.
  2. I work at a facility that had 6 people who tested positive for COVID-19. They had those people leave and then we became COVID-19 FREE once again. NOW, they are planning to send back one of our residents who is still testing positive for COVID-19. So now because of that one resident, all of our residents will have to stay in their rooms with no activities. So are the other facilities also doing this or is this considered "unusual". Thanks.
  3. Agency nurses often complain about their shifts being cancelled "at the last minute".
  4. I work in assisted living and they hired a "bully LPN" to be a supervisor. She is a total control freak and calls the doctors and tells them what to do! She told one of the doctors that her resident had shingles and told the doctor what he needed to order to treat it! The doctor told her No and came in to see the resident. The doctor said No he does not have shingles. This nurse lies constantly stating that she talked to the doctor and that the doctor said to order this or that. However, when you ask the doctor if they ordered this or that the doctors will say "No I did not talk to that nurse. I did not order it" She is the "best friend" of the executive director and so she gets to do whatever she wants. What to do?
  5. We got a new supervisor that says we can no longer give meds in the dining room and that we have to tell each resident what med they are each taking. And she is a GN not an RN but is signing her name with RN.
  6. Blackcat99

    I keep getting cancelled.. help :(

    Go get a full time job at a nursing home. You will not get cancelled. They will even call you on your days off to see if your want any overtime.
  7. Yesterday, we were told that all staff had to wear face masks at all times. None of our residents at assisted living are coughing. I looked at CDC guidelines and all I could find was recommendations for a face mask for a resident who is coughing. Are other places requiring all staff to wear face masks at all times too or just us? The CDC also recommends that a sick staff member be sent home. At my job, we are being told that no one can call in sick and if they don't show up for their shift that it is patient abandonement and they can get fired. What's going on at your facilities?
  8. Blackcat99

    CNA's always on their cell phones

    Wow!!! That sounds like a great idea!!! I will ask the management if we could do that too. Fired on the spot!!! Yes. I think that will be the only thing that would work at my facility. Thanks!!!
  9. Blackcat99

    CNA's always on their cell phones

    How are things at your LTC/Assisted living facilities. Are your residents being ignored because the CNA's are always playing on their cell phones? If you were ever successful in getting the CNA's off of their cell phones how did you do it? Sadly, where I work there are some CNA's that seem to have no interest at all in their residents. It seems that the only thing they are really interested in is their cell phones.
  10. what do most nursing homes and assisted living centers do when there is someone who is in the early stage of alzheimer's and who is always trying to touch and engage other residents in a sexual manner? this person seems to go after the alzheimer's residents in the "late stages" of alzheimer's who are "easy prey". i think they should kick the person out as most of the residents are not able to protect themselves. of course, they blame staff because the person is suppose to be watched all the time. of course, they won't pay for a 1:1 staff person. my computer won't let me use capital letters at this time. other times, i have to use all capital letters. sorry.
  11. I am thinking about working part time with an agency that sends nurses to prisons to work. I was curious as to what it was like as I haven't worked in corrections for 15 years. Do they give you any kind of orientation or are you suppose to know what to do since you are an agency nurse? Thanks
  12. I use to work 8 hour shifts as an LPN in prisons many many years ago. Everyone worked 8 hour shifts. The nurses worked either as medication nurses or infirmary nurses. Night shift nurses did the blood work. There is a contract part-time job for nurses working in Florida. I am thinking of applying and am curious as to what the changes are now in 2019. Is everything computer charting now? Thanks.
  13. Blackcat99

    Will it get better??

    Will it get better? NO. But it usually doesn't help to find a new nursing home either. Most of the nursing homes are all the same.
  14. Blackcat99


    I wonder if the stress and anxiety about taking the test is what is causing you to fail. I would see about getting some personal psychological counseling to find out why you always get too stressed out about the test. I knew a man at a job who kept failing his test. He kept saying over and over again "I always fail the test. I know I will never pass the test". With that kind of constant negative self talk I can see why he kept failing. It was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy for him. He believed he would always fail and thus he did always fail.
  15. Blackcat99

    First SNF Job and seeing awful DM care

    In the Florida nursing homes, this is done all of the time. The full time permanent unit staff won't call the doctors to make changes on insulin orders. Instead, the have their own "secret insulin doses" that they give instead. I worked as a "float nurse" and they would always get mad at me for giving the actual dose of insulin that the doctors ordered.
  16. Blackcat99

    Need opinions

    Make an anonymous phone call to his family and tell them what is going on. Unacceptable.