The new bully nurse is a "total liar"


I work in assisted living and they hired a "bully LPN" to be a supervisor. She is a total control freak and calls the doctors and tells them what to do! She told one of the doctors that her resident had shingles and told the doctor what he needed to order to treat it! The doctor told her No and came in to see the resident. The doctor said No he does not have shingles. This nurse lies constantly stating that she talked to the doctor and that the doctor said to order this or that. However, when you ask the doctor if they ordered this or that the doctors will say "No I did not talk to that nurse. I did not order it" She is the "best friend" of the executive director and so she gets to do whatever she wants. What to do?

TriciaJ, RN

Specializes in Psych, Corrections, Med-Surg, Ambulatory. Has 40 years experience.

Go quietly about your work and make sure your care and documentation are ship-shape. Do not engage with this person any oftener that you have to and only for work-related conversations. Do not gossip or complain about her with your coworkers.

If you notice a glaring error, quietly complete an incident report. If she confronts you, just tell her you were following procedure and didn't want anyone to accuse her of hiding anything.

If you implement a doctor's order that turns out to be one she falsified, let the doctor know and complete an incident report. Do not write on the incident report that the order was falsified. Just state such-and-such an order was implemented based on the chart documentation and Dr. So-and-So subsequently stated he had not authorized the order. Don't mention your supervisor's name if you don't have to.

It is a matter of time before she torpedoes herself and takes her bff with her. Falsifying doctors' orders? It'll happen sooner rather than later. Let the doctors raise merry hell with admin over it. You don't need to fight their battles for them.

In short, keep your own ducks in a row and let nature take its course.