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Is your nursing home or assisted living accepting patients who are known to be positive for COVID-19?


I work at a facility that had 6 people who tested positive for COVID-19. They had those people leave and then we became COVID-19 FREE once again. NOW, they are planning to send back one of our residents who is still testing positive for COVID-19. So now because of that one resident, all of our residents will have to stay in their rooms with no activities. So are the other facilities also doing this or is this considered "unusual". Thanks.

If they're not sick enough for the hospital, but still need a nurse, and have nowhere else to go, it's kind of our job to take them back.  I don't know when nursing homes started becoming confused with retirement homes, but there's are key differences between the two, mainly the existence of nursing care.

True, it sucks for the other residents, but unfortunately, pandemics aren't supposed to be convenient.


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Dude, I haven't always agreed with many of your postings, but you are correct here.

The facility was/is the pts' home & legal residence. It's the address where federal/state monies are sent, where mail is delivered there and they are prob registered to vote for that address/district. It is their right to return when they must.

The difference between NHs and retirement homes is that the level of nursing care needed for pts' health, safety & welfare is so very different.

I do compliment you for your last sentence - right on point!