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jonnysangel777 has 21 years experience as a LPN, LVN and specializes in Psych/Addiction/School - with BA in Psych.

LPN/LVN with AA in Pre-Nursing and BA in Psychology

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  1. jonnysangel777

    LVN California CEUs

    Yes nursing courses counts as CEUs.
  2. jonnysangel777

    Head Lice

    Thank you all for replying to this post. Very helpful.
  3. jonnysangel777

    Head Lice

    What are your school policies on head lice? Students at my school can stay in school as long as there aren't live knits.
  4. jonnysangel777

    Faking sick

    I work at a school providing Diabetic management for a middle schooler. I work in the same office as the health aide. Students come in all day c/o HA, stomachache, N/V, and "I don't feel good", and the heath aide will ask them what they want to do ab...
  5. jonnysangel777

    Staffing ratios

    the facility I just left is an acute 16 bed facility. they are always short staffed. day shift 1 licensed psych tech (lpt) or 1 lvn and 1 CNA and that was OK on day shift. that happens every weekend. lots of call offs and overtime by only a couple st...
  6. jonnysangel777

    LPT to LVN

    I would go for your RN
  7. jonnysangel777

    CA LVN injecting Botox/Fillers "MAs, LVNs are not able to inject Botox, use lasers or light-based devices, or provide microdermabrasion services."
  8. jonnysangel777

    Message from an RN to LVNs

    LPNs/LVNs are able to do just about as much as a RN but in every state they are looked down upon which is obvious by comparing the difference in pay. There is at least $20 - $30 difference, sometimes an even greater gap in pay. There is less of a gap...
  9. jonnysangel777

    School Nurses, When To Call Parents!

    I currently provide diabetic care for one student and then assist the health tech as needed. Apparently at the school I work at when a student comes in c/o HA, sore throat, cough, runny nose, stomachache, Nausea, menstrual cramps, mainly minor illnes...
  10. jonnysangel777

    Entrance exams and GPAs

    I think there is a need to petition against entrance exams and required GPAs for nursing schools, especially for LPNs/LVNs and those who have Associate degrees and higher. Currently practicing nurses and those who have already gone to a college and g...
  11. jonnysangel777

    How much do you make 2016

    Since I moved to Cali back in 2019 I've made between 30 - 36 per hour. While Hawaii is still at 19 - 25 per hour. I've tried SNF, AL/MC, Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, and Private Duty Nursing since I've been in Cali.
  12. jonnysangel777

    How much do you make?

    I'm in Cali now making $30/hr. My last job in Hawaii I was making $20/hr. I moved to Cali because the pay in Hawaii wasn't matching the cost of living.
  13. jonnysangel777

    How much do you make?

    Hawaii - LPN $19-22/hr Cali - LVN $28-30/hr
  14. jonnysangel777

    Acuity Level

    How do you determine acuity level for personal care clients, those receiving chore and personal care services?
  15. jonnysangel777

    Role of the LPN

    At my other job I am not able to do assessments, I can assist with gathering information but that's about it. Thank you again for all of your advice.