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  1. middleagednurse

    Travel Nursing: I'm in Maine Now! Part 2

    I tried to post above comment on the first part of the article. I also tried to delete this comment but computer wont let me.
  2. middleagednurse

    Travel Nursing: I'm in Maine Now! Part 2

    Is it really necessary to bash the OP? Can you do better? If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.
  3. middleagednurse

    Travel Nursing: I'm in Maine Now! Part 2

    Very interesting!
  4. middleagednurse

    Diseases of the Colon: A Case for Getting a Colonoscopy

    I would like to say that my brother was diagnosed with colon cancer when he was 33. He kept going to doctors because of rectal bleeding and kept getting the brush off. Finally he had a colonoscopy and cancer was diagnosed. Fortunenantly with chemo and surgery he has been cancer free for 14 years now.
  5. middleagednurse

    Are older nurses being forced out of the profession?

    I believe it. Every time I see a nurse being fired it's always an "older nurse". Older nurses are just as effective as the younger ones as long as they keep up on new trends and stay open minded. The problem is older nurses still have bills to pay, and like me, kids in college. What are we supposed to do? Move into a cardboard box?
  6. middleagednurse

    Goofy call bell requests

    Woman: "Nurse, I need my vibrator" Turns out she wanted her percussion treatment.
  7. middleagednurse

    How to Show Others You Are Happy While Working...

    I've heard this many times myself. I'm just not a smiley person, it doesn't mean I'm unhappy, I just don't feel like smiling. But I've learned, when management is around I try to stick a big fat smile on my face. I wonder if female doctors are ever told they need to smile more.