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middleagednurse has 50+ years experience and specializes in nurseline,med surg, PD.

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  1. middleagednurse

    LPN/LVN asked to be a preschool teacher to patient

    I am in a very similar situation. I am caring for a toddler who is immune suppressed so she can't go to a sitter or daycare, so she qualifies for a nurse. I basically spend my days sitting on the floor, being a preschool teacher. I am also a PT, an OT, and a SLP. Sometimes I feel like I want a medically complex patient, but on the other hand, there are worse things than working in a clean house with nice people. I view it as rest and recreation to make up for all the years I was working like a dog. So, if you really hate it, move on. But, seeing a child grow and develop can be rewarding also.
  2. middleagednurse

    What to do about burn out.

    I understand. I have been a nurse for 47 years and believe me I understand your stress. My saving grace at this time is private duty. I only have one patient to deal with, and I specialize in infants, so I can learn every single detail about my one patient, plus I get to rock soft warm babies. Plus, good ole anti depressants. The job perk I love most is that I work when I want, where I want, and if I want to take a month off, I can. Although PD does not have benefits. Fortuneantly I have Medicare, so I don't need to worry about insurance.
  3. middleagednurse

    What to do?? A whole BOX of crazy!!!

    Why are you enslaving yourself? 16.00 an hr is ridiculous! Get a better job now! Your boss does not own you! Have some self respect!
  4. middleagednurse

    Documentation Error

    If every nurse who ever made an error lost their license, there wouldn't be any nurses left.
  5. middleagednurse

    If you could start all over, would you choose nursing again?

    Probably not. Of course what does a teenager know? I had no clue what nursing entailed. It has been a very interesting career, and rewarding, but I think I might have been happier in another career. I used to work nights, weekends, holidays. I had kids and it killed me to have to work on Christmas. I think I could have been a very good teacher. I have been nursing for 47 years, various fields.
  6. middleagednurse

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    IMO, there are several examples of bullying in this thread. . I won't name names, but you know who you are. You can make your point without attacking others.
  7. middleagednurse

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    I love this post like 1000000 times.
  8. middleagednurse

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    I just want to say I understand your feelings. I too struggled with whether to work today. I gathered as much information as I could about the weather conditions in my area, then made my decision. Life comes before anything else. I just want to offer some compassion.
  9. middleagednurse

    RN Supervisor/receptionist

    Ask your manager why they they are paying an RN to answer the phone. You should be doing RN stuff. They can pay someone a lot less to answer the phone.
  10. middleagednurse

    Employers Gone Bad: 10 Ways to Survive

    It's about time someone addressed this all too common problem. Good article.
  11. middleagednurse

    Where were you...9/11

    I thought it was the end of the world. I was terrified.
  12. middleagednurse

    Getting pregnant during last semester or during new job?

    Please do your child a favor and give him a real dad. Husbands are a lot more likely to stick around than a boyfriend.
  13. middleagednurse

    Will it get better??

    Don't tolerate the bully. Hard work is one thing, insults are another. Write her up every time she says anything insulting. Management might side with her but at least you will have stood up for yourself.
  14. middleagednurse

    Will it get better??

    On your days off, don't answer the phone if the facility is calling. They can leave VM, then you can decide if you want to call back or not. You are in a battlefield and you have to protect yourself. Don't let them guilt you into working OT. It is not your job to save the world.
  15. middleagednurse

    What I Wish I Had Known Before

    Very true. All nursing students should be informed of this. LOL but really!
  16. middleagednurse

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    I wouldn't call cashiering a profession.