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middleagednurse has 50+ years experience and specializes in nurseline,med surg, PD.

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  1. middleagednurse

    Anyone go to hospital with patient?

    To add a word.
  2. middleagednurse

    Anyone go to hospital with patient?

    No, because Medicaid won't pay you to care for a hospitalized patient.
  3. middleagednurse

    LPN/LVN asked to be a preschool teacher to patient

    I am in a very similar situation. I am caring for a toddler who is immune suppressed so she can't go to a sitter or daycare, so she qualifies for a nurse. I basically spend my days sitting on the floor, being a preschool teacher. I am also a PT, an OT, and a SLP. Sometimes I feel like I want a medically complex patient, but on the other hand, there are worse things than working in a clean house with nice people. I view it as rest and recreation to make up for all the years I was working like a dog. So, if you really hate it, move on. But, seeing a child grow and develop can be rewarding also.
  4. middleagednurse

    Would you call in sick?

    Or an airbnb would be cheaper.
  5. middleagednurse

    RN volunteering at the border?

    The Red Cross organization?
  6. middleagednurse

    First job as a new grad nurse in a staffing agency

    Working for a staffing agency is hard when you are experienced. I can't imagine doing it as a new grad. They will have your head.
  7. middleagednurse

    November 22, 1963

    I was in the 8th grade. The principal came in to my classroom to announce that the president had been assassinated. I had never heard that word and I had no idea what she was talking about. So I went home and asked my mom. When the Challenger exploded I was standing in a patient's room, (Community North, anyone?) seeing it on TV.Yes, there are things that one never forgets.
  8. middleagednurse

    Scared.....No Nursing?

    Do you have any nursing school books still? If you do read up on how to assess patients. It isn't that hard. And focus on geriatrics assessment.
  9. middleagednurse

    Record Year for Acanthosis

    It's frustrating when parents don't care.
  10. middleagednurse

    Roll Call - Who's Been Around the Longest and Your Accomplishments

    Been a working RN since 1971. Graduated with ADN, immediately started on BSN. I'm glad I did, I only wish I had gotten an MSN. I have never been a big shot, pretty much just a worker bee. I spent many years working nights, weekends, holidays. I worked hospitals, nursing homes, an L TACH, corrections, public health, private duty, telephonic nurse, you name it. I appreciate all the experiences I have had and all the people I have met. I can remember patients I had in the 70's and 80's. Now working PD, can't run up and down hallways like I used to, but I am happy to still be working. I think my biggest asset is perseverance. I have been fired from a few jobs, but I just kept on working. I managed to raise 4 kids as a single mom, so I am grateful for my degree and my salary. I only wish AN had been around when I first started working. It has been educational for many nurses.
  11. middleagednurse

    Wanting to Quit Nursing School

    I would advise finishing this year. You never know, you might find yourself liking nursing. Now if you still don't like it by the end of your 3rd year, then switch to something else. Your clinicals will give you the opportunity to see other professionals in action, and maybe something will strike you as interesting.
  12. middleagednurse

    CP/DD kids exhaust me, am I a bad person?

    You are not bad, you are tired. With a challenging patient it's only fair that all staff take turns. Ask the charge nurse if someone can take this patient for a couple nights. You're only human, some patient's can be extra challenging.
  13. middleagednurse

    Unsure if this is right for me...

    You hate your job now, how about doing it with morning sickness? I would advise to not get pregnant until you have a better job.
  14. middleagednurse

    Med error...need to vent!/suppoet

    Family should have been notified.
  15. My experience was like yours, Kooky I graduated in 1971
  16. middleagednurse

    No, you can't do that!

    I hear that. My mom was on hospice and I made some rude remarks to the staff, because I was UPSET. I later apologized. Yes Kooky, sometimes things just hurt.