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  1. I Need Help To Improve Writing Skill On Nursing Notes

    Saying "received patient in bed" means you were in the bed. Just delete that sentence as it is irrelevant. If you must you can say "patient lying supine in bed". By "fed patient" do you mean that you fed him, or do you mean that he fed himself....
  2. I'm Not Going To Be A Nurse!

    If I weren't a nurse, I would be a teacher. Like another nurse said, used to be that kids did what their parents told them to do. My parents said "Be a nurse", so I am a nurse. However, when I see misspelled words or grammar mistakes on here, I am sc...
  3. Anyone go to hospital with patient?

    To add a word.
  4. Anyone go to hospital with patient?

    No, because Medicaid won't pay you to care for a hospitalized patient.
  5. LPN/LVN asked to be a preschool teacher to patient

    I am in a very similar situation. I am caring for a toddler who is immune suppressed so she can't go to a sitter or daycare, so she qualifies for a nurse. I basically spend my days sitting on the floor, being a preschool teacher. I am also a PT, an O...
  6. Would you call in sick?

    Or an airbnb would be cheaper.
  7. RN volunteering at the border?

    The Red Cross organization?
  8. First job as a new grad nurse in a staffing agency

    Working for a staffing agency is hard when you are experienced. I can't imagine doing it as a new grad. They will have your head.
  9. November 22, 1963

    I was in the 8th grade. The principal came in to my classroom to announce that the president had been assassinated. I had never heard that word and I had no idea what she was talking about. So I went home and asked my mom. When the Challenger explode...
  10. Scared.....No Nursing?

    Do you have any nursing school books still? If you do read up on how to assess patients. It isn't that hard. And focus on geriatrics assessment.
  11. Record Year for Acanthosis

    It's frustrating when parents don't care.
  12. Been a working RN since 1971. Graduated with ADN, immediately started on BSN. I'm glad I did, I only wish I had gotten an MSN. I have never been a big shot, pretty much just a worker bee. I spent many years working nights, weekends, holidays. I worke...
  13. Wanting to Quit Nursing School

    I would advise finishing this year. You never know, you might find yourself liking nursing. Now if you still don't like it by the end of your 3rd year, then switch to something else. Your clinicals will give you the opportunity to see other professio...
  14. CP/DD kids exhaust me, am I a bad person?

    You are not bad, you are tired. With a challenging patient it's only fair that all staff take turns. Ask the charge nurse if someone can take this patient for a couple nights. You're only human, some patient's can be extra challenging.
  15. Unsure if this is right for me...

    You hate your job now, how about doing it with morning sickness? I would advise to not get pregnant until you have a better job.