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  1. I am what I am, always been a type A, still am. I wasn't the best clinical student but I was a very good test taker student and worked hard. I think I earned some respect for that from some of the instructors for that reason. Like the example when the clinical instructor wanted to fail me the nursing director knew I was a serious student trying my hardest. I was shamed by the previously mentioned hell instructor, told I couldn't cut it. Ignored by her at times because she told us in group that she didn't have time for some of us that were deemed not good enough and she would therefore be spending her time with the "good students". But that didn't stop me from trying and learning. If there was a chance to be able to do a procedure my hand would always go up. I'm stubborn enough not to let other people like that define me as a nurse or as a person.
  2. I had some similar experiences/feelings in nursing school. School hired an adjunct instructor from hell for clinical that I wound up having for 2 clinicals. The absolute worst. Grown women (nursing students) crying, her threatening to fail all of us, she did try to fail me for a minor infraction. Nursing director told her that wasn't gonna happen. I'm a type A over achiever and I was beat down but it came to pass. My best advice, don't take it personal, keep your head down and nose clean, fly under the radar and don't stand out for the wrong reasons. Stop being late and skipping lectures. Don't give them a reason to fail you. Study like crazy because it's for your own good. Get the good grades that you're capable of. Don't try to psycoanalize the nursing school experience, just go thru it as a means to an end. Before you know it, it will be a memory.
  3. Wlaurie

    How many of you disinfect car after work?

    I walk in from work and strip down out of my scrubs. I wash them separate from my other clothes. I take a bath too when I get home but mainly bc it relaxes me, not so much to reduce germs.
  4. Wlaurie

    First Reaction to Changes

    Its too early to tell. It all looks funny and spread out on my phone. Like anything else I'll have to figure it out and adapt.
  5. Wlaurie

    I said Yes!!!

    When I was in the RN program we had 3 lpns transfer in 3rd semester. They struggled and the main reason was they had been out of school for awhile. By the time we were 3rd semester we were in the what i like to call "groove". Knew when and how to study and balance life/school. So my best advice would be to go in full tilt, study, study, study to get up to that speed fast. The work load is heavier. Clinicals, tests and papers and presentations on top of all that. So clear your schedule and dig in. Good Luck!
  6. Wlaurie

    Terrified...is this normal?

    I was about your age when I went thru nursing school. Yes, it's normal. I cried and threatened to quit all through first semester. It was hard, I felt like fish out of water, but I didn't want to quit so I kept going. After awhile the time went by quicker and I was graduating before I knew it. You will miss time with your family as you go so be prepared for that. The program keeps you so busy it just demands it. Lots of testing, and then clinicals on top of that. I thought it would give me some additional opportunities and flexibility. I also have a BS in Accounting which seems like an odd combination with an RN but I've actually met some nurses with the same backround.
  7. Wlaurie

    Already struggling as a cna

    You'll get better the more you do, like others have said. You're lacking confidence too bc they are new skills. Before you go in to do vitals, give yourself a mental pep talk. "I can do this, I'm getting better every day." Also if you have fail along the way consider it a learning experience and don't beat yourself up about it.
  8. Wlaurie

    Graduation Hold

    What do you have that you can sell or can you borrow from your folks?
  9. Wlaurie

    Scared.....No Nursing?

    A lot of your story sounds familiar to me. I'm a black and white thinker, worked ltc. I would make a suggestion that you might want to try private duty care. I'm not sure if your dead set on hospital setting but you might want to try a different venue. When I started doing private duty I felt like I'd found my niche. Working with one patient built up my confidence with my nursing skills. Many times you're able to do certain skills like caths, vents, gtubes over and over. This population is fragile medically but you only have one patient to deal with. A lot less pressure but you will make less money accordingly. Might be a good place to try for awhile as you sort things out.
  10. Wlaurie

    Canceled! Jerks!

    If you don't stand up for you who will?
  11. Wlaurie

    What is a sentinel event?

    My understanding is that a sentinel event is something that happens that is life altering such as a massive stroke, MI or such.
  12. Wlaurie

    NCLEX-PN tomorrow nervous wreck

    You can't know everything about everything. Give yourself a pep talk of confidence before you go. Don't panic, breath, read the question carefully and slowly, rule out the ones you're not picking and why, reason out the one (ones for SATAs)you are picking. Read it one more time to see if you are comfortable, don't read into the question, push the button and go on to the next one. Don't worry about the question again or how you are doing. Look forward, not back. Good luck!
  13. I'm doing private duty. Not for everyone but I like it. Get to do trach vents caths suctioning Hoyer lifts etc on one person so you get good at those at a slower pace. Also you can usually have more flexibility with your schedule, like no holidays.
  14. Wlaurie

    passing nclex was like climbing Everest

  15. Wlaurie

    Best Advice for a Nursing Student

    Get a job as a CNA p.t. while in nursing school if you have no experience in healthcare.