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  1. Lots of variables here. Depends on what kind of student you are, for one. I remember A&P being difficult as I didn't have a real strong science background. I remember the first time they talked about cellular respiration and being totally amazed,...
  2. I was a big study bug. I got to the point where I would set the alarm for let's say 3 hours of study time. When the alarm went off I closed the books. Knowing that I set time to study and there was an end time to it helped the study anxiety. I also s...
  3. Breakroom Pet Peeves

    I try to be a consciousness person, making sure I've gotten all the necessities done before I get a lunch break,on those days I actually got a break. Invariably on some of those days I could hear someone's voice say "she's in the breakroom." Never an...
  4. Husband Died—Looking For Low Stress Job Recommendations

    I don't have any career advice to add. Just wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss. I guess if it was me I'd try to take some kind of leave if possible, study for the NCLEX and take that time to grieve. Can you get any SSI for the children as a...
  5. You have the right to refuse a shift that isn't your regular time, you have the right to not work during your regular shift time if you give them ample notice. That's the great perk of doing this nursing. I don't work any holidays and I don't feel ba...
  6. Reading oxygen flowmeters

    Yes, you are correct. The middle of the bubble tells you the o2 that is flowing.
  7. Psyche NP administration of Botox

    Been said before but I would change your user name. We try to keep our names anonymous. 😀
  8. The quietest workplace

    I do private duty with a person who cannot communicate. I talk to her but it's obviously a one sided conversation. I like quiet but sometimes it's even too quiet for me.
  9. Tips for Avoiding Medication Errors

    I've mentioned this before but the LTC facility I worked at suggested I carry the portable phone on my med cart with me to field calls as I did my med pass. That didn't sound like a good plan 🤪 but it just goes to show you what management's prioriti...
  10. Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    Just yet another problem this year is that people can't mind their own business. It's your body, do your own research and make your choice. I also believe if you choose not to get it you have the right to complain about covid. Another annoying issue ...
  11. Which Nurse are You?

    Haha, thanks for making me laugh. Guess I'm the most like 17, the introvert. I don't like gossip or chatter. Go in, do the best job I can and go home.
  12. When One Patient Affects the Care Other Patients Receive

    I used to work in a LTC facility awhile ago. The usual here, too many patients and too little time and one person is giving you an issue can really mess up a shift. We had a guy that screamed, yelled, demanded all the time and then he would call his ...
  13. Feeling Guilt For Being Sent Home

    I think you need to reframe some things. Tele is not a demotion. As nurses we all take care of patients. Your supervisor sounds very considerate and is trying to accommodate what you might need as well as giving you a choice on what you would like to...
  14. I Did It! I Earned My Master’s in Nursing Informatics

    Congratulations. Lots of things you've had to go thru but nothing can stop you if you persist and take it one step at a time.
  15. How To Study for Nursing School Success

    Good advice. I recorded classes and listened over again. Formed a study group. I had a study buddy to help study for the NCLEX. I also when to school and studied. That's about it. Missed a lot of events for awhile but it demands a big commitment.