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Crystal-Wings is a LVN and specializes in LTC.

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  1. Crystal-Wings

    Entitlement/ superiority attitude of some nurses?

    No we're not all like that. I'm much happier interacting with my CNAs than I am with (most) of my fellow nurses.
  2. No
  3. Crystal-Wings

    Advice on Home Health Boundaries

    F that. That's part of the reason I left private duty, not to mention it was boring. I'm not a maid, I'm not a chef, I'm not an entertainer, I'm not PT or OT, I'm not going to watch your other children, and I'm not a school teacher. I didn't put myse...
  4. Crystal-Wings

    Proper MD orders

    I loathe when they do this. It's so irritating. And then they get mad when you don't carry out the order. Well, a progress note is NOT an order. There is a huge difference.
  5. Crystal-Wings

    Blood on Shoes

    You'll live.
  6. Crystal-Wings

    Have you ever wanted to see a coworker fail?

    Funny you say that. I work in a facility for men of a religious order.
  7. Crystal-Wings

    Have you ever wanted to see a coworker fail?

    What happened?
  8. Crystal-Wings

    New Grad Feeling Unsupported

    I feel your pain 100%. Unfortunately we live in a capitalist society where hardly anyone wants to help anyone anymore unless there's a benefit for them. It's nothing but office politics and bad attitudes now a days. I'm sorry you are going through th...
  9. Crystal-Wings

    Have you ever wanted to see a coworker fail?

    I've given up. I just do my job and go home. I no longer care what others are doing. I don't have the mental capacity or energy to care about it anymore.
  10. Crystal-Wings

    Why are LPNs allowed to supervise RNs in Long-Term Care?

    Good lord. I'm not even going to add my two cents except to say at the LTC I'm at there's an RN who seems to be incapable of making decisions or getting orders put in correctly and is constantly asking the LPNs to do/fix things for her. I'm tired of ...
  11. Crystal-Wings

    What to do if I like someone at work?

    Don't *** where you eat
  12. Crystal-Wings

    Miss being bedside

    The bedside is horrible. You made and right decision to leave it.
  13. Crystal-Wings

    Are LPN's allowed to draw blood from PICC lines?

    LVNs cannot do anything with a picc line in California. I have no idea about other states though. This is fine with me though. I'd rather just have the RN deal with it.
  14. Crystal-Wings

    New grad to NP. Is it a mistake?

    Yes. I would never trust an NP that only had a few months of actual experience as a nurse before becoming an NP.
  15. Crystal-Wings

    Total career change

    How come I can't send you a private message on here? Do you have them disabled?

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