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  1. Crystal-Wings

    Is anyone in California living alone on an LVN salary?

    Yes, but I have roommates and budget my money. It’s doable, but you’ll have to learn how to manage your money. I was very fortunate to have a very good paying contract job for several months and managed to save up quite a bit of money before it ended.
  2. No. I never have.
  3. Crystal-Wings

    What Color Scrubs Are Appropriate?

    I have a few print tops, but the last few years or so I’ve favored solid colors. I’d go with a solid navy blue or red or gray if I were you.
  4. Crystal-Wings

    Yale Nurse Replaces Fentanyl Vials with Saline

    Jesus take the wheel! This is the stuff of nightmares. I don’t feel sorry for the drug addict at all. She should be thrown in jail for more than 10 years. These patients were tortured!
  5. Crystal-Wings

    I'm a sexless nurse, part 2

    LOL “woke”. I think you’re just here to stir the pot as others have said.
  6. Crystal-Wings

    Private vs. Community College

    Save your money go to a community college. Private schools are a waste of money and generally not as good because they can hire anyone they want to teach, and instructors don’t need to have a teaching credential.
  7. Crystal-Wings

    Should I call the doctor for a BP of 175/72?

    Uh, ya. What are the parameters for the patient?
  8. Crystal-Wings

    Easy Win-Wins to Impress Your Clinical Instructor

    It wasn’t just bullying. I legit think she was mentally ill. One time during a clinical a staff nurse said excuse me to me because he almost bumped into me while I was walking out of the bathroom. No big deal right? Wrong. My instructor immediately pulled me aside and started berating me and saying “Why should he apologize to you?!” I was honestly floored and didn’t know what to say because WOW!, and the guy that bumped into me didn’t either. You say excuse me when you bump into someone don’t you? She said and did a bunch of weird crap to me that I won’t even get into. If I had to guess, she probably had some kind of personality disorder. Why she zeroed in on me and disliked me so much only god knows. She got me kicked out of the entire program for things she made up about me, and in return I went to the board of directors and told them I would take them to court and gave them a list of all the things she said and did with the dates and they ended up giving me a $50,000 settlement. It was a private school and it no longer exists. I came to find out later on that she had been fired, and this was not the first time she’d been fired from a teaching job at a nursing school. They seemed to have an awful lot of questionable staff. One clinical instructor started screaming and yelling at a student because she was wearing an orange sweatshirt and claimed it “triggered” her ptsd. Another one used to leave the students on the floor for hours at a time and would always come back with bloodshot eyes and sniffling like he was doing drugs. I honestly feel like anyone who gets a teaching job (nursing or anything else) needs to be thoroughly screened, because nobody should have to put up with that in a learning environment.
  9. Crystal-Wings

    How Long Do You Expect To Be a Nurse?

    I’m just tired of having to support myself financially 100%. It sucks.
  10. Crystal-Wings

    Managers, Nurses and Delegation: Who Has Authority?

    You didn’t want to help the nurse with the enema because you didn’t want to. Just admit it. Well the truth is, nobody really wants to give anyone an enema but if it needs to be done it needs to be done. Patient care takes priority over whatever important management tasks you claim to have needed to do. It only would have taken a few minutes of your time.
  11. Crystal-Wings

    Mandatory Staff Pictures In Patient Rooms

    That’s kinda weird, but I guess it makes sense if you have a confused patient with memory problems.
  12. Crystal-Wings

    How Long Do You Expect To Be a Nurse?

    I’ve been a nurse almost 10 years and I plan on doing this for another 30, unless I win the lottery or marry a rich man that will pay all my bills. 😂
  13. Crystal-Wings

    allnurses Time Travel

    Sorry, not sure why the pictures posted twice 😅
  14. Crystal-Wings

    allnurses Time Travel

    I would have liked to have gone back in time and met my great great aunts who were nurses in the early 1900’s. These are pictures of Abigail (on the bottom) and Jessie (top) on their graduation. Jessie graduated in 1910, and I now have her nursing pin she received with her name and the date (I also have my grandmother’s now too). I believe Abigail graduated around the same time period. The story for her was that she ran away from home at 16 to go to nursing school, and while her step mother approved of her decision to become a nurse, her father didn’t. She went on to become the director of nursing at a small hospital during the Spanish influenza.
  15. Crystal-Wings

    Four 12s in a row?!?! 😭😭

    That sounds awful, and I don’t think I could do it. I work 2 10 hour shifts and then have a day off, then work another 2 10 hour shifts and then I’m off for 2 days. At first I didn’t think I could handle it, but it’s not much different from an 8 hour shift and I get a day off in the middle of the week. I work in private duty at someone’s house so it can feel very long because there isn’t always a lot going on with the patient and the majority of my shift is sitting. At least for you you’re in a hospital where I would assume you’re busy most of your shift so time should pass fairly quickly.
  16. Crystal-Wings

    Continuous pulse oximetry monitoring and COVID

    If they have conditions that impact circulation, why aren’t their fingers/toes that have the clip on them checked more frequently? To me it would make sense to change the finger/toe that the clip is on more frequently for these types of patients if it’s possible. Also, do they have alarms?