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Crystal-Wings is a LVN and specializes in LTC.

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  1. Crystal-Wings

    Returning to Work After COVID

    Today was my first day back after almost 2 weeks off from work. I have no choice but to go back to work as my bills aren’t going to pay themselves and I alone support myself financially. It sucks but unless you have an alternative way of making money...
  2. Crystal-Wings

    What to do with my dog?

    Why would you get a dog when you work that many hours? It doesn’t sound like you thought things through very well. Dogs are like children that never grow up.
  3. Crystal-Wings

    CNA left job without notice.

    Write her up and make a copy for yourself. Then give it to the DON.
  4. Crystal-Wings

    Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    I’m so glad I left private duty. I got sick and tired of dealing with parents just like you. We didn’t go to nursing school to figure out what games to play with your child nor are we the “help”. If you’ve gone through 8 nurses perhaps it’s you who i...
  5. Crystal-Wings

    New Grad Med Error in ED

    She sounds like a drama queen/do-gooder who couldn’t be bothered to offer any kind of follow up teaching for the error, and instead just wrote you up. I hate working with people like that because quite frankly our job is already stressful enough. Who...
  6. Crystal-Wings

    New Grad Med Error in ED

    I would suppose it depends on where you work and what your facility does for med errors as far as education goes.
  7. Crystal-Wings

    Please Help Me! I’m Over It!!

    I’m so glad I’m no longer doing private duty. I was tired of crap just like this. Long term care is hard, but at least where I work I don’t have to put up with families anymore and I’m not treated like a household servant.
  8. Crystal-Wings

    Are You or Someone You Know Burned Out?

    Congress is a joke and so is trying to get them to do their job. You’d have better luck trying to get blood from a stone.
  9. Crystal-Wings

    Mandated to work Saturday?

    Gosh it must be nice having a Mon-Fri job with regular business hours. I never get the weekends off.
  10. Grow a spine and just tell her. I swear a lot of the problems people have with coworkers on this forum could be solved if they just spoke up.
  11. Crystal-Wings

    How much are your nursing school expenses?

    It was $27,000 for my 1 year program.
  12. Crystal-Wings

    Setting my orientee up for failure?

    Sounds like a tough situation for everyone involved. Hope you find a solution that works for everyone.
  13. Crystal-Wings

    How to Deal with Toxic People while in School

    I ignored them and did my work. I didn’t care about anyone else in my class except myself.
  14. Crystal-Wings

    Medications Mixing and Nasogastric Feeding Tubes

    Enteric coated pills can never be crushed, and whole pills can never be put in a GT or NG uncrushed. When in doubt, call MD to get the order changed.
  15. Crystal-Wings

    Is anyone in California living alone on an LVN salary?

    Yes, but I have roommates and budget my money. It’s doable, but you’ll have to learn how to manage your money. I was very fortunate to have a very good paying contract job for several months and managed to save up quite a bit of money before it ended...