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  1. smartnurse1982

    Please don't judge me and my daughter

    What does a smile have to do with excellent nursing care? I am not following. I think some people do need to realize that a neutral face is not a sad or angry face.
  2. smartnurse1982

    The Cannibalism of Nursing

    I always wondered what the hell is so special about steak and lobster! Like why are people always pointing out those 2 meats when speaking of poor people?
  3. smartnurse1982

    Please Don't Judge Patients

    Private Duty Nursing. I do have to tell you though that the type of shows we watch probably won't interest you,unless you can watch hours of Blue's Clue's and Fairy Oddparents.
  4. smartnurse1982

    The Cannibalism of Nursing

    Why are some posters saying she should get more education and become an RN? If she does not like being a nurse now,what makes you guys think she would like it later with a different title that carries more responsibilities and more debt? In some parts of the country,ADN Rn's and Lpn's work in the same settings,right beside each other because most acute care settings want the Bsn.
  5. smartnurse1982

    The "Fat" Deception

    You have a point,but wouldn't we swipe those for other health problems like kidney disease and liver diseases?
  6. smartnurse1982

    Documentation: Your First Line of Defense against Malpractice Claims

    I am looking at the articles,and have a question on the below: . Failing to record that medications have been given Record every medication you give when it's given--including the dose, route, and time. A day nurse gave a patient heparin by intravenous push just before she went off duty. An hour later, the evening nurse saw the order for heparin--but no indication that it had been given. So she gave the patient the same dose. The patient began to hemorrhage and went into hypovolemic shock. He recovered--then successfully sued the hospital. Both nurses made mistakes here. The first should have recorded that she's given the dose. The second should have been suspicious when she saw the order for heparin but no evidence that it had been given. She could have: asked the patient if he'd received the medication. called the pharmacy to see if the dose had already been furnished. called the first nurse at home. So always investigate when you suspect a medication may have been given but not recorded. First,how was the first nurse able to give the med without it being on the Pyxis or other computerized charting? Wouldn't there have been an alert that the med was pulled? Asking the patient is not always feasible,especially if said patient is drowsy. The other is..Call the nurse at home"? Seriously? I do not know how any of this is the second nurse's fault.
  7. smartnurse1982

    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    Great Topic I have to really sit down myself and think hard. I am most likely going to stay out of non-acute care,and probably going to work Private Duty Nursing for a long time. I really do not have the brain power(or will) to complete the Bsn. So the question is this: Why do I want to rush to get a Bsn when I most likely won't work in acute care at all?
  8. smartnurse1982

    Anyone Who Says They Don't is Lying: Medication Error

    Well,not to be obtuse,but any nurse working LTC knows med errors are inevitable. Right time is the most violated right. I have 26 pts,and all have 8am med pass. I have 7am-9am to complete it. That is not enough time.
  9. smartnurse1982

    Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

    i am paying $600 for a PPO from my employer. The dental coverage is shoddy; they only cover $1000/yr and after that you are on your own. Someone mentioned above that having insurance does not equal healthcare access. I find that to be true. I have a PPO and i still have to wait months for an appointment with my primary physician. I know many physicians refuse to see patients getting Medicaid; however,i have also known physicians who treated "Medicaid patients only".
  10. smartnurse1982

    Lessons Learned as an Expert Nurse Witness

    I know this article is geared more towards hospitalized care,but i am in homecare. On the last point of notifying the physician,many parents do not want the nurses to call the Doctor. What should we do other than document it?
  11. smartnurse1982

    Social Skills in Nursing (Part I): The Art of Validation

    Is someone told you "Happy Eid" would you say "thank you"? Would you go on to explain your religious beliefs? This is why i would much prefer people just say nothing until one's religious beliefs are known. The USA is so diverse.
  12. smartnurse1982

    Social Skills in Nursing (Part I): The Art of Validation

    Social skills is a really hard topic for me,as i have higher functioning autism. I cannot show interest in a person if i truly do not like them,and i certainly cannot fake it. I tried so hard to smile all the tine,but i felt so fake and stopped it. Why should I have to alter *my* comfort level so someone else can feel comfortable? Since it is Christmas,this makes this topic even harder. I do not celebrate any holidays,including birthdays. I do not celebrate the holidays,and when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas,i do not say anything back. People think I am then being an itch.
  13. smartnurse1982

    Sure to Get Flamed for This

    I do not believe it is cattiness. Now i might get flamed for this,but i have noticed nursing clicks form based on race,ethnicity,and language. If you are outside of the dominant ethnicity or race working on the unit,you will get bullied.
  14. smartnurse1982

    Western Governors University (WGU) Readiness Assessment

    My recruiter told me that Rn to Bsn students did not have to take the readiness assessment exam. That was after i had taken it though. He said it was for people who never went to college.
  15. smartnurse1982

    Hard and Soft Skills

    This what I most worry about when I hear about "customer satisfaction" and getting along with other nurses.. I don't want to sound like a complainer but there was a time when I was the only "young" nurse on the floor and the older nurses would gang up on me. So of course,everyone thought I had "poor" soft skills when it was the other way around. Yes,the pts liked me,but still,it didn't matter. Soft skills depends on fitting in with the "crowd". Nurses are people,and I have saw nurses who didn't fit in on the unit for simple reasons...weight,shyness,race, you name it. I don't talk about my personal life at all at work,but it gets under some nurses' skin because there is nothing for them to gossip about me.