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  1. smartnurse1982

    Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession

    So increased education does not mean anything,even though the other nurse has more nursing experience overall? What is the point of telling nurses they need to be more educated,but yet they still remain in the same position?
  2. smartnurse1982

    Drowning in Skills

    Some nurses from other specialties think home care extended care shift nurses just sit around and stare at the walls. Many come into this setting thinking it will be easy,when it is not. But yes,most agencies are like this,in all areas. I think it depends moreso on state rather then metro area. Some states fund Medicaid well,while some states mandate private insurance covers a child with certain illnesses and or statuses. For example,some states do not allocate funding for Medicaid trach/vent children to have private duty nurses. Some do.
  3. smartnurse1982

    Downtime during school

    When I worked school cases the teachers would get angry if I was not side by side with the child. It seems most wanted us nurses to actually teach the child.
  4. smartnurse1982

    Is there a "Nurse Shortage" Lie?

    I always tell nurses if they must work in a nursing home to find ones that are faith based,especially Catholic and Jewish based ones.
  5. smartnurse1982

    List the most frivolous complaints you've received

    I just don't understand asking the parents during an emergency situation,as is the case with diastat. For example,the child is having a five minute seizure,yet the parents say no,do not give the med. Then what? Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  6. smartnurse1982

    Is there a "Nurse Shortage" Lie?

    Two words: Nursing homes. Always a shortage of nurses willing to work in nursing homes.
  7. smartnurse1982

    List the most frivolous complaints you've received

    On my agency MARS,for emergency meds like diastat,it says "Ask parents/caregivers first". It also says that for some prn meds. How can that be legal? Also,lots of parents want us to talk to them first before calling the physician.
  8. smartnurse1982

    Going to Patient's home without patient consent

    I appreciate this thread. I am new to homecare and i work in Camden,Nj. 95% of the patients we get referals for do not pick up the phone. For that reason,I just stopped by the home most times. I have never had someone refuse for me to see them. They were actually VERY grateful for it.
  9. smartnurse1982

    Parent/camera nearby...can u read?

    The easiest solution in my opinion? Two words: Night Shift
  10. smartnurse1982

    How did she/he get through nursing school?

    I think that is because many nurses still emphasize nursing as performing a bunch of skills. How many times do you hear nurses with less education say they do more than the nurses that have more education, and should get paid the same amount as the more educated nurse?
  11. smartnurse1982

    Paid by the case and not hourly

    Do most companies pay by the case/visit or do they pay hourly? Funny thing is,I cant even say i get paid per visit,because I cold agree on a time,go to the patient's home,and they do not open the door. What a waste of time. I am trying really hard not to go back into extended care.
  12. smartnurse1982

    Paid by the case and not hourly

    I started this job 2 months ago. It is only supervising HHA and doing some reassessments,new admits,etc. I still work Private duty nights,which is skilled nursing. My supervisor for the HH agency said this is not skilled nursing. However,there are some pts with gtubes,and i am supposed to teach the HHA how to administer feedings through them. I thought that is not in their scope of practice? Also,i make about 30 calls and night,but only 5 people pick up. How am i supposed to get paid and do all of these visits when nobody answers the phone? The nurse supervisor said to jut sign the reassessments and have the HHA come into the office to sign their portion. That does not sit right with me. I did not realize this side might be worse than PD.
  13. smartnurse1982

    So you're an RN - you must be earning big!

    I only ever hear this when I tell my dates what I do for a living. I don't talk to them if they ever comment that i must a bunch of money now,because i consider that a rude comment. It is like they are trying to see my earning potential so they could possibly use me financially.
  14. smartnurse1982

    How did she/he get through nursing school?

    To be honest,I think nurses that want to succeed have to be personable. You could be the smartest,most knowledgeable nurse out there,but if you are not friendly and into gossip,well,you lose. Also,some might say I am stupid when they see me trying to insert an IV. I am not stupid,it is just that I have not started an IV ever in my nursing career of over 10 years. But i will always ask first,or refuse to start them. All nursing skills are not universal. I would not call the Rn in the ER who pulled out my patient's gtube stupid,because she is not used to them. She was just surprised that Rn's in homecare are allowed to replace them.
  15. smartnurse1982

    How do you deal with personal attacks at work?

    Are you serious? Reeks of resentment on your part. I hope you realize plenty of Rn;s were Lpn's first. And btw,Rn's can be Adn's or Bsn. Bsn nurses have an extra 3 years of schooling,not one. But for perspective,I was an Lon before becoming an Rn. Do some Rn's resent Lpn's? Yes,and i remember a few incidences were Rn's sucked their teeth because I was not able to perform an initial assessment,which i am assuming was extra work for them. But since I've been on both sides,I could say that Lpn resentment of Rn's is far more prevalent than Rn resentment of Lpn's IMO.
  16. smartnurse1982

    How did she/he get through nursing school?

    I found that some simply have not kept up with current practices. For me personally,I find that when someone criticizes me,I research to find the current,evidenced based practice. Oftentimes,there is conflicting evidence.

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