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Sure that is the beauty of facebook, you can post whatever you want. There are no rules but I am surprised when others post obscenities.

:rolleyes:But I have to say I am dismayed @the poor sentence structure, grammar and spelling of many of the facebook posts. I am sure people of other countries think we are a bunch of idiots.

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I am surprised about a lot of things post. One girl I finally hid her statuses because it seemed like every other status was about her sex life :| But that's the thing, rather then wasting energy on how offended I am or how much it bothers me I simply hid her statuses. But being bothered that posters are sharing their success?? Just doesn't make sense to me.

I make mistakes on my status a lot. I have also posted things that later I thought better of and wish I hadn't. I am not the greatest with spelling and grammar anyway. If it's bad I will delete and re-post, but most of the mistakes I make are when using my phone or iPad and I do it quick and don't realize the typo until later. By then there are a lot of posts so I don't bother deleting. 2 of my sons have a FB and if they type in the "teen" text speak, I will call then out on facebook. They learned to stop doing it and write like they are attempting to obtain an education.

I do have to say I had to laugh a little at the use of the @ sign instead of typing "at" given the nature of that particular sentence. :p

ETA: No doubt people in other countries might think we are idiots. But I think it's a lot deeper then facebook postings ;) No country seems to be idiot proof when it comes to FB. lol


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Does anyone find this really annoying? I'm usually private about my grades unless a good friend of mine from class asks me..... Does the whole world need to know? This is how the posts usually look. A&P 93%... just weird to me.. anyone else feel the same?

Why are you concerned about what someone else posts on their OWN Facebook account?

Would you want someone monitoring the information you post on yours?

Sounds like the only people that find it irritating are probably jealous.

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It's easy to hit the x that pops up on the right of everyone's status/posts, and if someone is really bothering you THAT much while posting their grades, you even have the option to hide ALL updates from that can also delete them from your friend's list if they bother you THAT much. People will post what they want to post, and if someone wants to post every single little grade they make, then so be it, it's their right...whether it's annoying or not. That's the bottom line. Another fact is, you have the choice to not view it.


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I am usually vague about my grades. It's either "I did better than last time" or "This was the worst I've done". No one needs numbers from me.



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BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!

Terribly bad idea! It's awkward and I would think that person is bragging. Plus, all your friends in school can see it and Ive personally had quite a bit of tension from a friend when I was making a better grade but I didn't post it on no fb or really brag all I did was answer her question....took all the fun away from doing great on an exam bc then I felt bad she didn't do as well and didn't want her to think we were competing. This last grade is between me..the teacher and god bc I ain't stressing over no girl mess this last 16wks.

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I personally think it is ok. When I make a A on a test I post my grade. It's my facebook acct/friends they can reply or not. It's not that I am bragging, but I am proud of myself and want to share it. I have finished my prereqs but alot of my friends are always asking what classes I am I taking or how I am doing. I keep it 100 I make good grades and I make not so good grades. Anybody that is trying to accomplish something I am happy for them. Positive feedback is better than being negative. If anyone of my FB friends don't like it that I am getting good grades and achieving my goals in life then they can delete me!


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I post my grades on facebook all the time. I've had a really rough past and a lot of family/friends gave up on me and thought I wouldn't amount to anything. These same friends/family are now extremely proud of me and how well I am doing in school. If I don't post then I get messages asking how I did so might as well just post it to let everyone know, plus I'm proud as heck when I do well.

Just today, one of my fellow nursing students wrote on facebook "Stop posting your grades on facebook, no one cares". Well, actually a lot of people care, plus it's my facebook, I can post whatever I want to. Why does it bother them so much anyway? Ignore my posts or scroll past it, or unfriend me... I won't cry about it.

Oh, and the same person that wrote that did a little victory dance when they saw their grade and I smiled at them and was very happy for them. I love hearing how people are doing if they are willing to share. But, for some reason it's not okay for me to post a victory post? It's not like I'm going to everyone's "wall" and saying ner ner ner I got an A and you didn't.

I think if it bothers anyone, then they have some issues within themselves that they need to work on.



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If a person doesn't like what I post, unfriend me!

I'm 43 years old, and proud of my accomplishments, if people can post all the stuff they do. I can post about school.

I usually only post at the end of a semis tee, and I posted when I got into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor society.

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Maybe I'm just self-centered, but... I REALLY try to focus on myself and my own learning process and helping my study group partners as much as I can (since they are so supportive of me). I really could care less what other people are doing and barely even notice, frankly. So I'm not going to get all het up about someone's else's facebook quote. Life's too short to be focusing on other people.

Also, I avoid drama queens and unsupportive or derogatory people like the plague because I can always find quality people who really do care about me and my nursing school process like I care about theirs. THOSE are the people I choose to hang out with and study with. And if their heart is in the right place, then I don't care if they post their grades or whatever. Up to them. Everyone has a different process. I'm not going to assume that mine is somehow morally superior.



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I don't tell my grades to anyone.. just the "I did okay". Telling your grades, whether they are excellent or terrible can bring unnecessary drama or resentment from your classmates... especially if you're in a really really competitive program.



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I post my grades because I am proud of myself for doing so well!! Also, I have some family that keep up with me through my fb and they like to know how I am doing!!!:) If my "friends" don't like it, then they know where the delete button is!