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  1. Sadala

    Bosses teenage daughter allowed to sleep in recovery bay

    I don't really get this. Keep in mind I'm med surg and not recovery, but... I was thinking that family members aren't allowed back during that portion of pt recovery because 1) pts might be unstable and they need close supervision with no distraction and 2) sometimes the behavior/appearance/status of pts immediately post surgery can be upsetting for family. I have never been given to understand that it's because of HIPAA rules. People in ED's are frequently in bays with only sheets between them WITH their family members, and I dare say more medical info gets bandied about as pts are (ok - typically but not always) awake and coherent enough to answer questions and talk to the nurse about their issues. How many appts can this girl have? Or if she DOES have a lot of appts, maybe there are medical or psych issues to which you are not privy. Regardless, I guess I personally would be so far into the land of "who cares" about whether or not there is an extra bay in use for sleeping. I'd be more like, "Oh thank God, that will be one bay they can't use for a pt." i.e. one extra pt I won't get. Ha! It is rude that you have to remake the room after they go but on the other hand it is your BOSS and... Nursing is not my first profession. I guess I've had to take care of many more cumbersome tasks for different bosses in the past.
  2. Sadala

    Multiple types of beds and mattresses

    Not sure all of the vendors from the Eisenhower administration are still in business...
  3. Sadala


    If it's a med and the pt consistently is insistent upon having it at a different time then I see about moving the time on the MAR (if it's ok with the provider, etc)
  4. Sadala

    How Do You Sign Your Narcotic Book?

    Oh, rrrrrrrrrrright. I just looked at the header and noticed which section I'm in. (being lost is typical)
  5. Sadala

    How Do You Sign Your Narcotic Book?

    Ha! I don't do that. But when I read your post it reminded me... I was a clerk for a time and when I counted change I would count by five's. It was just easier to group the change by five's in my mind and get an accurate count. I find I do the same thing now when I have to count narcs. Except sometimes they have narcs explicitly packaged in groups of four or ten so obviously I switch it up. But with singles, I still always count by five. Just funny the habits we learn. Where are you working that you have a cart and paper MAR. Is this Rehab or LTC or?
  6. Sadala

    How Do You Sign Your Narcotic Book?

    I was reading OP's post and thinking, "Wow. That's cumbersome..." Then I realized that really, I guess we do the same thing with a pyxis. You know, put an accurate count in, then scan the medication, have any waste witnessed by another nurse, and then at the end of the shift have a nurse from each shift count and enter the count on the narcs into the pyxis. I guess it is a lot faster though, not having to hand write it.
  7. Sadala

    So I kind of messed up

    I haven't read the whole string, so there may be updates I haven't seen before giving my response. That said, based on OP's original post my advice is to tell the school the truth when this hits the fan. I might even go to them in advance and explain. See if they will give you another test. If they remove you from the program, then I would apply elsewhere and I would not disclose that I had applied to this program and been dismissed (just sayin'). I would just apply to new programs as if I was a new applicant. No need to have this follow you. And I would take the lesson from this and make sure to never do it again. If you had done this as a nurse your license could have been at stake. Good luck to you.
  8. Sadala

    0200 BP's - Dealing with Tired Rude Doctors

    We typically don't don't call on the overnight for a systolic under 180. Let me rephrase... I won't call for a systolic under 180. That said, the parameters are typically systolic 170 / diastolic 100 for hydralazine and labetalol prn's.
  9. Sadala

    Is there a legal way to do this...

    call it under child abuse because you don't know if he has access to other children. You are a mandated reporter.
  10. Sadala

    Leaving patient info in a clipboard

    Aww, Well, Haven't we all! {{hugs}}
  11. Sadala

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    I don't actually agree that you need to go into a whole deal about who told Nelly what or who Nelly thinks told her what. Essentially the real patient care issue here is that Nelly is confused about the amount of morphine she's supposed to take regardless of who she says told her what. So I would probably note what she is saying in terms of being confused about whether to take 5mg or 15mg and then document my education on the proper dosage.
  12. No no no no no! This can just lead to badness. You don't want badness, do you?
  13. Sadala

    Night Shifters - Am I being too sensitive?

    Nope. I hear ya. I also work at night and I tend to think that staff are WAY too loud.
  14. Sadala

    "Smart" students make bad nurses?

    Meh. Methinks that statement is the last refuge of a bunch of B and C nursing educators. Just sayin'
  15. Sadala

    My husband doesn't want me on ALLNURSES

    Your husband is trying to look out for you. There are many things that I wish that I could post and ask for assistance with and I just can't because I feel they would tend to identify me if anyone from my organization was reading.