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Sadala has 8 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Med Surg.

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  1. Sadala

    Low census and COVID-19?

    You're not admitting them? Where are they going. How are you even able...
  2. Sadala

    Advice please - PPE's for a patient who is a contact of Covid 19

    Truly, our preparedness for this has been the worst roll out since Windows 95.
  3. Sadala

    Advice please - PPE's for a patient who is a contact of Covid 19

    I'm guessing they've approved that grudgingly since we're short on N95s. Not really on what we SHOULD be wearing to protect ourselves, our patients, and our families. I base this on the fact that we were first told that N95s were essential. But he...
  4. Sadala

    Would you do that? New grad dilemma

    Contrary to a lot of other responders (meh, my computer underlines the word responders and I don't know why. It's bugging my OCD), I actually don't think its the worst plan in the world. IF you do a fantastic job in any capacity and are willing to ...
  5. Sadala

    Bosses teenage daughter allowed to sleep in recovery bay

    I don't really get this. Keep in mind I'm med surg and not recovery, but... I was thinking that family members aren't allowed back during that portion of pt recovery because 1) pts might be unstable and they need close supervision with no distractio...
  6. Sadala

    Multiple types of beds and mattresses

    Not sure all of the vendors from the Eisenhower administration are still in business...
  7. Sadala


    If it's a med and the pt consistently is insistent upon having it at a different time then I see about moving the time on the MAR (if it's ok with the provider, etc)
  8. Sadala

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    I don't actually agree that you need to go into a whole deal about who told Nelly what or who Nelly thinks told her what. Essentially the real patient care issue here is that Nelly is confused about the amount of morphine she's supposed to take reg...
  9. Sadala

    No visiting hours?

    None of our area's med surg units have limitations on visiting hours. Most family members tend to visit during the daytime or evening. But sometimes spouses or children of patients stay all night. And that's not something that is discouraged at al...
  10. Sadala

    Antagonizing patients--just a vent

    I have also seen this before in psych. I never could figure out what glory there was in winning a power struggle with a mentally ill patient. Just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  11. Sadala

    Owner of Home Health Kills 3 and commits suicide

    I don't find anything that gives info indicating this. All indications so far are that this guy became angry over an argument and then blew everyone in the argument away. Sounded like more of a sudden decision until I hear differently.
  12. Plus and also, I'm a little tired of the nursing motto that only nurses have had these huge responsibilities at work, and/or the responsibility for life and death, and that others simply don't understand these responsibilities. MANY of us have been ...
  13. It's a symptom of a very bad economy, to put that at rest. But, I suppose there are those of us who hope to specialize in something that will also use our former expertise. There are a lot of specialties in nursing. And while there may not be a sh...
  14. Sadala

    Are you married sweetie?"

    You're so right. In those last five pics you can just skip straight to, "When are you due?" j/k
  15. Sadala

    Are you married sweetie?"

    Meh. I don't really care that much. I'll answer. They're must making convo. Plus, we're in the south, it's kind of a thing. Not to mention that we ask them the same questions. I have pretty thick skin. The only thing I really get all het up ...