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I'm Mindy, a 21 year old LPN Student, in the first semester of my program!

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  1. Iridescent Orchid

    Burned out nurse

    this one gave my sleep-deprived self a big laugh (for i feel i laughed too much when i saw it)! thanks!
  2. Iridescent Orchid

    A Nurses Christmas Poem

    Great and creative poem! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  3. Iridescent Orchid

    My Guide To Making The Grade And Maintaining Your Sanity

    Wow! Thank you so much! This has helped me majorly when it comes to knowing how I am going to study material once I'm in the program! I definitely don't want to feel burnt out on it all so soon! Thanks again for taking the time to post this!
  4. Thanks for posting this! While my GPA isn't too horrible, this has definitely given me more hope than I've previously had about future endeavors! I am definitely going to pass this along to my friend who'd love to hear this information! :) Thanks again!
  5. Iridescent Orchid

    How to Handle Student Incivility

    It's been insane in my A&P class, and class is just getting started. I was sitting in the middle of the room, but opted to move myself up to the front. Too many students texting under the desks, talking, snickering, fiddling with their bags, etc. - the front of the classroom is the best place to be! You can't very well get too distracted up there by the others who care less about the course than you. I've recently had enough of my own person distractions (a toothache from a horrible molar!) and I'm too busy eliminating my personal ones, to try to eliminate others around me. My tooth is getting extracted this afternoon! Usually, I'm a procrastinator on these kind of (scary) things, but it's affecting my ability to focus 100% in lecture, so I'm getting it taken care of! All in all, the very front of the class is the place to be.