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OK, so I am currently an LPN student and am in my second semester. I did great first semester, but this one has been a whole different story. For starters, I decided I was capable of packing Med/Surg I and II, along with their clinicals, into an 8-week (short) summer semester when our usual is 15. I ended up dropping clinical and here I am now about to withdraw from class as well. I have had some unfortunate events take place this summer, and it's like everything has been against me. I have only passed one exam, and that was with a 71.

Long story optimal goal is RN and I rushed into this too fast. I am still a work in progress when it comes to developing more distinct critical thinking skills, and I am not confident in my anatomy knowledge, for it was rushed through in a short semester as well. I don't feel I have gotten the background that I need to be successful just yet. I went from majoring in ECE to jumping into nursing with only one pre-req that I had to complete, for I had completed the others in ECE, got accepted right after, and went full speed with my head in the clouds.

I am struggling through this program, when it's not even my true goal. It was something that I saw was more quickly to obtain and that was the wrong way to see it.

I am starting completely over and transferring to another college to start my pre-reqs for the BSN program. My family has been supportive of my decision, now I just have to work on myself.

Has anyone else on here ever done this? I am trying to keep myself from feeling like I am throwing this away, but I am seeing that this was not the right path for me to pursue. I was drawn in by the short duration of the program and it was a mistake. I am very anxious to start pursuing my RN. Nothing from this technical college it's literally starting from scratch, but I feel this is what I should be doing, especially when RN pre-reqs take quite some time to complete!

Just blabbing, but I feel much better now! :D There's so much more I was going to include, but it's just too much that's going through my head right now...

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