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BabyLady is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU, Post-partum.

Second year RN

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  1. BabyLady

    So I got rejected from NP school...

    I'm not saying there aren't selective schools out their, but they are not the norm. I have been through the application process at several schools and friends all over. I'm telling you, it just seems competitive because the person with a 3.9 gpa just had the bad luck of having their application seen after all the slots were filled. I've yet to see a person who met the minimum requirements not get in within at least on the second try, even at the same school. Eta: i had a 3.5 gpa, zippo experience, the gre was waived for me (>3.2 gpa), and no interview, and uab acnp program took me without hesitation. Just to show schools that are online and take huge class numbers (despite being renowned medical institutions) are really easy to get into. There is no doubt in my mind that this happens all the time!!!!!!
  2. BabyLady

    car seat challenge/test

    Car seats, as I stated before, are a necessary part of the discharge process. It is very, VERY important to look up current guidelines and not ASSUME that a more senior nurse knows what they are...LOOK THEM UP AND PRINT THEM OUT!!! Use critical thinking...think about the PURPOSE of the car seat challenge...it is to identify babies who are at risk!!! The test needs to be a minimum of 1 hour. By the time the baby is loaded up in the hospital and the parents go downstairs, take all of their stuff, put the baby in and make the slow trip home...an hour has probably gone by. However, 90 MINUTES IS NOT SUFFICIENT if the parents live two hours away!!!!! The baby needs to stay in for 2 hours or however long their trip is...we tell the parents if they live further away, they need to STOP at three hours, take the baby out, feed it, let it rest, then put it back in the carseat. Our facility will NOT issue a carbed if the infant fails a car seat challenge. Nor will we discharge an infant. Failing a car seat challenge is indication of a potential problem folks! Use critical thinking!!!! What happens if you discharge the parents with a carbed and a month later they decide to "try" out the carseat and something happens to the baby? Legally, I would wager the hospital wouldn't have a legal leg to stand on because who is going to repeat the car seat challenge? Do you tell parents it needs to be repeated if they are going to transition? Or do you expect the pediatrician to do it? Also, parents need to be told something very, very important! If the car seat is in a car where it has been involved in a car accident to where the impact is enough to deploy the airbags, the CAR SEAT NEEDS TO BE REPLACED!!!! It is designed to take ONE impact.
  3. BabyLady

    Grunting baby...

    ...I'm actually worried about something else. That something as obvious as a blood gas and a chest x-ray was missed. Did anyone do an assessment of how the lungs SOUNDED? To me, this was a much more obvious course of action than a CBC and CRP. Because those were very unncessary labs if all the infant needed was a dose of surfactant and additional O2 to help it transition. MD missed that...big time.
  4. BabyLady

    Customer Service? Maybe on your home planet.

    This is what nurses that have never worked in another profession don't realize. In EVERY profession where customer service is promoted, it doesn't matter how nasty, saracastic, etc., a "customer" is, you are expected to keep your cool and remain polite and courteous. However, for some reasons, nurses don't think that they owe it to the patients that are rude, to try to turn the situation around, then wonder why they get into trouble with management. It doesn't matter, if you don't need a job...but this isn't going away folks, regardless of what realm of healthcare you choose to work in. However, I do blame the facilities for providing zero training of teaching nurses how to handle difficult patients. At the same time, nurses seem to forget that people that enter the hospital don't feel well....that is why they are there. They are not having their best moment. Fear, frustration about your own health condition brings out all sorts of behavior...yet nurses think that patients "owe" them something. No patient owes me anything, nor do I expect it. However, learning how to deal with difficult people is A SKILL...it is a people skill that has to be learned and fine tuned. I have had family members yell at me, curse at me, etc. However, I have always been able to turn it around.
  5. BabyLady

    being young!

    Most students that have BSN's have started college right out of high school and finished when they are around 22. So it is not unusual. Being young is not an obstacle as long as you stay open minded.
  6. BabyLady

    Not allowed to SIT during 12 hour shift and MORE

    No way, would I keep a job like that. 12 hours is too long. Alternative: Get a physician's note requiring your employer to allow you to sit part of the shift...I seriously doubt if you would have trouble finding out.
  7. BabyLady

    1/2 nursing class cut, WHY??

    There is NO SUCH THING as weeding out. I personally, wish students would stop using the term. What there is, are academic standards...either students step up to the plate and realize that nursing school IS different, or they drown. The students that accused our program of "weeding them out" were ones that wanted to party and travel with their boyfriends every weekend...not realizing that sometimes you have to give up your weekends and a few dates in order to succeed in a challenging academic program. Nobody in my program that PUT 100% EFFORT IN...failed.
  8. BabyLady

    Hep C+ mom, bloody amniotic fluid, chances for baby?

    It is a risk that people who are Hep C positive and HIV take when they choose to have a baby. Personally, I couldn't do it. Time will tell.
  9. I have tons of questions on this profession and would LOVE to correspond a few questions with someone that currently works in the profession. I thank you in advance!
  10. BabyLady

    Was going to earn my NP, but not anymore.

    ....on a side note...why don't legislatures do this: Why don't they pass a law requiring all medical residents to inform their patients when giving advice that they have only graduated from medical school and are not legally authorized to practice independently without the supervision of a board-certified MD. The general public doesn't even know the difference between the two...and Lord knows you won't catch a medical resident explaining the difference!!!!
  11. BabyLady

    Was going to earn my NP, but not anymore.

    Thank you Siri. I actually did some research and found the same information. I could say was, "Wow!" Is this all our legislatures have to do? Seriously...that is MASSIVELY insulting to the profession!!!!
  12. BabyLady

    Refused my first assignment today.

    One good lawsuit from a mistake from short-staffing will nix any petty salary savings they claim to receive.
  13. BabyLady

    Infant rectal exam

    I'm responding as a mother, not so much as a nurse. Your concerns are valid and I would have the same questions. However, I would not let an inexperienced GP perform an exam and in fact, I would probably want her to be seen by a specialist...because if a GP finds problem, that is who they are going to refer you to anyway. I would prefer her to go to someone who has experience with that (even if it is necessary) rather than someone who might do that a couple of times a year.
  14. BabyLady

    Was going to earn my NP, but not anymore.

    If you have any information on which states, I would like to see (not questioning you...just very curious to read up on their rationale). The reason that particularly baffles me, is that in every state, if you have achieved a doctorate degree by ACADEMIC RIGHT you have the right to be addressed as "doctor" regardless of what setting. That is why I don't understand how a state can turn around and disallow it...are they doing the same for college professors? If anyone is misusing the title it is physicians....THEY are the ones that need to be educated. But if it is happening, it's is because legislatures are not healthcare professionals.
  15. BabyLady

    Was going to earn my NP, but not anymore.

    I'll be honest..I think you need to do some long, hard research if being an NP is what you want to do. First, nothing worthwhile is easy to get...keep that in mind. Second, the DNP is NOT a done deal in ANY state...they have not got a single BON to sign off on that and many colleges are NOT changing their NP programs to DNP-only for that very reason. The majority of the DNP programs that I have found? Are ONE year longer than an MSN only program and you SAVE TIME AND MONEY going from a BSN to a DNP, than the BSN, MSN, DNP route. Yes, you would be able to refer to yourself as "doctor"...physicians have a "doctor of medicine" degree, you would have a "doctor of nursing" degree...legally, they DO NOT have more of a right to be called by their proper title than you do. It is not up to their profession to decide what nurses are called. But seriously...you really, really need to do more research because you are very misinformed on many levels.
  16. BabyLady

    Why aren't nurses mandatory reporters of ALL abuse?

    However...on a side note. I think that if a woman presents to the ER having been beaten and refuses to have her abuser arrested, if they have children living with them, social services needs to be called. I don't care what anyone says, the children are being MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY abused having to witness their mother getting beat up.