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  1. Last semester was a disaster for me dieting I gain a lot of what I lost in weight watchers Lots if study eating and 16 hour shifts at work I'm back on plan Greek yogurt Hard boiled egg Fresh veg Fresh fruit Sandwich
  2. When do your classes start, and what are you taking? Ours start Tuesday September 3rd 7 week of medical surgical nursing ,1st half of semester 7 weeks of psychiatric nursing , second half
  3. Kimynurse


    I like college ruled, white paper! Not the greyish/ blueish paper
  4. My professors loved me, and I wore Disney T-shirts, and jeans. I am a straight A student. Be professional, work hard and be comfortable. I was put together at clinical, slick back pony tail, crisp clean pressed uniform. Be you, if you have a pres...
  5. Kimynurse

    LVN vs RN

    Once again commuter, you did an great job explains an LPN I live your myths so true I will add I make a great salary as a LPN. Better then a lot of RNs in other states I'm in NY.
  6. Kimynurse

    wearing nurse memorabilia before becoming a nurse?

    My mom gave me a nurse Christmas ornament when I was in LPN school, I wouldn't put it on my tree till I graduated and passed my boards. I told her she could see it the next Christmas. I took my boards July 2nd found out I passed on the 4th, and my m...
  7. Kimynurse

    I feel like I'm too old for this

    I became a LPN at 40
  8. Kimynurse

    Should You Commute To Nursing School?

    I commute about an hour each way.
  9. Kimynurse

    Forceful opinions

    I think it's normal, just smile and thank them. The one good tho g about nursing school is your so busy, you don't see family much.
  10. Kimynurse

    LPN school?

    That is what I'm going I love being a nurse, and finished my first semester of RN school. Good luck
  11. Kimynurse

    Dealing with "haters"...

    Haters gotta hate! When I went to LPN school, the place I was working were placing bets on long before I failed out. I was valedictorian in the LPN program, and continue to have a 4.0 in my RN program. Use it to motivate you!
  12. Kimynurse

    Do you have friends going towards nursing too?

    I starting talking to someone in chemistry We become great friends We took Chem, A&P 1 and 2 , micro, development psych and now in RN program together. We are in a ADN program, I see us doing BSN together.
  13. Kimynurse

    Any 8-5 LPN/LVN jobs out there?

    I work rehab in a LTC Our shifts are 6:30-2:30 2:30-10:30 10:30-6:30
  14. Kimynurse

    Help!! Super nervous about bridge to RN BSN!!!

    The only class that that plays in is fundamentals, I just took and got an A It was tough, but not more sob then LPN.
  15. Whatever subject you are in at that moment.