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  1. Kimynurse

    Should You Commute To Nursing School?

    I commute about an hour each way.
  2. I now see both your points, I try never to judge, and I did, and I'm sorry for that. I guess I've worked so hard to overcome, I forget how hard it was, and how lucky I am to get out kinda unscathed
  3. I don't agree with that. I was molested from the time I could remember till about 13 or so. I'm not saying I didn't have tough years, or sometimes don't struggle with this, but I became a better person to spite my molester.
  4. Way to go, my life was not easy either. I was molested for years, by my grandfather, my parents divorced, we had no money. My mom did the best she could, I was told I was stupid , and thrown into special Ed in fifth grade, and was counted out. No one ever thought I would amount to anything, but a looser. In high school, I just wanted to survive, my grandmother with Alzheimer's lived part of the time with us, I would have to stay home with her. I worked through high school, I drank a little smoked some pot, I did graduate barley. I worked hard after high school, went to professional help , got married to a super supportive husband, the first year we were married we found out we couldn't have children, the second year we were married we found out my husband has MS. My mother got I'll, was in the hospital for 17 months straight in and out for 5 years, after all that I decided to follow my heart, and go to school to become a nurse. In 2007 I looked into schools, 2008 started a LPN program, 2008 graduated, and was valedictorian ( not bad for a sped), started my pre- recs., and I'm starting an RN program in January. I am thankful to be able to get up every morning, and care for people. I'm extremely optimistic