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mzrainydayz is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/ Surg/ Telemetry, Public Health.

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  1. mzrainydayz

    Quitting without a notice

    Don't quit your current job, even if you dislike it. Wait until you have the offer from the other job, and you accept it. Professionally put in your two weeks notice. Don't burn your bridge with them. Let us know how things go.
  2. mzrainydayz

    Pearson took my money. Is there still a chance I passed?

    To be brutally honest, If your money was taken by Pearson Vue then 99.99% of the time you did not pass.
  3. mzrainydayz

    Myrtle Beach RNs??

    OK cool, Conway and Waccamaw are also good hospitals. Apply online both have PRN jobs listed, best of luck.
  4. mzrainydayz

    Failed Nursing class

    Take responsibility for the class that you failed. Just fill out a readmission form to repeat the class. Nursing school is hard for a reason. Think back to what you did wrong, change your study habits. Your nursing classes are your foundation to pass...
  5. mzrainydayz

    I'm the worst CNA they ever had

    I think you handled yourself well provided the situation. It seems as though you are doing maid duties not CNA duties. When the client was getting out of hand you should have just stepped outside and called the agency and explained to them what happe...
  6. mzrainydayz

    Is it just me, or is this rude, sexist, and condescending?

    Reporting that sounds might petty. It may have been a joke, lighten up ad get your shorts out of a bundle. It's just common courtesy for a male to put the seat down after using the toilet. Besides there are bigger things at work for nurses to be worr...
  7. mzrainydayz

    medsurg floor dealing strictly with psych patients

    Take what you can get, learn and then maybe in a year or two move on to what specialty you prefer. It's hard to get a job as a new grad. Med/surg is your foundation, start there first, even though psych is not your thing.
  8. mzrainydayz

    I just set my friend up

    You have to live your life and pursue your goals. You aren't her mother, what she needs is a college adviser to help her figure out what career path is right for her. Focus more on yourself, never "push" anyone into something they don't desire to do....
  9. First of all don't be so negative on yourself, that was then and this is now. Practice cna skills before entering the program. Don't set yourself up for failure because once you're in the nursing program you will have harder skills to be checked off ...
  10. mzrainydayz

    LVN to ADN then BSN? Or just do BSN?

    BSN, you will thank yourself later. BSN equals more job opportunities.
  11. mzrainydayz


    Can someone please share any information on Francis Marion University FNP program. I am considering attending Spring 2016. Thanks.
  12. mzrainydayz

    Offered job while still an extern

    Seems like a great opportunity. I say if you like that hospital accept the job offer and sign the contract. It's hard as a new grad to find a job. Consider yourself lucky because what if you turn down this opportunity and apply elsewhere and don't ge...
  13. mzrainydayz

    Myrtle Beach RNs??

    Some classmates that I graduated with work at Grand Strand Hospital and what I was told is that new grads start out at $24/hr. I don't know how much differential for nights and weekends. This pay rate was quoted in 2014. BSN nurses are preferred but ...
  14. mzrainydayz

    accused of verbal abuse

    I guess your next action would be to call your state BON and find out what is really happening since you said they investigated you. That's probably the only way you are going to find out what claims were made against you, and to see if your nursing ...
  15. mzrainydayz

    NCLEX pn/RN

    You simply can't work as a RN if you pass the LPN NCLEX. Your scope of practice would be of an LPN not RN. Now that you have you obtained your BSN, you are eligible to sit for the RN NCLEX. Why not study for the RN exam? If you went the extra mile to...