Please tell me Pre-Reqs go quickly......


I have never been a patient person....and this waiting for my classes to start seems to be taking forever! I know I should enjoy the down time....but after being a SAHM for 8 years....I am pretty fed up with down time!

I am eager to get first pre-req classes start in April.....

Please tell me once it get's going...time will fly by......LOL!

Have a great day!



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OK, pre-reqs go quickly! You will be so immersed in trying to get through those classes that you won't be so aware of time passing.


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Congrats on getting started!

To answer your question...yes and no! At least for me! I was really excited about getting started and couldn't wait! Bought my books ahead of time (got the ISBN from the bookstore) and started reading! lol! I know I'm a dork! Once classes started, seemed like the quarter would never end! Kinda like how it's going now! Next quarter is my last..until nursing this fall (if I'm accepted). Seems like this quarter is going on forever! As long as I don't have big breaks in-between, it does seem to go by rather quickly.

Best of luck to you!!!!

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I guess I am a dork too! Cuz I read everything before too if I can!! I've started studying A&P while I am waiting...even though I won't take it till the fall! LOL

And I am reading the Biology text too, since I start that next month!


I think it goes by fast! I'm already in my 2nd semester (I start nursing in the fall) and I can't believe how fast it has gone! It seemed like I just registered last summer! I'm so nervous about starting nursing soon..... Anyway, good luck!


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Fast and slow all at once for me--if that makes any sense haha. I am starting up a BSN pogram in the fall and am on my third semester of pre-reqs so I am ready to pull my hair out! But I also think it has been a great time and you will learn soooo much you won't even beleive it!

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It took me 2.5 years to get through pre-reqs. I only took one science class a semester to make it easier on my family. I was finally accepted into a nursing program for the summer. Yes, in retrospect it did go by quickly. I only hope nursing school goes by as fast. You just need to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other.


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Are you kidding :D April is just around the corner! We're already in March (almost). I'm starting my nursing program in Aug, now that's awhile. I can't wait either. The prereqs fly by especially being busy with kids and so much to do. Being a SAHM is really hard. I have 4 of them ranging from 9 mo to 13. Getting out of the house is a welcomed change of pace.:p


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You sound so much like me!! I have been a SAHM for 10 years. I have 4 kids as well ranging from 9yrs-17 months and I cannot wait until August to start my prereqs!

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I'm in my second semester of pre-reqs. Its going fairly fast. I have a sheet on my wall that is a list of all my classes needed to get my RN (except for NS school...those are just the general semesters). When one is done I put a red line through it and my grade in a bright yellow box right next to it. When a class drags on, or just seems like so much work I look at my list, see the whole picture and know I am right on tract. Right now I am taking AP1, Chem & Nutrition. AP is a wicked class so I just focus on the next assignment and getting through it that way. But its sure a good feeling to see those red rows add up.

BTW, I am a homeschooling Mom of 2 and doing all my classes online.


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Wow! I've been a SAHM since my oldest was 6mos....she's 17 now! 4 kids, too, ages 16 (17 in June), 15, 13 (all girls) and my son who is 7 (8 in May). I must say that truding along in the pre-req's HAS been a welcomed break. Now they're older and can help out more, it makes things easier. Trust me though, for those of you that have little ones, I know the feeling.

ps...about the dorkines....the bookstore has our ISBN #'s for our books next week and I'll be getting mine then! Can't wait to bust those bad boys open and get a quick start!read.gif


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Nursing school is weird - when you're in the middle of it, it feels like you'll never finish, but when you look back on all you've done, you think "How did I do all that - it feels like I just started???" But then - that LAST semester is the semester that never ends - like i said weird - but you will do awesome!!!! Learn to manage your time, stay ahead of the game, take good notes from the chaptrs and lessons and use all the resources you can - esp. A&P - books usually come with really awesom CD's and websites - well worth your time!!! :nurse:

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