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JeanettePNP has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergy.

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  1. How far would you drive?

    Im in a similar situation, we are moving to pa but the closest job I could find was 40 miles away. The road is not high traffic and its a pretty easy drive. I already spend over an hour commuting by public transportation in my current job. Only disad...
  2. APRN role in specialty clinic

    if the attending wants to bill under his/her name (incident to) then the initial visit must be completed by the attending. If you are billing under your own name there is no reason you can't see the patient initially. I work in a specialty and when w...
  3. Does anyone do medical writing?

    Goldenrod, you plan to write articles on the topic of your choice and then submit them for publication? I guess my first step would be getting my paper from school published... It was rejected from the first journal i submitted to and then i started ...
  4. Does anyone do medical writing?

    I have extensive freelance writing/editing experience but not in the medical field. How do I break in? I'd like to work on a freelance basis. I actually interviewed once for a clinical editing job with a major publisher but they required full time an...
  5. NPs in the Emergency Department

    I do not work in an ER but I did do clinical rotations in an ER so I will try to answer some of your questions. - What level ESIs do you see? Do you see only 4/5s? Or all acuities? As a student I only saw 4-5's but I shadowed on more acute patients a...
  6. Salary negotiation when relocating

    I am practicing as an NP in NYC for 2.5 years. I am working on relocating to PA. I know salaries in NYC are significantly higher than in PA. Do I use my current salary as the basis for negotiation? Or do I have to expect to take a cut? How much of a ...
  7. Family outraged when NY Med broadcasts father's death

    Wow, I was thinking of similar stories but I had no idea it was the SAME hospital. What rank hypocrisy.
  8. The Story of Jahi Continues

    My thoughts exactly. There hasn't been any real break in this case for over a year. I'm also surprised she's held out as long as she has, but the family will do whatever they're gonna do. For people who ask why they can't move on, maybe the question ...
  9. Family outraged when NY Med broadcasts father's death

    I don't know the legalities. I know that if I or a loved one were in the hospital I wouldn't want a camera crew poking around or doctors giving them updates on my condition without my consent, even if my name and image were not used. In this case the...
  10. Family outraged when NY Med broadcasts father's death

    I don't know the exact legal definition of news vs documentary. My understanding is that anything that happens in a public place is fair game. If you're injured on the street and a film crew captures it, there is no right to privacy. But in an ER you...
  11. Suturing

    We had a suturing workshop in NP school but I didn't have an opportunity to practice the skill in clinicals. During my ER rotation they mostly used glue. In my workplace suturing doesn't come up.
  12. Family outraged when NY Med broadcasts father's death

    I find this story appalling too. Especially considering the many stories I've read of nurses who posted something foolish on their Facebook page or blog and lost their jobs as a result... Even when the violation of privacy comes nowhere near broadcas...
  13. Opening for part-time RN on Staten Island

    If you are in SI or don't mind traveling to SI, there is an opening for an RN part-time. Office based. Great opportunity for new grad. Please PM me for more details.
  14. Online Schools--Is it a "jungle out there"?

    I got my first bachelor's through an online school, which I was then able to use to get into an accelerated nursing program (I did science pre-reqs at a brick-and-mortar). My experience with them was very good. I had an advisor who was very supportiv...
  15. How did you celebrate passing your boards?

    Drove to Ohio for a job interview. drove back. Didn't get the job. went to a job fair. No leads. sent out more resumes made more calls went on more interviews lather, rinse repeat for three months until BINGO