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  1. ZenStudent

    New Grad...need help dealing with super negative staff!

    Good advice from everyone. I appreciate it very much! I am feeling better about things and looking to my preceptor more as someone who is going to show me the ropes of working in this facility and not someone who is going to pass off a lot of knowledge. I am just going to focus on my patients and being positive for them. I will certainly come out of this a better nurse :) Thanks again
  2. I graduated in May and finally just started working on a med/surg floor far far away from home. I took the job and moved across the county because it was the only job I could find. I am so very grateful to be working and I am making the best of living somewhere I never would have chosen to live otherwise. I am working at a hospital with very high turnover of nurses. I feel like all day long all anyone does is complain and talk about how they can't wait to leave. Every time something happens they complain and talk about how much they hate working there and can't wait till they can leave. Lots and lots of people are telling me they are putting in their notice and tell me that they just keep hiring and losing people. I can honestly say the hospital is not that bad and they are doing the absolute best they can do. The area is saturated with people because of the oil boom and the community is really having a hard time keeping up with the population explosion. I just felt so discouraged today to meet my preceptor only to hear about how much she hates working here and can't wait to leave. (she has only been a nurse for 6 months and also graduated this past spring and she is my preceptor--crazy I know.) So how does everyone cope with the negativity? I feel like no one is worried about the patients, and as a new nurse I feel like I have to rely on myself more than I should. I don't know if this is normal or if I am really in a place that is going to crumble with this kind of negative energy. I want to learn and grow and be a great nurse, and I don't know who is going to help me along. Can I do it on my own?
  3. ZenStudent

    RN or Accupuncture?

    Thank you so much for your reply! It is good to know others are thinking about the same things. I do think I will end up going ahead with the ADN program--you are right that it is a good background to have and will certainly give us more credibility in the future. I think for now I will continue to read up on Chinese medicine and other practices so that I can really decide what to pursue later on. Good luck! I am sure I'll be posting more ont his thread and hope to keep in touch as we both figure all this out :)
  4. ZenStudent

    RN or Accupuncture?

    Hello all! I am currently finishing up my pre-reqs and am most likley going to begin a two year ADN program in the fall (already have a BA but the price is right for the ADN at this point) I am VERY interested in holsitic and alternative medicine and the more I am learning about nursing--the more I wonder if I will be headed in the wrong direction. At the same time I can see how having a nursing liscence will give me the chance to explore holistic medicine in the future--like all of you on this forum! I am wondering if I should maybe go to get my masters in TCM and go the accupuncture route instead of becoming an RN. ANy thoughts or experiences? I don't know too much about the job market for this kind of career so I am a bit nervous about it. I am positive health care is for me but I am much more interested in natural healing, nutrition, etc and I am realizing that as a RN I may not be involved in that at all. I just feel like my family and friends are kinda pushing me to just do the RN thing and think I am being totally insane for turning in a new direction after a year and half of pre-reqs and changing my life plans to become a nurse. I see their point--it makes sense to just go and get my RN degree and work. I have no money since I have been at school and am sick of awful waitressing jobs! They are also worried I will put money and time into a three year TCM program and have a tough time getting a job. I am trying to find info about what the job market is like but am having a tough time. Any of your thoughts on this subject would be so helpful to me! I am at a crossroads. I am having a hard time figuring out what my gut is telling me and I feel all this pressure to make a decision now before I go any further. Thank you so much!! -Zen Student :)
  5. ZenStudent

    Are Accelerated programs worth the money!

    I am in a similar situation! I have decided to turn down the ABSN program I got into because I can't take out a loan for 60K at this point. I have been warned by many that you should do your best to remain debt free. I think it is one of these situations where there is no perfect option and each choice has its ups and downs. I am sticking with a two year ASN program at a CC which is not my top choice since I have a BA, but money is always an issue. Of course some have told me to just pay the money and get my BSN but I know that for me, I am not comfortable being in debt like that. Some people have no problem just buckling down, working overtime and paying it off--I am not like that! So whatever makes sense for you will be best. Good luck!
  6. ZenStudent

    CCM/UMDNJ ?'s

    Well I am still waiting to hear from them about the fall--should be any day now. I'll let you know since it sounds like we have similar backgrounds. I had a 3.2 as an undergrad and also have lived in Morris County for years. I have kinda just been under the assumption I'll get in--could be wrong though! Just get good grades on the pre-reqs and you should be fine. I overhear people who got in who didn't do so great on the pre-reqs so if you do well you should be just fine.
  7. ZenStudent

    CCM/UMDNJ ?'s

    I have been finishing up my pre-reqs at ccm. Dr. Hunter is AWSOME for A and P. He is hard but he makes the material understandable and you leave his class feeling like you know your stuff. I had Crabbe for lab and he was just OK but a good guy. I applied to a few ABSN programs but I am sticking with CCM because it is the cheapest way to go right now. I can't be taking out loans for thoasands and thoasands of dollars! Good luck with everything!
  8. ZenStudent

    Choosing a program troubles...any thoughts?

    dig--yea my Dad says these are good problems to have too :) I keep reminding myself that! I was admitted into the bsn accelerated program--even already put down a deposit but have been totally uneasy about it the entire time. I suppose I can still think about it. I used to think you just get gut feelings about things and you would know what to do--but this time I reallllly don't know and everyone I know says something different! Thanks for the advice everyone! It has been helpful to hear what others have to say!
  9. ZenStudent

    Choosing a program troubles...any thoughts?

    I believe they do--good thought :) thanks!
  10. Hello all! So I have three very different paths to choose from on my journey to becoming an RN and I am having a very hard time deciding what is best! Any thoughts on the matter will be helpful to me so please do share if you can! Background--I graduated with a BA over a year ago but decided to go the nursing route soon after graduating. I have been taking pre-reqs at a CC for about a year and a half (ug) and I am living with my parents (bigger ug) but staying out of debt and not worrying about rent. I was accepted into three programs (yay!) but all of them come with major pros and cons and I am basically back and forth going insane. Choice one: An accelerated BSN (under a year!) in another state but at a HUGE cost. I already have about 5,500 in loan debt and this program, which is private, will run me about at least another 55K--possible even more. So lets be safe and say 60K at least. So while it will give me a BS in a short time--I will have a huge elephant ready to sit on my head when i graduate. Also--I worry about having a program be so condensed. I want to be a great nurse and really absorb all that I am learning. Choice two: BSN at a well known state school (Rutgers in NJ) that will take me a whopping three years. I still have a year of pre-reqs to go before I start the clinical rotation so they tell me it will be three years before I am done. Tuition isnt too bad but could end up costing me just as much in the end and will take me soooooooo long! But the school has a good name and I could potentially work a bit and use some money of my own rather than rely fully on loans. Choice three: ASN at the local community college which will cost peanuts (well not really but it will be much much cheaper than the above choises.) It is a two year program and has a good reputation and is about 6 minutes from my home. Not thrilled about living with my parents for this long but the rent is free and my mom is a fab cook :) So this choice is financially a great one--socially not so much but who has a great social life during nursing school anyways??? I worry about this choice because so many hospitals are saying they want BSN only. I do want to get my MSN at some point too and feel like if I spend 60K plus for the BSN I will be too far in debt to think about getting a masters. But I also want to get a job when I graduate and be able to leave my poor parents in peace and get my own place and worry all the hospitals will want a BSN. I am having such a hard time because I get such mixed advice. Some people (nurses included) are like just go get your BSN at whatever cost and others are telling me I'll be crushed with debt and will regret it (my father he he he). I am back and forth all the time and could use some outside guidance! Thanks so much!!!
  11. ZenStudent


    I did not apply for the accelerated--just traditional. I wish I could help but I don't know anything about the program really! I called and was told that even if I finished my remaining pre-reqs this summer, I will not be able to start the nursing program for another year! So I am going to go somewhere else because I can't be in school for three more years! Good luck--try calling them--they were very helpful when I called!
  12. ZenStudent

    Any Rutgers students out there?

    Hey all! I have been trying to find some info on Rutgers and I am having some trouble. I applied to the traditional program for second degree students and can't figure out how the program works. Anyone have any info? I don't have all of the pre-reqs done (they have way more than the other schools I applied to) and figure I will need to take yet another semester of pre-reqs in the fall before I am able to register for the acctual nursing classes. Do the classes start in the fall only? Or can I begin next spring after finishing my last pre-reqs? Or just any thoughts on the program? I also got into an accelerated program somewhere else but it is soooo expenisve that Rutgers is looking enticing!
  13. ZenStudent


    I'm not sure how they decide...i got accepted but I have most of the pre-reqs done. Do any of you know if you can begin the nursing classes while still taking the remaining pre-reqs? I don't think I can stand another semester of just pre-reqs without seeing a nursing class!
  14. ZenStudent

    Drexel University-ACE Program Fall '09

    Congrats Jay...see you in the fall! I am not totally sure about the cost but from what I gather it is going to run us about 32000 in tuition and fees and then another 20-25K in housing, books, and other living expenses. Scary but I figure it will cost me around the same in the end even if I go to a cheaper school that takes twice as long to finish. And i have no clue how many people are in a class...anyone?
  15. ZenStudent

    Trying Not To Feel Discouraged...

    That stinks! I hate standardized type tests-i've always been terrible at them and am pretty sure I'll be struggling to well on mine when the time comes. Hang in there--if you made it through the pre-reqs then you have what it takes!
  16. ZenStudent

    Drexel ace fa 09 applicants & accepted!

    Well I applied around thanksgiving time but all of my transcripts and such did not get to them until the end of january. I got the letter saying they received everything about a month ago...and then the acceptance letter a few weeks later.