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  1. Leaving ICU for PACU

    Hello all! Looking for any thoughts or words of encouragement from some PACU nurses out there. I have been working in an ICU for almost 2 years now (1.5 years medsurg prior to that) and have just recently accepted a new position in another hospital ...
  2. Water, pen, stethoscope, scissors, chaptick, hair clip, tape, alcohol swaps
  3. First job--is this typical?

    Thanks for the comments. They do try to match up 8s with 8s and 12s with 12s but there are just never enough people so we always have to pick people up. I am going to try to stick it out a year and it makes me feel better that some of you are saying...
  4. First job--is this typical?

    I am a May 2011 grad who moved far far away from home for my first job on a med/surg floor. It will be my 6 month mark this April. I find I am really struggling with some things about the hospital, and I am trying not to convince myself that someth...
  5. Your 1st Year as a Nurse: Advice & Tips

    I am in the same boat as you bassfishingRN. I am just a few weeks off of orientation on a medical floor and am often frazzled. As soon as I feel i have things under control, I hear the words, "you have a new admission." I am also adjusting to work...
  6. New Grad...need help dealing with super negative staff!

    Good advice from everyone. I appreciate it very much! I am feeling better about things and looking to my preceptor more as someone who is going to show me the ropes of working in this facility and not someone who is going to pass off a lot of knowl...
  7. I graduated in May and finally just started working on a med/surg floor far far away from home. I took the job and moved across the county because it was the only job I could find. I am so very grateful to be working and I am making the best of liv...
  8. Just hired at Trinity

    Hey I am also trying to find a place in Minot! Any luck?? I am starting Nov 7th and I am coming from New Jersey where housing is never an issue. So I finally get a job and now no where to live??? Yikes
  9. I am going to be moving to minot from NJ...new grad starting november 7th. Anyone have luck with apartments?? It is hard for me to wrap my head around this concept of no housing!
  10. INTERVIEW tomorrow!

    I have one tomorrow and on friday! Before I had no choices and now I am trying to figure out the best one! I'm not an expert but I would think you need to just bring a few copies of your resume. Be sure to get a card from everyone who interviews yo...
  11. dilema

    thanks so much for the insight. It helps to hear from people with some experience! I actually went to speak with the school and they encouraged me to sign up for the rn-msn. It is a masters in education for nursing which just sounds strange to me ...
  12. dilema

    I just graduated from an ADN program and was so looking forward to just gettting a job and some real life experience. ( i also have a BA in english and have been in school for my entire life!) I have been working for a year as an aide at a really w...
  13. RN-BSN or RN-MSN someone help!

    thanks for the reply. I am with you on not getting another bachelors...but I guess I am not sure it makes any sense to be a new fresh grad with no experience in a masters program for education. I feel like I have no clue what to do with that withou...
  14. RN-BSN or RN-MSN someone help!

    So here is the quick story of my current dilema. Just graduated from an ADN program...(passed the boards last week :) I also have a previous BA in English. I am currently working at a great rehab facility that is going for Magnet and will ONLY ta...
  15. Only a little longer than a month into my first semester and I am getting my first really big blow to the ego--aka the start of Clinicals. I had my first clinicals this week and I felt like a total idiot! Is anyone else feeling a bit like a lost pu...