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Wow! I've been a SAHM since my oldest was 6mos....she's 17 now! 4 kids, too, ages 16 (17 in June), 15, 13 (all girls) and my son who is 7 (8 in May). I must say that truding along in the pre-req's HAS been a welcomed break. Now they're older and can help out more, it makes things easier. Trust me though, for those of you that have little ones, I know the feeling.

ps...about the dorkines....the bookstore has our ISBN #'s for our books next week and I'll be getting mine then! Can't wait to bust those bad boys open and get a quick start!read.gif

I couldn't wait to get started studying so I bought the "For Dummies" books and got reading a few months before my classes started so I was really prepared, which helped a great deal. I'm currently taking A&P, Chem, & Human Growth & Dev. I love it. :rolleyes:

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I too am looking forward to getting out of the house!!

Bio is 2 days per week, and English Comp I am doing online for spring term. I am planning to do Algebra and Psych during the summer, online, so I can still do things with the kids.....(even though they will go to summer camp/school at their montessori school. And then that way I can do the A&P one at a time per term....and Pharm with Nursing Assistant in the spring....then I am done and can get on the waiting list. I am applying for an LPN program, and they go by waiting list, not by selection. So hopefully I can get in for Fall 2010 part time program!

I love the Dummies books....I am reading Biology right now...and have A&P and Algebra!

:yeah:Sand Dollar: I could not imagine home schooling and studying myself. Kudos to you!!!

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Great thing is, marking my daughters pre-algebra allowed me to test out of it on my accuplacer - and I haven't had it myself in 20 years, lol!

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I used the dummies pre-algebra too for the accuplacer test! It's been 20 years since high school!


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I think they go fast until the last month in the semester and then they draaaag. I think it's mostly just being so excited to get your grades and being one semester closer to nursing school!!

Good Luck!

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Amen to that mimib!!


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I started my pre-reqs a year ago...did them all online...and am now waiting for my acceptance letter to FCCJ NS! Yes, it goes fast.....

The other thing to think about: The year or so will pass anyway, whether you are in school or not! At least you will have a goal and something else to look forward to!:D


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I started my pre-reqs a year ago as well and it feels good to be finished with them! Looking back they did seem to go by fast...


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They can go by fast yes and no. I still consider the pre-reqs I'm going through this semester kinda dull cuz I've taken a few psych classes amd chemistry has never been my fave. As for the psych human devolopment is the one I see as kinda dragging along right now since I have taken those few psych classes in the past. I'm excited to start micro and anatomy this fall! Last semester was intresting and went by quickly but when you take the core science courses I would expect them to go by fast well to me lol cuz I think micro and anatomy are intresting.

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